Facebook Pixel

Facebook Pixel

We use Facebook Pixel on our website.

Facebook Pixel is a tracking code which allows us to track and monitor the success of advertisements we use on Facebook and to improve the effectiveness of those advertisements by recording information such as the device you used to access our website and the actions you took on our website using cookies. We may also use Facebook Pixel to create retargeting advertisements and custom audiences for our advertisements on Facebook and on our website.

Facebook aggregates data gathered from our use of Facebook Pixel on our website with data it gathers from other sources, in order to improve and target advertisements displayed on its website or via its services, to improve its systems and to provide measurement services to third parties which use Facebook’s advertising services. You can find out more about how Facebook handles information they collect about you and other individuals by accessing their privacy policy, which is available here: Facebook Privacy Policy

How to opt in or out
See the section below entitled How to accept or reject cookies

Legal basis for processing:
Consent (Article 6(1)(a) of the General Data Protection Regulation).

You give your consent to the purposes for which we process your information using Facebook Pixel by clicking I accept the purposes for which you use advertising cookies in our cookie tool.

This tool appears as a static message at the top of the website on your first interaction and requests that you accept the use of cookies, you have the option of refusing cookies.

For further information on how we use the information gathered from our use of Facebook Pixel, including automated decision making and profiling please see the section entitled Our use of automated decision making and profiling in our privacy policy, which is available here: Privacy Policy.