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A cross mixer shower takes its name from the shape and design of the shower valve (the flat panel that is mounted onto the wall with two round knobs). This range of modern showers include a state of the art round valve for a luxurious and elegant look. The valve provides you with the ability to turn the shower on and off as well as adjust the temperature as needed, so it also needs to come with a shower head to be a fully functional appliance. You can choose from a shower head and arm design or a shower rail kit in this category depending on your design plan and personal preference. Each choice will help you create a perfect thermostatically controlled shower in your new bathroom, but here are a few ideas to keep in mind; a shower head and arm will offer a larger area of flowing water for a luxurious experience, while a shower rail kit is multi-functional, featuring a smaller head that can be removed from the wall if desired for cleaning purposes.

It's simple, by choosing a cross mixer shower you'll take the stress and indecision out of deciding on individual items that make up a mixer shower. These great combinations provide you with everything you need to create a fully functional thermostatic shower at home. These shower combos have been hand-picked for you by our specialist team to offer you the very best round designer looks at unbeatable package prices. Our range gives you an incredible choice with the opportunity to opt for fully coordinated or eclectic designs to satisfy your latest style thirst.