As a family run company, community values have been ingrained into the business since 1963. For nearly 60 years, supporting the community and helping others has been hugely important to us and continues to be as we grow and develop.


Since 1977, we have worked closely with our friends over at Clyde 1 with raising funds for Cash for Kids, radio advertising, competitions and more recently becoming the main sponsor for the Clyde 1 5K Minute.

Bowie’s About 

Back in 2015, Wholesale Domestic Bathrooms welcomed two new members of staff, George and Cassie, freshly poached from the Clyde 1 breakfast show. Watch the hidden camera footage of George and Cassie as undercover salespeople at our bathroom superstore and laugh as they play practical jokes on our unsuspecting customers.


The full videos are available on the Wholesale Domestic Youtube channel.

5K Minute

Since 2018, Wholesale Domestic Bathrooms have been delighted to be the main sponsor of the Clyde 1 5K Minute which presents the opportunity to give back to our loyal customers and the local community and really change lives with this token sum.


The Clyde 1 5K Minute daily competition consists of listeners aiming to answer 10 questions correctly within the time scale of 1 minute to gain winnings of £5000.


You can listen to all episodes of the 5K minute competitions right here -

Clyde 1’s 5K Minute - Latest Episodes - Listen Now on Planet Radio.