The Buyers Guide to Radiators

The Buyers Guide to Radiators

Posted by Kristin Kudeva 17th May 2023

Radiators are found in every room of the home, and your bathroom is no exception. You might think of that classic white single panelled radiator that you had in your home growing up, but times and trends have changed.

At Wholesale Domestic Bathrooms, we have a wide range of designer, contemporary and stylish options for you to choose from including colosseums, floor standing and classic styles of radiator, as well as budget options and high-end options.

We also stock a handy range of radiator accessories including robe hooks and towel holder rails which can be added on to some compatible radiators to maximise their use.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Bathroom Radiator

Which Size Radiator Do I Need?

The size of radiator you require for your bathroom depends on two factors: maintenance temperature and heat loss – the temperature you want the room to maintain and how much heat is going to escape from the room.

The shape and size of your radiator will also determine where you can place it in your room.

To calculate the size of radiator you need effectively, you first need to work out the BTU (British Thermal Unit).

What Is My Required BTU?

Simply, the BTU calculates how much heat output your room requires and the radiator size it will need to do this. There are many BTU calculators online that you can use to work out what size of radiator your room will need. The BTU calculator takes into account several factors including room size, number of windows and the location of the room.

The higher the BTU, the higher the heat output, and the more accurate your calculation can help save you both money and energy. Your plumber will be able to advise on the recommended BTU for your bathroom.

Which Bathroom Radiator Valves Do I Need?

The kind of radiator valves you need will depend on the position of your pipes and where they connect to from your radiator. Valves control the water flow into your radiator and how much heat your appliance radiates.

The main types of valves are:

  • Straight valves: if pipes come up from the floor and connect to the bottom of your radiator.
  • Angled valves: if pipes come up from the floor and connect to the side of your radiator.
  • Corner valves: if pipes come out from the wall and connect to the bottom or the side of your radiator.

Once you have established which type of valves you need, you then need to decide how you want the radiator to be heated:

  • Thermostatic valves: detect the temperature of the room and automatically counterbalance so it remains at a constant.
  • Manual valves: are controlled by you by turning the valve to adjust the temperature of the radiator.

Bathroom Radiators Material and Finish

Generally, radiators are made of steel due to its strength, durability and efficiency. You may think of radiators only coming in white, however we offer a full range of finishes including black, anthracite and stainless steel to complement your style.

Traditional or Contemporary?

The look and feel of your bathroom can decide whether you should go for a traditional or a contemporary radiator. Floor standing radiators offer a traditional, period style to your room, whereas a sleek black vertical radiator can add a high-end modern edge. Whatever your style, we’re sure to have a radiator to meet your needs.

Radiators or Heated Towel Rails?

When it comes to radiators vs heated towel rails, choosing which one is right for your bathroom can be a big decision. In general, radiators emit more heat as their job is to heat your room, whereas towel rails are used only for warming towels and do not provide much more heat output than that.

The size of your room will likely determine what option is best for you. Cloakroom bathrooms for example may only require a heated towel rail due to the BTU output.

Another factor in deciding between the two is the purpose you wish to use them for. If your main reason is to dry damp towels then a heated towel rail would be sufficient, but if you’re looking for heat output then you should go for a radiator.

Radiator Accessories

Make the most use out of your radiator with our selection of radiator accessories. We have radiator hooks, robe hooks and towel rails which can be attached to selected compatible models, perfect for heating your dressing gown for you coming out of the shower and for drying damp towels.

Bathroom Radiator Types

Today there is a wide range of radiators available that can be used in any room in the home, not just the bathroom.

Horizontal Radiators

Horizontal radiators are the most traditional radiator style that most homes will have had at some point throughout their life. They are generally a classic white panelled style and come single or double panelled.

Vertical Radiators

Vertical radiators provide a modern, statement style in any room. Due to their vertical positioning, they will take up less space on the wall than a horizontal radiator. Our Hudson and Boone vertical radiators can be put on their side to create a horizontal radiator should you wish, and the brackets to do this are sold separately. Due to their slim nature, they are ideal for placing under low windows when placed horizontally.

Designer Radiators

If you know a particular brand of radiator you would like, we may stock them in our range of designer radiators. With big names such as Kartell, Hudson, Nuie and Boone, these designer radiators will add a contemporary touch to your home at a low price.

Floor Standing Radiators

Floor standing radiators give a traditional and classic look to any room. They provide an excellent heat output which makes them great for drying damp towels as well as heating the bathroom. Due to being secured to the floor, they remove the need for wall brackets making them more and more popular today.

Column Radiators

Column or colosseum radiators are a radiator that is made up of bars connected together, with a slight gap between each to better distribute heat. They provide an efficient heat output and will add a striking, designer look to your bathroom.

Single Panel and Double Panel Radiators

Single panel radiators are best for smaller rooms and consist of a single long panel. They take up less space on the wall and are ideal for narrow rooms due to their short projection.

Double panel radiators will emit more heat than single panel radiators due to their two panels and two convector fins. They are best suited to medium to large rooms and are also known as Type 22 radiators.

Type 21 and Type 22 Radiators

When talking about Type 21 and Type 22 radiators, we mean ‘convectors’. These types of radiators heat the room by way of convection. They heat up rows of fins which heat the body of air inside the radiator and allow it to escape through the vents, usually found at the top of the radiator.

A Type 21 radiator is a two-panelled (or double panelled) radiator with one set of fins in the middle, where as a Type 22 radiator is a two-panelled radiator with two sets of fins in the middle. Typically, Type 22 radiators will emit more heat than Type 21 due to the additional number of fins.

Additionally, you may come across Type 11 radiators, which are single panelled radiators with one set of fins.

An easy way to remember what each type means; the first number represents the number of panels, and the second number represents the number of fins. For example, Type 33, which is another kind you may come across, would mean a three panelled radiator with three sets of fins.

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