5 Signs that you’re a bath addict

5 Signs that you’re a bath addict

Posted by Francine Flanagan 2nd Dec 2016

Granted a bath isn’t for everyone. I know a lot of people who can’t stand floating around in a few gallons of roasting water, but for the people who are bath inclined, there’s really nothing better. Baths get a bit of a bad rap, don’t they? Everyone has heard the usual complaints like you’re basically lying in your own filth, or that baths are insufferably boring, or the worst complaint of all time; they’re just too hot (it’s a bath you idiot!). Can you tell I’m pro bath?

Rubber ducks

If you hate baths and can’t remember the last time you had to ‘suffer’ one, then I’m afraid this is where we part ways. Safe travels amigo, we’ll catch up with you next week.

However, if you are as theatrically offended as I am with the typical bath complaints then come with me…

A bath is a luxury these days, we’re all so busy rushing from one place to the next, that it can be a welcomed pause to be able to relax in your own space without any time constraints. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy a shower every day because it’s fast, but when I feel the need for some time to stop and relax, I opt for a bath. I wouldn’t say I’m addicted per say, but I really love a good bath (don’t silently judge me). So if like me, you enjoy a bath but aren’t willing to admit how much, there are 5 signs that will tell it to you straight. It’s okay, let’s confess together…

It’s the first thing you do when you get home

You’ve had a long, tiring and inevitably stressful day. The first thing you do when you get home is head straight to the bathroom and turn on the bath taps. Your day has been pretty tough, and you know that a bath will revive your body and soul and will put you in a better mood to enjoy your evening. Sound familiar?  

Relaxing bath

You find yourself gravitating towards the bubble bath aisle

There’s nothing but mouldy cheese in the fridge, and you’ve specifically made the trip to your local supermarket for actual food, but instead you find yourself being drawn towards the bubble bath aisle. You definitely don’t need any more bubble bath (you could cause some serious foam damage with the supplies you have) but you find yourself unscrewing caps and sniffing each bottle with the skill of a seasoned connoisseur. Next thing you know, you’re loading the conveyer belt with fancy looking bottles one after the other, because you tell yourself that you deserve a nice bath tonight. Better go home and scrape the mould off that cheese then (but this doesn’t faze you, because it’s not your first time).

Bubble bath

You’re delighted with anything bath related as a gift

You’ve just opened your fifth gift in a row (it’s obviously your birthday or Christmas – I mean you wouldn’t be getting 5 gifts for no reason, would you? *spoiled) and it’s another intriguing bottle of bubble bath. Another person might get a bit upset that all they have to show for their celebration is a random collection of assorted liquids, but you see that as valuable stress-relieving hours, and feel slightly giddy about testing these newly acquired concoctions.


You’re often interrupted

Why can’t they just wait their turn? Well maybe because you’ve been in there for over an hour (yes it really has been that long) and they can’t wait another minute for the toilet. So you’re forced to endure knocks on the door and occasionally have to share your private space to prevent anyone from exploding. If this sounds like you, I’d advise bubbles, lots and lots of bubbles (you know why).

Knock at the door

At the first sign of stress you’re go to response is ‘I’m running a bath!’

You’ve suffered way more stressful experiences than this one right here, but you don’t want it to escalate, so you disappear into the bathroom to try and locate your ‘zen’. I’m all for it, but just be careful that you’re not spending more time in the bath than with your family – they might start to think you’re a bit stranger than they had first estimated.

Run a bath

Everyday life isn’t easy, but if you can find that one thing to help alleviate your stress levels, then grab on to it, and never let it go. Addicted or not, if you feel that a bath helps your overall wellbeing, then you’re allowed to treat yourself once in a while. The health benefits are reason alone to make time for yourself, well as long as you don’t mind the dent in your bank balance, family members breaking down the door and the need to buy a second home to store your outrageous bottle collection. Now if you’ll excuse me, there’s a rubber duck with my name on it (I told you not to judge me).