An electric shower offers an alternative solution to a traditional thermostatic shower. An electric shower doesn't require a connection to your boiler, so can be used if and when a boiler breaks down, or can be installed even if you don't have a boiler, which is one of its top selling points. Essentially, an electric shower is like a miniature water heater; it draws cold water from your pipes then independently heats the water to the temperature you tell it to. For some, an electric shower is a more sensible option and still provides a practical and functional solution that works completely independently from anything else. The temperature stabiliser valve minimises variations in shower temperature during mains water pressure changes, providing a safe environment for all family members.

It's simple, an electric shower will provide your household with a convenient showering solution that's easy to operate. It's clever design allows it to be used without assistance from your boiler, which is a must for some customers. An electric shower efficiently heats cold water to provide you with a pleasant showering experience that's highly practical and functional. An attractive design will complement your new bathroom well and a three pattern shower head allows you to customise your experience. The slide rail also allows you to alter the height of the shower head which should be utilised by every user to help make your experience more comfortable and enjoyable.