The Buyers Guide to Taps

This week is all about taps, we’re going to take you through a guided journey of all the different styles so you can make a smart, informed decision for your new bathroom. We’ve got loads of different taps to choose, from basin taps to bath taps and bidet taps to tap packs. This topic can be quite confusing and time consuming if you don’t know what you’re looking for, so sit back and relax as we lead the way, saving you lots of time and wasted energy.

Basin Taps

Ok let’s start with basin mixer taps, you’ll need one of these to accompany your lovely new bathroom basin. This style of tap is a modern choice, as it is only one tap that provides both hot and cold water in comparison to traditional taps which feature two taps, one for hot and one for cold. It’s called a basin mixer tap because its clever design can mix hot and cold water together at tap level to create the perfect temperature. Most modern basins feature only one tap hole to accommodate a modern basin mixer, although a traditional basin will have two tap holes so you can add traditional taps for a matching look. Take a look at our range of modern basin mixer taps and traditional basin taps here.

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Bath Taps

Next up we’ve got bath filler taps, you’ll need one of these to complete your stunning new bath. Ok, this category is a bit trickier than the last, it breaks down into 3 types of taps for your bath; bath filler, bath shower mixer and freestanding bath shower mixer.

A bath filler is just a standard bath tap, it cleverly mixes cold and hot water together to create the perfect bathing temperature. A bath filler requires two tap holes on the bath to be fitted as there needs to be space for both a hot and cold pipe connecting to the tap. A standard bath filler is generally deck mounted, meaning that it will be fitted on the edge or end of the bath for an elegant look.

A bath shower mixer is essentially the same as above but also includes a clever shower attachment. This attachment is sought after by family bathrooms, as it’s the ideal accessory for washing hair while bathing, it’s also handy for cleaning the bath after use. Again it’s a mixer tap which means that the hot and cold water is mixed together so the water is the ideal temperature as it emerges from the tap. A bath shower mixes features a small lever that is pulled to divert the water to the shower head, and pushed back in to continue filling the bath. Typically, you can only use one function at a time so you cannot use the shower and run a bath using the same tap.

Last but certainly not least in this category are floor standing bath shower mixers. This stunning range is typically used to compliment a freestanding bath. This tap will be positioned at the side of your lovely freestanding bath to allow you to fill your bath and also includes a shower attachment, which is excellent for rinsing the bath after use. This is a popular choice for freestanding baths because the design doesn’t allow taps to be added to it. The tap needs to stand alone beside the bath so it’s still accessible. This clever mixer tap combines hot and cold water together to create the perfect temperature as it emerges from the tap. These taps create a stunning feature as the water falls from a height into the bath to fill it. Your installer will speak to you about how this will be fitted but generally the bath and the tap need to sit on a raised floor to allow for essential plumbing underneath. You can view our full range of bath taps here.

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Bidet Taps

I know it’s obvious, but bidet taps are used to complete your new bidet. These taps can’t be used with any other appliance because they have a special adjustable nozzle that’s ideal for use in your bidet. There’s a few different styles to choose from but you won’t find an overwhelming selection online, simply because bidets aren’t that popular in this country, although for some customer they’re a must. Bidets typically have one tap hole to accommodate a bidet mixer tap, which mixes hot and cold water to the perfect temperature as it emerges from the tap. You can view our range of bidet taps here.

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Tap Packs

Taps packs aren’t a special type of tap but rather a set of essential taps for use in your new bathroom. We often combine a basin mixer tap and a bath filler tap of the same style at a discounted price to provide a hassle-free and stylish solution for our customers. View our full range of tap packs here.

We hope this guide has cleared up the confusion around bathroom taps but if you’d like more advice you can pop into our showroom in Glasgow, located here or give us a call on 0844 809 4249. Just remember to have a look at your basin, bath or bidet to see if it has one or two taps holes, then choose your favourite in that style. Basin taps are simple, it’s bath taps that can be a bit tricky so try and have a think about what’s important to you based on your household before you make a decision. Catch you next week everyone for the next instalment of ‘The Buyers Guide’.