The Buyers Guide to Baths

Ok, this week we’re going to focus on baths. Choosing the right bath can really give you a headache, there are loads of different factors to consider and if you don’t get it right, you’re stuck with a bath you hate, for let’s face the foreseeable future. A new bath can set you back anything from £110 to £1000 depending on what you’ve decided on so it needs to be right. So we’re going to look at all the different styles & list all the benefits and the drawbacks, to help you make the perfect choice to suit your budget and your family. Ready? Let’s get on with it…

There are quite literally endless styles of baths today, and this is what makes the whole process of updating your bathroom one you’d rather avoid. Don’t panic, I’m not about to throw us into some convoluted explanation about baths that will make you more confused that when you started, I promise I’ll keep it simple.

Right, essentially there are 4 different types…

Freestanding Baths

Straight Baths

Shower Baths

Corner Baths

Although there are hundreds of variations of these styles, this list contains the basics of every bath that we sell.

First things first, you’ll need to identify what you need your bath to be – I know this sounds like a really stupid thing to say but hear me out.

  1. Does it need to be super practical to bathe small children every day?  
  2. Do you need a bath every night when you get home from work?
  3. Will it be nice to use occasionally but it mainly just needs to be a nice feature?
  4. Is it just an extra addition that will be used now and then but overall you don’t really bother about it?
  5. Do you need a shower but it would be nice to have a bath as well but you just don’t have space for both?

Ok, by answering these questions you’ll now have a rough idea of how you’ll use your new bath and therefore you’ll already have an expectation. Obviously your decision will be impacted by your bathroom size, but these days we can easily find a compromise if your bathroom is especially tiny. You might think that a straight bath is a bit too plain for your tastes, but you can definitely jazz it up a bit by choosing one of the stylish options below.  

If you identify most with question 1, this section is for you…

If you feel like question 1 above is you then the obvious choice is a straight bath. A straight bath is good because it offers a spacious environment for bathing kids as well as yourself when you get the time. This type of bath is also well suited to smaller bathrooms and is a good design because it provides less floor space in the bathroom, which makes cleaning up splashes a lot easier. This design is also very versatile as it can be transformed into a shower bath by adding a shower screen to it. This style is simple, elegant and can be multi-functional if you need it to be. Not many downsides to a straight bath, although it may not be fancy enough for everyone. A straight bath can have quite a few variations and here are a list of all the different styles we offer;

Double ended baths – typically this bath has tap holes in the centre of the bath for a designer look. They also feature the same slope at either end to allow two people to enjoy the bath at the same time.

Single ended baths – Typically have tap holes at one end of the bath and only have one end that is sloped comfortably. This style is ideal for those who like to enjoy a bath alone or is perfect for bathing kids.

Acrylic baths – Most baths are acrylic, but our baths are made with an acrylic called Lucite which is extra durable and long lasting. We have a whole category dedicated to straight acrylic baths.

Steel baths – We offer you the choice of steel or acrylic, our steel baths do have a longer life expectancy so this really does put you in control of the lifespan of your new bath. 

Whirlpool baths – Most of our baths come with the option to add a whirlpool kit, this means that you can transform a standard straight bath into something really special. This style of bath is known to help muscle pain and is excellent for relaxing in after a long day at work. It’s also pretty fun for the kids too!  

Straight Bath 

If you identify most with question 2, this section is for you…

Ok, so maybe it’s just you or just you and a partner at home? If a bath is top priority over a shower and you have space for both, you should definitely go for a freestanding bath. They come in a huge range of traditional and modern styles to suit every bathroom setting and are built to cradle your back while you bathe, so are a lot more comfortable. If you’re not keen on this look, then there’s absolutely no reason why you shouldn’t go for a straight bath (same options as above). Be aware that a freestanding bath takes more time to plan for installation that a normal bath, it needs a clever raised floor to hide plumbing so it’s maybe not for everyone. Take a look at the range here.

Freestanding Bath

If you identify most with question 3, this section is for you…

Geared towards those who have a bigger space, question 3 folk will have space for both and will want to add a traditional freestanding bath to their new setting. This stunning addition will add a sophisticated feature to your bathroom, which will enhance the style as well as provide a highly functional and comfortable bath for when the mood strikes you. Again freestanding baths require either a raised floor for plumbing or you must be able to conceal the plumbing within the floor. The traditional look isn’t for everyone, and if it’s not styled well can look old fashioned rather than chic.  Take a look at the range here.  

Freestanding Bath

If you identify most with question 4, this section is for you…

If you’re not that fussed on a bath but don’t want to banish it completely, and are a bit short on space, then choose a corner bath. This style still offers a luxurious bathing experience but doesn’t take up as much space. Typically this design has a shorter length when compared to a straight bath or freestanding bath, which is ideal for smaller bathrooms. Corner baths are also great for bathing small children. I would say that they’re not a great choice for taller folk, or if you like to enjoy a bath with your knees under the water! Take a look at the full range here.

Corner Bath

If you identify most with question 5, this section is for you…

If you want the best of both worlds but don’t have enough space for two separate additions then a shower bath is definitely the solution. A shower bath is different to a normal bath because it’s designed to be multi-functional, the area you shower in is actually bigger for a more enjoyable experience. These baths usually come with a dedicated shower screen that’s designed to complement the shape of the bath and will fit the bath perfectly. Spacious and comfortable, the shower bath is also designed with bathing in mind and provides an excellent back rest. Definitely the perfect choice for busy family bathrooms that need to provide both a bath and shower. Although it can be awkward to get access to the shower end from the outside of the bath, the screen is usually fixed and doesn’t hinge so can be a bit tricky to gain access unless you’re actually in the bath. View the range here

Shower Bath

I hope this helps you on your journey for a new bath, just remember to read through these questions and really try to identify with what you need to gain from your new bath. If you take your time to find the best solution for you and for your family, you definitely won’t have any regrets. If you’d like more info or advice why not pop into our Glasgow showroom located here, or give us a call on 0844 809 4249. Catch you all next week!