If you've set your sights a little higher than a standard straight bath then a corner bath could be just right for you. This style of bath cleverly utilises a corner in your bathroom to provide a spacious bathing environment in a small or compact space. The ideal addition to any small bathroom as the main addition or perfect when your large bathroom already includes a shower enclosure and you want to have the best of both worlds. Available in left or right hand designs to achieve the best possible layout in your bathroom. Take a look at everything you NEED to know about baths here.

A corner bath is simply a bath that neatly fits into an unused corner in your bathroom. This bath is often the best choice for bathrooms that have just enough space to incorporate a separate bath and shower, it can also be used in small bathrooms to help maximise floor space. Typically corner baths are smaller than the standard size of a bath, which is ideally suited to small spaces. Sometimes, depending on the shape of your bathroom a corner bath is the best choice to make the most of the space you do have. This small bath can also be transformed into a fully functional shower by adding a curved bath screen and shower to create a small but efficient showering and bathing area. The shape and size of this bath won't provide a spacious bathing environment for you, but it's perfect for bathing small children so might be better suited to the family bathroom.