The Buyers Guide to Towel Rails

The Buyers Guide to Towel Rails

Posted by Kristin Kudeva 17th May 2023

When designing your bathroom, heating source is an important element to consider. Today, heated towel rails are a modern option for keeping both you and your bathroom warm.

We have a wonderful selection of heated towel rails from classic chrome to matt black and brushed brass that will ensure your bathroom remains warm and cosy.

What is a heated towel rail?

A heated towel rail is an alternative to a radiator in a bathroom design, constructed with bars to easily hang towels, or even your robe, keeping you cosy when you come out the shower.

There are two variations: Standard and Electric. A standard heated towel rail tends to be more budget friendly, constructed to work in conjunction with your central heating system, whereas an electric heated towel rail works off your electricity, perfect for those who don’t have the ability to plumb into the central heating system.

Our heated towel rails come in square or curved designs, in a variety of sizes to suit your bathroom space. With a choice of white, chrome, black nickelanthracitebrushed brass and matt black colours to choose from, there’s a towel rail suitable for any bathroom.

Black Vertical Bathroom Radiator Next to a Black Walk-In Shower Enclosure

What’s the difference between a radiator and a heated towel rail?

In simple terms, radiators are more efficient at projecting heat; their job is to keep your room at an optimum temperature, whereas heated towel warmers or heated towel rails do just that ‘Heat your Towels’, therefore offering minimum heat output to the rest of your room.

However, it depends on the dimensions of your bathroom space which heating source would be best for you. For the likes of cloakrooms, depending on the BTU Output level, a heated towel rail is perhaps all your need.

Things to Consider

Electric or Thermostatic?

A thermostatic towel rail is ideal if you already have the necessary plumbing in place in your bathroom, and if you already have a central heating system in your home. This makes thermostatic a sensible choice and is very easy to control from your heating system in the same way as a radiator is controlled.

An electric towel rail is perfect if you don’t have pipe work in place or if you don’t have central heating, as it doesn’t connect to the heating system. An electric towel rail is used independently and is even a good idea for a second bathroom, especially if you don’t want the hassle of installing pipe work.

If you choose to buy a thermostatic towel rail, then you’ll need to budget for valves too. Valves control how much water from your central heating system goes into the towel rail which affects the performance. These are essential for a thermostatic towel rail; they are not optional, and you will need two of these.

Chrome Heated Towel Rail in a Modern Bathroom with Marble-Effect Ceiling & Wall Panels

BTU Number

The British Thermal Unit, or BTU, is the amount of heat required to raise the temperature of your room. The higher the BTU number, the higher the heat output and vice versa, so you need to ensure you choose the right product for your space. Too big and it will be too hot, too small, and it will be too cold. However, don’t despair, your plumber will also be able to advise on the recommended BTUs for your bathroom.

Style, Colour and Finish

Adding a towel rail to your bathroom can complement the overall look and feel of the space. Generally, the style of towel rail you chose comes down to personal preference. If you have curved furniture for example, you may want to opt for a curved towel rail to continue the design or choose a square towel rail for a point of difference.

Our heated towel rails also come in a selection of colours and finishes. Aside from traditional chrome, we offer matt black, brushed brass, black nickel and anthracite grey to add a trendsetting, modern edge to your bathroom.

Our selection of white heated towel rails actually has a higher heat output when compared to our chrome range. This is due to chrome being an insulator and absorbing some of the heat before it reaches the surface. Our white enamel towel rails aren’t made with chrome so are much hotter in comparison and can be a practical choice for extra cold bathrooms.

Floor Standing or Wall Hung

Depending on the space you have available, you can choose to go for a floor standing or wall hung towel rail. Wall hung towel rails are particularly popular in smaller bathrooms where floor space is at a premium. If opting for a wall hung towel rail, you must first ensure your wall itself can take the load.

Floor standing towel rails can add a traditional feel to your bathroom, often coming in a polished chrome finish with ample hanging space for multiple towels.

For the best of both worlds why not go for a traditional heated towel radiator. This floor mounted style comes complete with a radiator in the centre, perfect for keeping your bathroom warm, and a chrome heated rail or two, perfect for keeping your towels warm.

Essential Heated Towel Rail Accessories

  • Heating elements: Allow you to convert existing towel rails into electric or dual fuel rails, meaning you can power your radiator without turning on the central heating. Dual fuel rails allow you to switch between running on your central heating or using electricity.
  • Radiator valves: These are sold separately so you will need to budget for these when purchasing your new heated towel rail. Valves are required for every plumbed radiator in the home and can either be straight, angled or corner depending on whether your pipes come up from the floor or out from the wall.

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So, whether you go for an electric heated towel rail, or thermostatic heated towel rail, at Wholesale Domestic Bathrooms, we have something to suit everyone’s style, bathroom size, and budget.