Nordic Style: Get The Look

Nordic Style: Get The Look

Posted by Gemma Paton 16th Sep 2019


light | airy | clean lines | wood | slow living | functionality | simplicity

The aesthetic of Nordic style is marked with minimalism and functionality, bringing those “Scandi Style” vibes into your interior.

This trend takes a minimal approach to pattern and colour, with neutral tones creating a beautifully timeless and simplistic look.

Nordic Bathroom Style

Featured: City Wall-Hung Unit || Rio Rectangle Countertop  Basin || Cubix Waterfall Wall Mounted Tap || Hermes Mirror || Stamford Wall-Hung Toilet || City Tall Storage Unit || White Hudson Radiator || Walk-In Glass Shower Screen || Chrome Shower Head || Presto Grey Laundry Hamper || Multipanel Wall Panels || Anemon White Floor Tiles

This spacious Nordic style bathroom fits the bill. We love the simplicity of white walls combined with wood-effect, space maximising wall-hung furniture, alongside dominating elements such as our White Hudson Radiator.

A blend of styles, filled with light and neutral colour palettes creates a powerful statement. But how can this Nordic DREAM be transferred into a standard bathroom? We have you covered!

Create the look at home

Nordic Bathroom Style

Featured: City Vanity Unit || Rio Rectangle Countertop Basin || Flow High Rise Mixer Tap || Stamford Wall-Hung Toilet || White Hudson Radiator || Walk-In Glass Shower Screen || Gamma Shower || Presto Grey Laundry Hamper || Multipanel Wall Panels || Anemon White Floor Tiles

The reality is most bathrooms are small and compact. At Wholesale Domestic Bathrooms, we can help you achieve your Nordic bathroom design even with limited space.

Firstly, we recommend introducing a feature wall to give your bathroom some depth. Soapstone Stellar from our Linda Barker range of Multipanel Wall Panels is a great option due to its warm neutral hues and 3D textured look.

Storage space can be an issue in many bathrooms, if you want to be stylish whilst having space for all your hair and beauty products; our City 2 Drawer Molina Ash unit is for you. Choose a countertop over a standard basin for that added sophisticated touch. The dynamic shape of our Rio Rectangle Countertop Basin perfectly complements the City unit, combine with our Flow High Rise Tap for a complete look.

For the utmost minimalism, choose a shower instead of a bath, combined with a simple wet room shower screen – this practical yet modest look is the definition of Nordic Style!

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