We all have something that we’d like to change in our bathroom. For the lucky few, a major change is a house move away, but for the rest of us a change can seem far out of reach. If your bathroom isn’t playing nice these days, check out our top 5 common bathroom problems, and how to tackle them. Ready? Let’s go!How to tackle 5 common bathroom problems

Small Spaces
The typical bathroom isn’t very big at all, which leaves us with a tiny space for one of the busiest rooms in your home. This is where smart choices will help to make your room seem bigger and more spacious. If your bathroom feels particularly small to you, opt for wall mounted products. Wall hung toilets and wall mounted basins are the ideal choice. Why? Well, by clearing the floor, you’ll make the floor space feel a lot bigger than it actually is. Choosing smaller products, like a compact basin unit will help to free up some valuable space too.How to tackle small spaces in your bathroom

No Space for Separates
Most folk dream about a huge bathroom that’s big enough for a separate shower and freestanding bath (you know the one, you can picture it now). However, reality is usually a little different. Modern living demands that you have both options within a tiny space. Don’t fret, recent design advancements can provide a bath and shower all within one convenient space. Enter the shower bath! This clever addition offers both solutions even for the tiniest bathroom. It’s not the dream, but it will be functional!No space for separates

Lack of Storage
Clutter in your small bathroom can make the space look cramped and untidy. By choosing a product with built in storage, you’ll keep surfaces tidy and make the space feel less overwhelming. Basin vanity units are an ideal choice. They provide valuable storage space below the basin, hidden behind drawers or doors. Mirror cabinets will also provide the same storage but with different functionality. Choose what’s right for you.Lack of storage

No Natural Light
Some bathrooms have tiny windows, or sometimes no windows at all, which can make the space look small and uninviting. The key to combating this common issue lies in wall or tile colours and the use of mirrors and lights. Choose light and bright colours for the walls, this will help to make the space look bigger and brighter. Opting for LED spotlights can make a huge difference to the light level in your bathroom. Couple these design elements with a few mirrors to catch the light. Which will transform a dingy bathroom into something bright, light and attractive.No natural light

Steam & Condensation
Many bathrooms have a steam or condensation problem; you’ll notice it after a bath or shower. Sound familiar? Sometimes keeping the window open is the best solution to let the moisture dry out. Although, if you have a bathroom without a window or feel that the window isn’t really doing much to clear the mist, it’s a good idea to install a ventilation fan. A ventilation fan works by drawing the moisture outside while you bathe or shower, to help keep steam and condensation at bay. This small solution can help prevent mould and keep your room a pleasant space to spend time in. Speak to your local installer for more details.Steam and condensation

Tackling the most common bathroom problems is no mean feat. It can be a challenge to overcome the issues you’re dealing with in your own bathroom. But by following our simple tips you can alleviate problems and create a nicer environment in your home. If all else fails, just move! (I jest). You can always give us a call to discuss any of the topics mentioned here on 0344 809 4249. Catch you all next week!