The toilet is one of the most used appliances in the home, so it needs to be right for you as well complement the style and design of your bathroom. We have a huge selection of toilets to choose from including back to wall, close coupled toilets, toilet units as well as essential extras like soft closing toilet seats and even bidets. Need help? Take a look at our toilet buying guide. Ok, we all know what we use a toilet for but it’s pretty incredible that we all have this luxury in the comfort of our own home. It wasn’t that long ago that only the affluent had a bathroom inside their homes, while others had to use a shared toilet. Before that most homes never even had running water, so we’re really lucky to have all these fantastic amenities at our disposal. The toilet was first invented to help separate waste from clean water and we’ve been using it ever since. This invention has helped to put a stop to disease and has helped create a cleaner and safer living environment.

Most homes will have an indoor toilet these days, especially in the UK. It’s an essential that helps control hygiene and brings great comfort to homes across the country. Today there are literally thousands of styles to choose from, so it’s easy to pick the perfect style to suit your design tastes and individual needs. We have an amazing selection of back to wall toilets, close coupled toilets, modern toilets and traditional toilets, as well as combination sets if you prefer. Your lovely modern toilet will be connected to a waste that leads to a sophisticated water treatment plant, unlike the first working waste disposals which were lead directly into rivers and lakes untreated. This new treatment process eliminates dangerous diseases and treats the water, so it can be safely released into lakes and rivers without causing any harm to animals or the environment.