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Shopping for bathroom taps might seem like a simple task initially but, if you don’t know what you’re looking for, you can quickly find yourself overwhelmed by the variety of choice in front of you.

Fear not; we’re here to talk you through everything you need to know when shopping for bathroom taps!

Basin taps

Before choosing your basin tap, there’s one vital thing you need to consider: is it compatible with your basin? Most basins will arrive on your doorstep with pre-drilled tap holes. It’s important to note how many tap holes your basin has, as this can limit what taps you can use with it.

If your basin has one tap hole, mixer taps are the perfect option. Mixer taps are a popular choice in modern bathrooms, as they allow you to mix hot and cold water through one tap to form the perfect temperature. These taps are available in a wide variety of styles, so you can create the look that’s right for you.

If your basin has two tap holes, you’re better suited to a pair of basin taps. These supply hot and cold water independently, with the hot and cold pipes each connected to an individual tap.

Styles of Taps

Mono Basin Mixer Taps

Mono Basin Mixer Taps require a single tap hole in your basin and feature a single spout where the water flows out. These taps are available in a wide range of designs, with both modern and traditional options on offer. 

Selected designs of our mono basin taps are also available in mini versions. These slightly smaller taps are ideal for smaller basins and cloakroom units.

Buyer's guide to bathroom taps- mono basin mixer tapFlow Mono Basin Mixer Tap

Waterfall Basin Mixer Taps

Waterfall Taps are mixer taps with a difference. These striking taps have been designed to create a cascading waterfall effect that provides serious wow factor. Waterfall taps allow hot and cold water to be mixed as the water flows, creating the ideal temperature.

Waterfall basin tap with running waterCubix Waterfall Basin Mixer Tap

High Rise Taps

High Rise Taps are a great option for those looking to make a strong style statement in their bathroom. Made for use with counter top basins, high rise taps are attached to the vanity or worktop, giving a sleek and uncluttered appearance. Combined with a modern basin, the end result is a dramatic and contemporary look.

Black Matte High Rise Basin TapFlow Black Mono Basin Mixer Tap

Wall Mounted Basin Taps

Wall Mounted Basin Taps are a great option for the more style-savvy amongst you. As the name would suggest, these taps are mounted on the wall for a sleek, minimalist appearance. A fashionable wall mounted basin tap will make a striking statement in any modern bathroom. Still a relatively new style on the market, these fresh taps are a great option for counter top basins.

Wall mounted basin tap with countertop basin Cubix Waterfall Wall Mounted Basin Mono Tap

Pair of Basin Taps

A pair of basin taps is ideal if you’re looking for an authentic traditional bathroom design. A Victorian-inspired choice, like our Windsor Traditional Basin Taps, will add a touch of classic glamour. Match your taps with our Windsor Basin for a complete vintage look.

Windsor traditional pair of basin taps on traditional basinWindsor Traditional Bath Taps

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Bath taps

As with basin taps, the different types of bath taps relate to the number of tap holes in the bath. However, most baths come without tap holes, so your installer can drill in holes where necessary. This allows you more flexibility when shopping, so you can choose the bath tap that’s right for you.

Styles of Taps

Pair of Bath Taps

A pair of bath taps are a great option for a traditional look. You could even combine them with one of our freestanding baths, like our Kensington Slipper Bath, for an authentic vintage feel.

Traditional pair of Windsor Bath Taps on straight bathWindsor Traditional Bath Taps Pair

Bath Mixer Taps

Bath Mixer Taps are a highly practical and popular option. Much like their basin counterparts, mixer taps combine the two water sources to flow as the perfect temperature. Most mixer taps will require two tap holes. These bath taps come in a range of different styles, both modern and traditional. Mixer taps work well on most bath types, including modern straight baths and even some freestanding ones.

Bath Filler Mixer Tap with Crosshead handles on bath Cross Bath Filler Tap

Wall Mounted

Wall mounted bath taps, similar to wall mounted basin taps, are mounted on the wall to provide a stunning minimalist look. As well as being aesthetically pleasing, wall mounted taps are also extremely functional as, with no nooks and crannies on the bath ledge for dirt to build up, your bath is easier to clean.

Wall mounted bath waterfall mixer tap with shower attachment Cubix Waterfall Wall Mounted Bath Shower Mixer

Bath Shower Mixer Taps

Bath Shower Mixer Taps are pretty similar to standard mixer taps. The key difference is that these come equipped with a shower head attachment. This feature can be very useful for tasks such as rinsing the bath after use or bathing children; it’s a must-have for family bathrooms. 

These taps are available in many styles. Many of our modern bath filler taps are available in Bath Shower Mixer Tap versions. You could also go down a more traditional route with a Victorian-inspired option, like our Windsor Bath Shower Mixer Tap.

Flow Bath Shower Mixer Tap Flow Bath Shower Mixer Tap and Kit

3 Hole, 4 Hole and 5 Hole Taps

Looking for something different in your bath tap? Why not opt for something that requires more holes than the standard two.

3 Hole Taps, like our Cascade Deck Mounted Tap, usually feature individual hot and cold taps, with a central spout. This provides an elegant symmetry to the look of your bathroom design.

4 Hole Taps and 5 Hole Taps are fairly similar to the above, usually including two taps and a central spout. However, they also have the addition of a shower attachment. 4 Hole Taps will usually have a diverter button built in to the spout to change between shower and bath, while 5 Hole Taps will have a separate diverter valve.

Flow Black 4 Hole Bath Shower Mixer TapFlow Black 4 Hole Bath Shower Mixer Tap

Freestanding Taps

Freestanding bath taps are made for use with freestanding baths. These taps supply water to your bath without the need for tap holes; the water is poured into the bath from a height, creating a stunning feature in your new bathroom. Available in both modern and traditional designs, freestanding taps are perfect for making a dramatic style statement.

Flow Black Freestanding Bath Tap with freestanding bath Flow Black Freestanding Bath Shower Mixer Tap

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