Shower Enclosures Buying Guide

Shower Enclosures Buying Guide

Posted by Kristin Kudeva 11th May 2022

A shower enclosure consists of one of more glass panels and protects your bathroom from splashes when showering.

Shower enclosures come in a huge variety of styles, so choosing the right one for you can be an overwhelming task. But fear not; we’re here to talk you through your options so you can decide which shower enclosure is the perfect fit for your bathroom.

Things to Consider When Choosing a Shower Enclosure

What Size Shower Enclosure Do I Need?

The size of your shower enclosure depends on the space you have available in your bathroom. Space can determine which type of shower enclosure will suit, such as if it can have opening or sliding doors, if you have room for a walk in, or if a wet room may be best.

How to Measure for a Shower Enclosure?

To measure for a shower enclosure, you must take into account the height, width and depth of the space you plan to use. If you have an existing enclosure, this can make measuring much easier. When measuring the height, if you are looking for a wet room design then measure from the floor upwards, however if you have a shower tray, do not include this in your measurements, start from the top edge of this upwards.

If you are planning to have a shower enclosure with an opening outwards door such as hinged or pivot, you must consider the opening projection of the door and if this will suitably open out into your space without obstructing anything else.

Shower Enclosure Shapes

  • Rectangular Shower Enclosures: are longer in length and offer a comfortable space for showering. They are compatible with most types of shower doors including sliding, pivot, hinged and bi-fold.
  • Square Shower Enclosures: offer a practical and compact solution to your bathroom, slotting into a bathroom corner with ease whilst not taking up too much space.
  • Quadrant Shower Enclosures: make excellent use of an unused corner in your bathroom, whilst still offering generous space for showering. They are available as a standard quadrant or an offset quadrant for slightly more room.
  • Frameless Shower Enclosures: come as they say, with no frame. The enclosure doors are typically on rollers and offer a sleek, modern design.

Glass Thickness and Easy Clean Glass

The thicker the glass of a shower enclosure, the sturdier it is. Our shower enclosures are designed with toughened safety glass for peace of mind whilst showering and the glass thickness will always be stated in the product description.

Our Series 8 Plus shower enclosures are designed with easy clean glass which repels soap and scum and helps prevent limescale forming. This type of glass only requires a simple wipe every so often to keep it gleaming.

Types of Shower Door Enclosures

There are various types of shower enclosures and the one you choose can be determined by the space of your bathroom and your needs. Our range of shower enclosures include:

  • Sliding Door
  • Hinged Door
  • Pivot Door
  • Bi Fold Door
  • Quadrant Door

Matt Black Walk In Shower Enclosure

Sliding Door Shower Enclosure

A sliding door shower enclosure is a classic design that remains a popular choice in many bathrooms. As the name would suggest, this type of enclosure features a sliding door mechanism which opens smoothly within the enclosure without impeding on the rest of the bathroom.

Sliding door shower enclosures are available in a range of different sizes, so you can pick one to suit your space. A sliding door shower enclosure is useful in smaller bathrooms that don’t have space for a door to open outwards. The only downside is that they have limited access, so may not be as easy to get in and out of, especially for those with lower mobility.

Hinged Door Shower Enclosure

A hinged door shower enclosure is a simple option with a modern appearance. A classic hinged door action means that the door opens outwards into the bathroom. This allows generous space for getting in and out of the shower and gives the enclosure a spacious feel.

Square Shower Enclosure with a Hinged Glass Door

However, it can impede on the space in your bathroom, so it’s important to measure carefully to ensure that your bathroom has enough space for the door to swing open. As such, it’s a better option for those with a more spacious bathroom.

Pivot Door Shower Enclosure

A pivot door shower enclosure is a great option for those with small bathrooms looking to make the most of their space. The door opens by pivoting on its hinges, opening outwards into the bathroom, however the far edge of the door pivots back into the shower enclosure. The doors opening action takes up less space in the bathroom than that of a hinged door, while still allowing generous space for getting in and out of the shower.

Black Square Shower Enclosure with a Pivot Door

While you will still need to allow space for the door to swing open, a pivot door requires less space than a hinged door, so can be a better option for smaller bathrooms.

Bi Fold Door Shower Enclosure

A bi fold door shower enclosure is a great space-saving solution for small bathrooms. The door opens by folding in on itself within the shower enclosure, so doesn’t impede out on the rest of the bathroom. These doors comes in a range of sizes that are perfect for fitting into small spaces.

Square Shower Enclosure with a Bi Fold Door

However, a drawback of this kind of enclosure is that the folding door mechanism doesn’t allow as much space for entry into the shower as a hinged door or pivot door would.

Quadrant Door Shower Enclosure

Quadrant shower enclosures are a very popular option nowadays, as they’re ideal for saving space in your bathroom. This type of enclosure features a curved shape that is designed to fit into a corner. This is useful for making the most of the available space in your bathroom.

Quadrant enclosures feature a sliding door mechanism that allows easy access for getting in and out of the shower and is available as single door and two door options. These enclosures are available as standard quadrants, with the same height as width, or as offset quadrants.

Chrome Quadrant Shower Enclosure with a Curved Sliding Door

Offset quadrants have one side longer than the other and offer more space inside than a standard quadrant. Quadrant enclosures offer a spacious showering area, without impeding on the space of other items in your bathroom. They’re perfect for small spaces and are particularly popular choices for en-suite bathrooms.

Walk In Shower Enclosure 

A walk in shower enclosure is ideal for those who have a bit more space in their bathroom and want to create a larger showering area. As the name suggests, a walk-in shower does not have any doors, you simply just walk in. It is made up of a glass shower door and shower tray or wet room flooring.

Black Frameless Rectangular Walk In Shower Enclosure

Due to the ease of use and space of a walk-in shower, these can be ideal for those with lower mobility. Return screens can also be added if the shower tray is slightly shorter, to prevent water escaping into your bathroom.

Shower Enclosures by Series

At Wholesale Domestic Bathrooms, you may notice that a lot of our showers are grouped into different Series. Here’s exactly what each of these means:

Series 4 – These shower enclosures are designed with 4mm thick glass and are 1850mm in height.

Series 6 – These shower enclosures are designed with 6mm thick glass and are 1850mm in height.

Series 8 – These shower enclosures are designed with 8mm thick glass and are 1850mm in height.

Series 8 Plus – These shower enclosures are designed with 8mm thick glass and are slightly taller at 1950mm in height.

Series 9 – These shower enclosures are designed with 8mm thick glass, are 1950mm in height and come with tinted glass.

Series 10 – These shower enclosures are designed with 8mm thick glass, are 1900mm in height and come on rollers with no frame.

Shower Enclosure Accessories

Shower Trays

Shower trays are an essential component to complete your full shower design. Made from durable acrylic or stone resin, our shower trays come in a choice of white or slate colours in a variety of shapes and sizes to suit the enclosure you have chosen.

Shower trays can be squarerectangular or quadrant and are available with or without plinths. Plinths raise the shower tray slightly to conceal all plumbing and are especially useful when you have a solid floor that cannot be lifted to do this.

Shower Wastes

Shower wastes are another essential component required to complete your shower enclosure as they help drain the water used whilst showering. These are sold separately, and the finish can be chosen to match your chosen shower and style, think polished chrome, brushed brass or matt black as well as white, nickel and copper.

Shower Seats

If you have less mobility, a shower seat and grab rail can be an excellent addition to your shower enclosure. Our shower seats come wall mounted, with or without legs depending on your preference, and can create a stress-free showering experience for those that need it.

How to Clean a Shower Enclosure?

Cleaning your shower enclosure might not be your idea of fun, however it’s a must-do task to keep the glass sparkling. Generally, wiping down your shower enclosure with a cloth after each use will help prevent the build-up of soap and grime on a daily basis.

Aside from this, we recommend doing a proper clean weekly. There are many products out there you can use, and the simplest way is to use a glass cleaning spray and wipe down with a microfibre cloth.

However, there are also some home remedies you can try. Mixing baking powder with water until it turns into a paste can be an effective way of cleaning your shower enclosure. Simply use a non-abrasive sponge to scrub the glass surface with the paste, then rinse the glass with vinegar to make it shine.

How to Clean Shower Enclosure Tracks

If your enclosure has shower door tracks, these also must be cleaned as they too will collect build-up of soap scum and dirt. Using vinegar, apply into the tracks and leave for 3-5 minutes then with a toothbrush or small cleaning brush begin scrubbing the area. Rinse with water and wipe dry with a clean cloth. Performing this on a weekly basis will keep your shower tracks running smoothly.

How to Clean the Shower Drain

The shower drain can be a haven for grime and hair build-up, so it’s important to clean this out monthly to avoid overflowing. Wearing gloves, remove any hair or debris from the drain and dispose of into a bag. Then, pour 1 tbsp of baking soda down the drain along with some distilled white vinegar and listen for a fizzing noise – this indicates that the blockage is being cleared.

Leave to work for at least 30 minutes then rinse the drain with warm water to flush through.

Design Your Dream Shower Today

When picking your perfect shower for your new bathroom, a shower enclosure is a great place to start. Shop our full range of shower enclosures online or in-store today.