A steel bath is a bath which is made out of durable steel and typically has a white enamel coating although other colours are available too. This alteration to a traditional acrylic bath makes for a long lasting bath that will definitely stand up to the test of time. Our steel baths are guaranteed for up to 30 years, meaning they have almost 3 times the lifespan of the average acrylic bath. Steel baths also act as an insulator which helps to keep bath water warmer for longer. Our range of steel baths include brands like Kaldewei and also have a list of benefits and extras that you just don't get with an acrylic bath, they're scratch proof, dirt repellent, acid and chemical resistant to name a few.

A steel bath will offer your home a long lasting and durable bath that will look great for decades to come, should you choose to keep it for so long! Steel baths put you in control of the lifespan of your bath, providing you with a practical and functional solution you'll be using in years to come. Classic styles create a timeless look so you don't need to worry about your new bath looking dated in a few years. Team your new elegant bath with similar styled additions to create the ultimate time proof new bathroom design. A steel bath would be ideally suited to both quiet and busy bathroom environments, the strong materials won't be phased by high traffic areas.