For a lot of us, it really hit home last year just how much plastic is being dumped in our oceans. This revelation was mainly thanks to Blue Planet 2, and since it first aired there has been numerous initiatives popping up all over the place in a bid to get us consuming less plastics. Plastic is polluting our oceans and sadly killing our wildlife. Who can forget that little turtle on the show that was trapped? (fortunately he was rescued, phew!) 

Plastic Free Friday - Blue Planet 2

“a truck load of plastic enters our oceans every minute”

After some research I was pretty shocked to find out that a truck load of plastic enters our oceans every minute. That’s why I’ve signed up for Friends of Earth #PlasticFreeFriday.

The idea is that you try and go plastic free every Friday to do your bit for the environment. It’s a really small step, but just think if everyone joined in, it would make a real difference.

There’s loads of easy ways to start cutting plastic out for your Friday challenge….

• Use a reusable water bottle
• Use a reusable coffee cup
• Use reusable bags whenever you go shopping
• Make your lunch on a Friday and make sure you have a reusable container
• Cut our frozen meals and snacks

Plastic free Friday - reusable water bottle

If you want to do something more long-term….

• Switch to a bar of soap or shampoo bar instead of liquid soaps, shower gels, shampoos and conditioners that come in plastic bottles
• Use a bamboo toothbrush, or use a toothbrush with a recyclable head
• Buy plastic free toilet paper for your bathroom (packaging is always plastic, there are loads of other options available online)
• Be conscientious and make smart decisions when you go shopping (i.e. buy milk in a glass bottle etc.)

Plastic free Friday - switch to a bar of soap

Why bother?

• You’ll make a positive impact on our planet
• You’ll set an example
• You’ll have achieved something to be proud of
• The most tangible benefit to you will be increased health – you’ll be consuming less ready meals, processed foods and pre-made lunches, which is ultimately better for your health

What do you think? Is #PlasticFreeFriday something that you would consider?