5 Signs it's time to renovate your bathroom

5 Signs it's time to renovate your bathroom

Posted by Francine Flanagan 19th May 2017

As I sat there, naturally my eyes wandered around the room. I started to notice things, unpleasant things, about the condition of my bathroom. I don’t know why I hadn’t really noticed them before, but they were there and it was slightly embarrassing. The grout between the tiles was discoloured, and cracked in certain places. The bath panel was fractured, which made it look distorted and ugly. The vanity unit had swollen doors from all the steam and condensation, not to mention there was a chip out of the basin from when I had dropped a glass in it. In all honesty, that was just the tip of the iceberg.

There had been loads of little problems with our bathroom from the minute it was installed, but not wanting to cause a fuss I let them go, which was probably one of the worst things I could’ve done. Why, you ask? Well, as painful as it was, that bathroom was replaced a mere 2 years after it had been fitted.

Whether you’ve had your current bathroom for 2 or 10 years, it’s easy to become complacent when you’re living with it. That’s because as you use your bathroom, you’re more concerned with function than with how it looks. It’s only every now and then that you’ll stop and realise the limits of its lifespan.

However, not everyone needs a new bathroom simply because there’s a few problems with it. We have hundreds of customers who make the decision to trade in their bathroom for all sorts of reasons. That’s why I want you give you a list that you can use to survey your own bathroom which will show you that maybe, just maybe it’s time for a refurb. Ready? Let’s go…

5 Signs it's time for bathroom refurb 

Can you describe your bathroom as like totally awesome?

Whether you’re trying to keep the 80’s alive or you’re just a bit stuck there. I feel the need to remind you that the time of leg warmers, Flashdance and Tom Selleck moustaches is long gone, and I’m pretty sure you don’t have that perm anymore (sorry if you do), so why do you still have the bathroom?

It’s no surprise that some people have lived with their bathroom for 20+ years, and although your bathroom may be in perfect working order, it’s probably time to modernise. If you’re struggling to remember exactly how old your bathroom is, then I can guarantee it’s older than you’d care to admit.

We recommend that you replace your bathroom every 10 years for a few different reasons. First of all it means that your bathroom will consistently look good, you’ll feel braver when it comes to design choices because you’ll know you won’t have it forever. Secondly, bathrooms that have been in use for decades can have a lot of underlying problems that you don’t discover until the refit, every 10 years allows for proper maintenance.

Like totally awesome 80's bathroom 

Has 2 turned into 4, or even 4 into 6?

Our circumstances are ever changing, and you may find that your family of 2 has morphed into a family of 6. In this situation, the average bathroom will feel cramped, cluttered and overworked. A clever new bathroom design will help to make the busiest room in your house more efficient, and spacious no matter how many people it needs to accommodate.

Think about it, if you need to accommodate 6 you don’t buy a sports car that seats 2 (well unless it’s a mid-life crisis), it’s common sense that’s often overlooked. Ideally, a bigger bathroom or even a second bathroom would make things easier, but this option isn’t always available.

It may seem hopeless but believe me it’s not. Even the smallest bathroom can be transformed into a multi-functional, family friendly space.  

Child friendly bathrooms 

Do you dread visitors?

I don’t mean because you don’t like them (that’s a different blog altogether). When you have people over, do the words ‘Can I use your bathroom’ make you feel uneasy, or fill you with a feeling of pure dread? Well that’s embarrassment my friends, and although you probably don’t want to admit that you’re ashamed of your bathroom, I’ve got news for you, you are. It’s a horrible feeling, and it can really put a dent in your social life if you like to entertain.

If you’re not comfortable with people seeing it, then you’re not happy with it. Your bathroom is supposed to be a place for indulgence and relaxation. If you don’t feel that’s a good description of your bathroom then take action, it’s the busiest room in your home that needs to be fit for purpose, and it would be nice if you didn’t have to close your eyes when you use it, agreed?    

When guests want to use the bathroom 

Are you climbing the property ladder?

A lot of customers come to us when they’re thinking about moving. A new bathroom can make or break the sale of your home, so it’s no surprise that a nice new one can be the boost your home needs to sell quickly. A new bathroom can also increase the value of home, so it’s definitely worth investigating. By shelling out a few hundred pounds for a budget bathroom suite, you could potentially gain back a few thousand. Very rarely will you get a buyer who is delighted about the avocado bathroom suite you’ve hung on to for years....don’t listen to anyone, that bad boy is not coming back into fashion.

A new bathroom can help sell your home 

Do you feel it’s time to treat yourself?

We have quite a few customers who come in not actually in need of a new bathroom. Maybe they’ve inherited their bathroom from previous owners, or they’ve just decided they want a more luxurious setting. Even a small bathroom could accomodate his and her basins, or perhaps a freestanding bath. The world’s your oyster, all you need is someone who knows how to utilise existing space well – and believe me wondrous things can happen. Warning you may feel just a little bit spoiled, but I can tell you, you won’t feel a bit bad about it. 

A luxurious new bathroom  

The reasons behind a new bathroom go beyond the aesthetic or condition. Every household has a different situation to consider, but take your time and use this guide to steer you in the right direction. If you’re not completely happy with your bathroom at present, make a list of how it could be improved. You’ll instantly be able to tell if your issues are silly and superficial or if they’re a bit more serious and need to be addressed. I can tell you from experience that there’s nothing better than installing a bathroom that’s functional, practical and looks good in your home. Now when guests ask ‘Can I use your bathroom?’ I don’t cringe inside and feel embarrassed, to tell the truth I actually feel deservingly smug about it.