Our Top Tips On Choosing The Right Shower Enclosure

Our Top Tips On Choosing The Right Shower Enclosure

Posted by Francine Flanagan 19th Nov 2015

We scroll through thousands of pages in search of the perfect new shower enclosure, we research until we can’t research any more, we ask the advice of an expert and we spend countless hours debating between each other, in the hope that if you do all your homework you’ll make the right choice – but will you? Can you be absolutely confident that in a year (or less in some cases) you won’t regret the decision you made?

Quadrant shower enclosure

A lot of our choices come from what we want, what we’ve seen in a magazine or what we deem as a ‘dream bathroom’, but if you truly don’t want to feel that pang of regret you need to look at the bigger picture.

Of course you want that little slice of luxury that’s yours and that is important when planning a new bathroom, but overall what’s more important is functionality and practicality that suits you and your lifestyle. ‘What do you mean?’ I hear you ask. Well what I mean is, of course a large walk-in shower enclosure will look good but is it what you need, or more importantly what your bathroom can support? There’s no point installing a shower enclosure that’s far too big, or one that’s far too small for what you need.

Sliding Shower Enclosure

Let’s go back a few steps here, you’ll be looking for a shower enclosure in two different scenarios; the first is you have a massive bathroom and you want a separate bath and shower to help make the most of the space you have, or second, you have a small bathroom and have decided to give up a bath to help maximise space in your bathroom. In any case you’ll need to identify a few key factors that will help you create a space that’s efficient as well as easy on the eye. Let’s take a look…

Bi Fold Shower Enclosure

Space Dictates

In a nutshell, you can have your heart set on the biggest, fanciest shower enclosure you’ve ever seen but if your bathroom is on the smaller side – then there’s no point trying to ‘make’ it fit. The best tip we can give you is to ALWAYS measure your space before you go shopping, even if you’re just planning to go window shopping….because we all know where that leads! It’s one of the biggest faux-pas we encounter; customers don’t measure their space and low and behold the new bathroom doesn’t fit the space. If you’re particularly patient you could take the measurements home from the store and roughly mark on the floor in masking tape how much space the new item will take up. You’ll instantly know if it will be too overpowering or too small for the space.

Shower Cabin

What’s the best choice for a small space?

A small bathroom will call for expert design, you’ll need to choose a shower enclosure that cleverly utilises space while still meeting all your exact needs. The best options for a small bathroom would be:

A Quadrant Shower Enclosure – this style neatly fits into an unused corner in your bathroom to make the most of every inch of space. This design is highly efficient and functional and will suit any environment.

A Sliding Shower Enclosure – typically square or rectangular in shape and features a sliding door for entry. This style doesn’t require any extra space outside the enclosure to allow for the door, the door slides along a track inside the enclosure to save precious space. This design is practical, functional and will serve any environment well.

A Bi-Fold Shower Enclosure – again typically square or rectangular in shape and features a door that folds in on itself in half. This design doesn’t need any extra space to allow for the shower door either, because the door folds into the enclosure to ensure you get the most out of a small space. This design is practical and will suit any environment perfectly.

What’s the best choice for a large space?

A large bathroom will call for a specially selected shower enclosure that compliments the space that surrounds it. The best options for a large bathroom are:

A Walk-In Shower Enclosure – typically larger in size and features no doors for an open and spacious look. This solution offers a stylish design that’s highly practical and efficient as well as luxurious.

A Pivot Shower Enclosure – usually square or rectangular in shape, this style features a pivoting door which can be a good space saving solution. A practical, functional addition that will serve any environment well.

A Hinged Shower Enclosure – again usually square or rectangular in shape, offering a unique hinged design. This style provides a fully opening door for a spacious and elegant feel. Highly practical and functional, it’s ideally suited to any environment.

A Shower Cabin – typically a quadrant shape which is a space saving design. This unique solution offers a luxurious addition to any home. This comes as a complete unit and provides you with a multitude of different showering options for the ultimate experience

Want vs Need

I know it’s always nice to get what we want, but let’s take a minute to prove that we’re not brats…well at least not all of the time. It’s really important to identify what you NEED as opposed to what you want, any additional space or luxury items will be a bonus – don’t set yourself up for disappointment. Take a closer look at who will be using this new shower enclosure, does it need to be a space saving solution, does it need to cater for disabled or elderly people, what budget do you have? All these little questions will help you pinpoint an expectation baseline.

Walk in shower enclosure


You’ll need to make sure that the shower enclosure you opt for will be suitable for your household. Try and make a sensible choice based on your needs, in other words don’t buy a shower enclosure with a tall shower tray if you have problems getting in and out of the shower, make your day more enjoyable with less worry by opting for a walk-in shower enclosure. It’s a good idea to write a list of what annoys you in your current set-up, it will really help you make better choices to achieve your ideal bathroom.

Pivot Shower Enclosure

Consider Costs

Ultimately the decision comes down to your budget. Again I would recommend that you set a clear budget before you go shopping to ensure that you’ll be happy with your decision. I would say that it’s a good idea to get the best you can afford; remember what your granny says….’buy cheap, buy twice’. If you can afford to buy an enclosure that’s higher quality then go for it, it will last longer and be more durable. If this isn’t an option for you, then always consult sales staff. They’ll be able to offer advice and guidance on quality and will be able to tell you what will last vs what won’t.

Hinged enclosure

Remember, identify what you need, not what you want as a first rule and make the best decision based on available space, budget and suitability that way you won’t have any regrets. If you’d like some more info on shower enclosures then why not pop into one of our showrooms across Scotland, or give us a call on 0844 809 4249. You can also browse our entire range here. I hope that this have given you some food for thought and that it helps you to make smart choices when it comes to your new shower enclosure. Catch you all next week!