A shower head is a bathroom fixture that bridges the gap between bare hot and cold pipes and you. This clever item processes the water from the pipes and provides you with a luxurious spray pattern, that evenly distributes the water before it reaches you for optimum performance. Some shower heads offer a choice of spray patterns which allows you to customise your daily shower to your exact preferences, while other shower heads provide unique rain effect patterns and even waterfall patterns for the ultimate experience. A shower head will need to be coupled with a shower valve which will help you take charge of how the water is controlled. You can choose from a double concealed valve or a triple concealed valve to suit your needs. A shower head paired with a shower valve will provide your home with a fully functional thermostatic shower.

It's simple, you'll want a shower head if you're looking to install a one-of-a-kind thermostatic shower with valve. Our range of shower heads will create a unique floating effect when paired with a shower arm. The shower head will float and seem unconnected to your chosen shower valve, creating a clean designer look. Choosing your shower head, shower arm and shower valve separately, allows you to completely customise the look and experience of your new shower to your exact needs or expectations. Combine different designs for an eclectic look or combine matching items for a coordinated theme throughout.