The truth is, you use your bathroom basin more than you use your toilet so it needs to be convenient, efficient and look good in your new bathroom. Depending on your needs we have a huge range of basins to choose from including pedestal basins, counter top basins, wall mounted basins, corner basins as well as additional essentials like basin wastes. Complete the look of your new basin with one of our stunning basin mixer taps. Take a look at our vanity unit guide here. A basin is a vessel that is used to hold water, the water is then used for everyday washing. A tap is usually installed which provides a source of running hot and cold water. Although this may seem fairly standard to you today, this luxury wasn’t always available in your home. It wasn’t until the early 1900s that this idea was tested, invented to separate waste from clean water to control disease, this is where the modern bathroom began. Today we have the luxury of hot and cold water readily available at our fingertips which makes for a comfortable and clean living environment. A basin is used for washing, washing hands, brushing teeth as well as other essential beauty tasks.

Every modern home should have a bathroom basin, it’s an essential item that will help to make everyday life that bit easier. Today there are literally thousands of styles to choose from, so it’s easy to pick the perfect style to suit you and your family’s needs. A bathroom basin can be used for washing, washing hands, brushing teeth and also bathing small children or babies (depending on the style). A bathroom basin was invented for hygiene reasons, to ensure that hands were always clean after using the toilet, this is still its main function today. We have a fantastic range of basins with full pedestals, basins with half pedestals, corner basins, slimline basins and designer counter top basins to choose from, you'll find your dream new basin right here.