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A shower valve controls two basic functions, it controls the temperature of the water and the flow of water to your shower. The valve controls the temperature of the water by mixing hot and cold water together from your supply to achieve the temperature you have set. It controls the flow of this set temperature to your shower by either restricting the water flow for a more gentle shower, or by opening the valve fully for a more powerful experience (mains pressure dependent). A shower valve can be paired with a range of shower heads or shower rail kits depending on their individual style and compatibility to create a bar mixer shower or concealed valve mixer shower respectively.

It's simple, you'll want to choose a shower valve if you plan to hand-pick individual items to create your dream shower at home. A shower valve is an integral part of any thermostatic shower and will be essential to help you mix the perfect temperature as well as control water flow to your shower head or shower rail kit. We have an excellent range of bar valves, twin concealed valves and triple concealed valves to meet your exact needs, expectations and design aspirations.