Last month, we invested in a new field. We launched a new technology named CGI. But what does CGI mean?

It means Computer-generated imagery in 3D or 2D. This program is often used for creating video games or even movies. You must think right now ‘why are they investing into CGI technology if they are not going to do video games or movies?’

Well, CGI will be very beneficial for our customers to help them to make the perfect choice for their new bathroom.

We have recently employed a new member of the team who has extensive knowledge on this subject. This technology will allow our customers to have more information about the dimensions of a product, and even to see a product in a real life setting.
I spoke to our new CGI Artist, Enzo and here’s what he told me…

“I started working in Wholesale Domestic as sales on the 20th of Feb. Then the opportunity to do CGI for the company came around, and I was employed on the 22nd of May to create realistic visuals for our products.

I’m qualified in '3D Computer Animation and Digital Art' and had worked producing 2D marketing for other companies as a freelance artist. I then worked doing 'Architectural Visualisation' which is the process of making 3D buildings, so it was natural going from exterior buildings to interior room sets.

The opportunity here was a real game-changer. It allowed me to do what I’m passionate about while working with good people.

My experience in the showroom was critical. I gained invaluable knowledge and with the products. It was the perfect position as it gave me strong foundations.

This background has prepared me to dive in and start 3D models without delay. Each 3D Model I create is like its own art piece. In order to replicate real life, it's not only about capturing its form or its colour; It's about capturing its imperfections. The life of a CGI Artist is a strange one, because your aim is to allow people to not ever realise they are looking at 3D.”

Choosing between photography and CGI can be a difficult decision for marketers.

Both of these techniques require patience, technical skills and physical work especially in photography. It can be a long and laborious task. Many challenges are involved to capture the perfect photo. The setting of the studio can take hours, the adjustment of the lightening, and the camera angles are necessary details to guarantee a good final result.

We then need to transfer products from the warehouse to the studio, not a big deal when it is only taps or accessories, but when it comes to baths, shower enclosures or furniture it can be physical and risky. The risk of damaging products is high, as is the risk to injure yourself.

This is one of the many reasons that we recognised the need to journey to the realm of CGI.

We have already started to create roomsets for specific products, to give you the ability to project yourself into a room, which definitely helps you to imagine the product in your bathroom.

But all good things have disadvantages, it takes time...

To design one product, it could take hours to build a unit because we must take into account the texture, the lights and other considerations like render-times. As you can see with the photo above, being patient pays off. It’s hard to tell the difference between CGI and a photo.

We have invested a lot into this technology, and our hope for the future is to develop new imagery every week, to help you envisage your new bathroom with ease.