The Buyers Guide to Bathroom Furniture

This week we’re going to cover the topic of bathroom furniture. Bathroom furniture can be a tricky category because it contains a number of different items that may not seem like they belong. The main thing to remember is that bathroom furniture aims to provide a stylish fitted appearance that looks professional. Our bathroom furniture range includes complete ranges, basin and toilet units, single basin units, wc units, storage units, mirror cabinets and bath panels to help you create a perfectly coordinated new bathroom setting. We’re going to look at the individual categories, and give you an insider look into the benefits and drawbacks of each and show you how to create your dream fitted bathroom. Ready?

Bathroom Furniture Ranges

This category on our site houses our most stylish ranges, different items are needed to create a complete matching bathroom design, and it’s in here that you’ll find them. This makes searching for matching items that much easier and contains everything from bath panels to basin units so you can mix and match the ideal combo that suits your budget, bathroom size and style. We have over 6 different ranges within the category which helps you to choose the perfect solution for your new bathroom. If you’re not sure what theme to opt for in your new bathroom, you should definitely check this section out for inspiration. Take a look here.

Pro: This style of bathroom creates a modern look, is easy to clean and looks tailored to suit your bathroom size & shape.

Con: Harder to achieve a traditional look and could be damaged by steam and condensation if your bathroom is poorly ventilated. Can be tough to create this style in a tiny bathroom as units take up more space. 

Combination Basin and Toilet Units

In this section, you’ll find another amazing range, specifically basin and toilet combo units. A combination basin and toilet unit is usually made up of two separate units, made to look like one. This solution creates a stunning appearance and provides the household with an outstanding storage solution in the bathroom, without the need for additional units. This modern idea is available in a massive range of styles and sizes to choose from to allow you to hand pick the perfect option for your new bathroom setting. These units include a basin with unit and a back to wall toilet with unit, which conceals all plumbing efficiently and creates a sophisticated, professional look. Most of the basin units give you a choice between drawers or doors depending on your design aspirations and feature soft close technology for a designer feel. Take a look at the range here.

Pro: Nice modern appearance and looks tailored to your bathroom, easy to clean.

Con: Poor ventilation in your bathroom could cause damage to the units over time.

Basin Units  

Basin units are a modern alternative to a traditional basin and pedestal. A basin unit is an excellent choice as it neatly conceals essential plumbing as well as offers outstanding storage space that’s perfect for any busy bathroom. Our basin units come in a huge range of colours, sizes and designs to help you create the exact look you have in mind. Some designs are quite plain and simple to ensure they coordinate with existing bathroom furniture effortlessly, while others are bold and unique and will require matching items to create a complete look. Most of our basin units feature soft close technology and come with a choice of drawers or doors to please every user. Take a look at the range here.

Pro: Looks nice and modern and offers great storage, easy to clean.

Con: Can take up more space than a traditional option and could be damaged by steam and condensation in a bathroom with poor ventilation.

WC Units

A wc unit typically accompanies a back to wall toilet and is a modern take on a traditional close couple toilet. A wc unit is usually preferred as it cleverly conceals the waste pipe within the unit and can be matched with a basin unit to create a complete fitted appearance. Our wc units are available in a huge range of styles and sizes to fully coordinate with your existing bathroom design or a lovely new one. This modern bathroom addition also hides the cistern and usually features a flush button rather than a traditional flush handle, which offers a choice between a 3 & 6 litre flush. Take a look at the range here.

Pro: Hides waste nicely and unit creates a handy shelf for bathroom products, easy to clean.

Con: Can take up quite a lot of space so may not be suitable for tiny bathrooms. Again it could be damaged by steam and condensation if there’s no proper ventilation in your bathroom.

Storage Units

If you feel that you really need extra storage space then you should definitely consider an additional storage unit. Our range of storage solutions are available in the same designs as the rest of our bathroom furniture to allow it to easily coordinate with your new bathroom style. We have a huge range to choose from including laundry basket solutions to mirrored cabinets. Our range covers floor storage, wall storage and mirror cabinets to provide a practical solution for every size of bathroom. Take a look at the entire range here.

Pro: Adds extra space to store essentials, attractive and will perfectly match additional furniture.

Con: You may not have enough space to include a storage unit in your bathroom and it could experience damage by steam and condensation if your bathroom isn’t properly aerated.

Mirror Cabinets 

Ok, so if you’re in desperate need of a storage solution but don’t have enough floor space in your bathroom then you need to consider a mirrored cabinet. This clever addition will add two essentials to your new bathroom design, a storage solution and a bathroom mirror. Depending on your demands, you can choose between a single or double cabinet to meet your storage needs, we also have clever corner cabinets and rotating cabinets to suit every bathroom size and shape. Take a look at the full range here.

Pro: Provides two essential solutions in one, a storage unit and bathroom mirror.

Con: A large cabinet in a small bathroom can look quite imposing. You may not need additional storage depending on your household size. Can be subject to damage in poorly ventilated bathrooms.

Bath Panels

A bath panel is a must if you choose a straight bath that has exposed plumbing. A bath panel or panels will conceal all essential pipes located under the bath for a professional look. Our range of bath panels are available in a huge range of sizes and styles to perfectly match the rest of your bathroom furniture. Typically you’ll need a front bath panel but could also need end bath panels depending on how your bath is installed in your bathroom. Take a look at our full range here.

Pro: Hides plumbing under the bath and completes your lovely new bathroom. Will match your bathroom perfectly if you buy from the same range. Ideal if you have a leak, you can easily remove the panel and reattach as needed.

Con: You may need many panels to hide all sides of the bath depending on your layout. Repeated water damage could lead to swelling. A water spillage could run under the bath if not sealed properly and would be nearly impossible to dry up without taking the panel off.

Essentially, if you’re looking for a complete look then you can either mix and match a unique combination or choose each product from the same range. Whatever you decide on you’ll need a basin unit, wc & wc unit, bath panels (unless you’ve opted for a freestanding bath) and a storage solution if you feel it’s important. These can be chosen from the same range or you can pick and choose different items to create a truly unique but retro look. You will need to choose a bath and shower separately, so try and decide on a theme to help you coordinate well. If you’re still feeling a bit baffled and need more advice, you could pop into our Glasgow showroom located here, or you can give us a call on 0844 809 4249. Catch you all next week :)