In 11 years, the STV Children’s Appeal has raised over £29 million allowing them to help and support all local authority areas in Scotland providing support to tens of thousands of children and young people.

about children’s appeal.

The Children's Appeal initiative uses the power of STV to shed light on important issues, organise fundraising activities and help drive positive change in the lives of Scotland's children.

our story with children’s appeal.

Our work with the STV Children’s Appeal began back in 2016 when we became a corporate partner and started our sponsorship off with an in-office bake off and a Rowing challenge where STV’s John McKay and Raman Bhardwaj headed up two teams to go head-to-head down the River Clyde! 


With this being so successful, in 2018, we launched the STV Big Breakfast which consisted of representatives from STV and Wholesale Domestic Bathrooms visiting local schools and organisations and making breakfast, this was again hugely successful and raised tens of thousands of pounds for the cause.


In 2019, we teamed up with Sean Batty at STV and Loganair to promote the extremely successful STV Big Breakfast to have the most important meal in the air to raise awareness for the importance of breakfast.