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A waste is a fixture in your bathroom that helps you efficiently use water. Typically a waste is found in both a bath, basin and shower tray, you’ll also find a waste in your kitchen too. You’ll find a waste where water exits a vessel, usually on the bottom of your bath, basin, shower or kitchen sink. It connects to a pipe which leads used water away to your local water treatment plant to be processed. Usually a waste will have a feature whether that be a modern click clack mechanism or traditional plug and chain which helps you to retain and release water (a shower waste doesn’t allow you to retain any water just release), allowing you to take a bath, wash or even do the dishes. The waste will also be connected to the overflow, allowing any extra water to be carried away through the same pipe. Wastes come in a variety of different styles to allow you to choose the best fit and style for your new bathroom, but the purpose is the same for all of them. A waste is essential in your bathroom to allow you to use water efficiently and remove it from your bathroom safely, without any damaging leaks.

A waste is an essential part of your new bathroom, you’ll need one for your basin and one for your bath to allow you retain and release water safely. A waste will be crucial to your installer to ensure you don’t have any leaks in your new bathroom. Your plumber will attach and seal your wastes to your bathroom’s wastes pipes, this will allow used water to travel to your local treatment plant safely and efficiently. We have a huge amount of unique designs that allow you to choose the best match for your new bathroom including both modern wastes and traditional wastes.