How to Create a Spa Bathroom at Home

How to Create a Spa Bathroom at Home

Posted by Kristin Kudeva 14th Dec 2022

SPA-Like Bathroom With Greenery and Natural Light

Spa bathrooms have become a big trend this year. Gone are the days of bathrooms being purely functional; nowadays, many of us want our bathrooms to be relaxing spaces where we can treat ourselves and escape our daily stresses. So, without further ado, here’s our top tips for creating a SPA-inspired bathroom.

Go for a Whirlpool Bath

Relaxing in a whirlpool is a quintessential part of the SPA experience, and adding a whirlpool bath is a great way of introducing a luxurious and relaxing atmosphere to your bathroom. A whirlpool bath might sound extravagant, but it’s actually a much more accessible option that you might think. Most Wholesale Domestic baths can be made into a whirlpool bath, including single-ended, double-ended and even shower baths, so, you can have the option of a whirlpool even if you only have space for a smaller bath.

Modern Walk-In Shower Enclosure with Rainfall Shower

Add a Walk-in Shower

While a bath might seem like the obvious choice for creating a SPA-inspired bathroom, there are other options for those who don’t have enough space, or simply don’t fancy one. Walk in shower enclosures are a great alternative for creating a SPA-like bathroom. A walk-in shower gives lots of extra space for a luxurious feel.

Replace Your Shower Head

While any shower would work with a walk-in enclosure, a shower panel is a perfect option for creating an opulent, SPA-like atmosphere. Most shower panels feature a rain-effect shower head, which are great at providing a full and immersive coverage that is gentle and will leave you feeling relaxed and refreshed.

Most shower panels also feature body jets – shower heads fitted on the wall which spray you with water, that are ideal for the ultimate relaxing shower. Body jets are known to have a healing and rehabilitating qualities, helping with muscle pain and improving the flow of blood in the muscles. They are also a great way to relieve stress after a long day at work!

Add a Shower Bench

A shower bench can not only be a safe addition to your bathroom if you have any mobility issues but also a very stylish one, offering a perch where you can sit back and enjoy the shower spray.

The bench can also be useful for storing your products right where you need them instead of in some awkward stop in the shower.

Whether you get a built-in bench or an elegant seat, they are sure to give your bathroom a true SPA-like vibe!

SPA Bathroom with Neutral Tones

Try Calming Colours

Décor is an important factor to consider when creating a SPA-inspired bathroom. The best way to create that tranquil, SPA-like atmosphere is to go for calming colours. If you have a bathroom with plenty of space, soft colours like duck egg blue or taupe can have a soothing effect, while also creating a stylish look.

If you’re not into colour and prefer to keep things neutral, a cream or beige shade can be a great option. For example, the High Definition Parallel Beige 30cm x 60cm Ceramic Wall Tile is an excellent ceramic wall tile in a neutral beige colour with very subtle patterns, that will add a modern, SPA-like edge to any bathroom.

It’s a great choice for small bathrooms, in particular, because the light colour creates the illusion of space. However, cream is much less harsh on the eye than white and helps to keep a peaceful atmosphere in the room.

Add Soothing Lighting

When creating a SPA-inspired bathroom, it’s vital to make sure that the lighting adds to the soothing atmosphere. Dimmable lights are useful for creating the SPA-like feel as and when you want it; you can have them turned up for regular use or dim the lights to create the perfect calming environment.

Scented candles are also excellent for adding to a SPA-inspired bathroom. They create a diffused light that adds to the relaxing tones of a SPA bathroom. You could also choose aromatherapy candles for extra relaxation.

Tray with candles, bath bomb, bath salts and flowers on bathtub

Add Some Music

Playing soothing background music is a great way to create a relaxing atmosphere; there’s a reason that SPAs always have that twinkly music playing in the background! Bluetooth mirrors are a great way of playing music in your bathroom; you can connect them to your phone to play your playlists, without needing to risk taking your phone into the bathroom. There’s nothing relaxing about worrying your phone is going to fall in the bath.

Warm Up Your Floor

Underfloor heating can be a great way to warm up your bathroom floor, making it super comfortable to walk bare foot – almost like having a SPA-like experience at home. It also frees up more space your bathroom since this solution eliminates the need for radiators and towel rails.

Try one of our quality underfloor heating solutions from Cosytoes for an appealing and cost-effective upgrade your bathroom heating.

Tallboy Unit with Storage

Banish the Clutter

Keeping your bathroom neat and free of unnecessary clutter is great for creating SPA-like vibes in your bathroom. Add in furniture with extra storage space, like a vanity unit or mirror cabinet, to keep the clutter at bay and out of sight.

What do you think? Would you add any of these SPA-inspired ideas to your bathroom? 

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