The Best FREE Bathroom Design Apps

The Best FREE Bathroom Design Apps

Posted by Francine Flanagan 4th May 2016

Best FREE bathroom design apps

I remember when I bought my first home, I was so excited to redo the bathroom. I spent weeks deciding on every detail, but honestly I couldn’t fully visualise what it would really look like once everything was fully installed.

Does this resonate with you? Well let me tell you a very sad story, don’t worry though it has a happy ending….well sort of. I pressed on, and despite carefully choosing each product individually (and shelling out a small fortune), I have to admit I hated that bathroom. Not seeing what everything would look like together was a huge disadvantage. Second time around (I shamefully admit I moaned so much it was only 2 years later), we had our bathroom re-designed, and honestly side by side the two bathroom designs were like night and day.

Obviously from a personal stand point I would highly recommend a well thought out design, because we basically spent double the money because we never thought about a design plan. Lesson learned? Hell yes, be smart and don’t let your bank balance take a hit…it was painful.

Gone are the days of pencil and paper, now there’s an app for everything – I really do mean everything, so there’s no reason why you can’t design your bathroom before you commit. Designing a new bathroom can be fun, but it can also be extremely difficult to visualise what your new design will look like before you take the plunge, cue the app! So let’s take a look at the 5 best free design apps that will help you design a new bathroom that you won’t be moaning about 2 weeks after installation. Ready? Let’s do this…

Bathroom design apps 


My bathroom by Laufen is a great bathroom planner that’s available to use online. It’s nice and easy to set up your bathroom size and shape, choose floor and wall colours and even add windows and doors. It has a good library of products that can be clicked and dropped into the room and repositioned easily. The site also has a list of instructions to help beginners find their way quickly. At the end it creates a gorgeous 3D room, which allows you to realistically see what your new bathroom will look like.

My tip: Remember that you don’t need to purchase your bathroom from this company to use the service. Just choose similar products to what you have in mind or have seen elsewhere to envision your new bathroom.

Time: I estimate to get a good quality image you’d need to spend 2+ hours on this.

Skill level: As long as you can use a computer, you’ll be able to design your bathroom.

My bathroom by Laufen 

Easy Planner 3D is a basic bathroom planner for those who just want a simple layout. This design system is available to use online. Honestly, it’s not as refined as the others and won’t give you a realistic 3D image at the end, but it was still nice to use and gave me a decent idea of how a new bathroom would look. Again, there’s a functional library of room sizes and products to choose from that will help you create an image that’s to scale.

My tip: If you’re not good at visualising this might not be the best choice for you, it could work better for professionals or for those who have a good mind’s eye. It feels like the type of system an architect would use.    

Time: I estimate to get a good working image you’d need to spend 2+ hours on this.

Skill level: As long as you can use a computer, you’ll be able to design your bathroom.

Easy Planner 3D 


Reece 3D Planner is an excellent choice to help you create a realistic 3D plan. I must admit, I love this planner – it’s available to use online and will give you great insight into how your bathroom could look. Customise your room shape and size, then add in your products with ease, doors and windows can also be created to finish your room. It’s really easy to use and build a 3D image as you go.

My tip: The only thing I will say is that it was a bit slow on my computer, but totally worth it for the results.  

Time: I estimate you’d need to spend about an hour to get a good image.

Skill Level:  You don’t need to be a professional to use this but knowing your way round a computer will make it easier.

Reece 3D Planner 

Home Design 3D is available from the app store and is a good choice for those who’d like to utilise their iPhone or iPad for the process. This app isn’t just for the bathroom, you can design your entire home at your fingertips. The 3D effect (in my opinion) isn’t that realistic but it still gives you a really good view of what your home could look like. It has a good library of products, wall colours and flooring options to help you design easily. This app is good fun and will give you valuable insight.

My tip: A bit glitchy on my iPad, took me some extra time to set up the room. Options are endless and you could redesign your entire home with this is you wanted.

Time: I estimate you’d need to spend 2+ hours to create the bathroom. You’d probably lose a few weeks of your life if you redesign your whole house!

Skill level: Not too tricky but knowing your way around your chosen device will make it easy.

Home Design 3D 

Virtual Interior Design is available for the iPad only. This app creates stunning professional results, you can paint walls, change flooring and use the huge library of objects to furnish your room accordingly. This is another app that gives you a choice of rooms, so use it to design the bathroom, bedroom, kitchen or even the living room. It’s a quick and powerful way to indulge in home renovation ideas. It’s a bit different to the others because it allows you to take a photo of your room, then import it to start your design.

My tip: Keep it simple, it’s really easy to get bogged down in too much detail.

Time: I estimated 2+ hours for the bathroom, but you could spend a lot longer depending on the level of detail you want to include.

Skill level: You don’t need any special skills but it’s easy to get a bit lost in the endless list of options.

Virtual Interior Design 

So there you have it, whether you want to use your phone, your iPad or spend some time on the computer there’s a design planner to suit your needs. Some are better than others, but all of these will give you a decent view of your new bathroom, that could potentially save you thousands of pounds in the long run. Spend a few hours to plan your bathroom properly the first time, believe me you won’t regret it. If you’re looking for advice or need extra help why not pop into one of our showrooms or speak to one of our experts on 0344 809 4249. Catch you all next week!