How to clean your bathroom like a pro in 5 minutes

How to clean your bathroom like a pro in 5 minutes

Posted by Francine Flanagan 12th Apr 2017

This week I’m going to take you through how to clean your bathroom in 5 minutes. I know it sounds impossible but it can be done, you just need to have a plan and be organised in order to achieve it. Let’s get one thing straight, this concept isn’t a deep clean solution. It’s ideal to help keep your bathroom looking clean and tidy but once every few weeks you will need to spend a bit longer making sure it’s extra clean. Repeat this process twice a week to keep your bathroom looking tip top. Ready? Let’s do this…

First of all, go and gather all the supplies you’ll need. Usually a spray cleaner, bleach, a cleaning sponge and a few cloths.

Wipe the surfaces

The first minute is dedicated to quickly but efficiently wiping down all the surfaces in your bathroom. I spray the surfaces first, any counter tops, toilet seats, toilet pans, and cabinet doors etc. then give them a good wipe down with a bathroom cleaning sponge. If you don’t want water marks you’ll also need to dry these areas off with an old cleaning towel or dry cloth. This will remove any marks and will clean away the dust that accumulates in the bathroom. Remember to be quick, you’ve only got 1 minute to get this bit finished. Go, team go!

Scrub the shower, bath & basin

In the second minute you’ll need to give your shower or bath (or both) a good scrub as well as your basin. I usually use the same spray to spray down the inside and then give them a good thorough scrub with the sponge. Use the shower to rinse any cleaning residue and run the tap in the basin, wiping it down with clean water. If you don’t have a hand shower that you can use to help with this, you can use a jug. Fill the jug using the taps and then rinse as needed.

Clean the toilet

You’re into the third minute, you’re almost done! It’s time to get the bleach out, add a decent amount to your toilet bowl. Using your toilet brush or a disposable toilet brush (more hygienic) scrub the bowl of your toilet, make sure you go under the water as well as around the rim to kill any germs or bacteria. Let this lie until the end and then flush.

Wipe down the tiles

Soak a clean cloth in hot water and wring out really well, then add a few sprays of your cleaner (not too much or you’ll get streaks). If you know in advance that you won’t be able to reach the top of your tiles then bring in a step in preparation for this. Start at one end and quickly wipe down the tiles from the floor to the ceiling. Make your way around the room, wiping away any water marks and soap residue around the shower area. I usually give the ceiling a quick wipe too, but you can leave that for your deep clean day if you prefer. Now is a good time to quickly wipe your mirrors and door fronts too.

Clean the shower screen & double check

It’s the last minute, all you’ve got left to do is clean the shower screen. Spray it down with your cleaner and give it a good scrub with the sponge. Rinse the residue away and voila! Have a quick look round to make sure there’s no water drips or any bits you may have missed, sort these out and you’re finished.

We have missed out the floor, but you’ve only got 5 minutes. We figured you could just do that when you’re doing the rest. Don’t get me wrong, you’ll be running around like a cleaning maniac but you’ll freshen your bathroom in 5 minutes & let’s be honest, sometimes all you really have is a few minutes, so give it a go and let us know how you get on!