You Won’t Believe These Amazing Benefits of a Whirlpool Bath

You Won’t Believe These Amazing Benefits of a Whirlpool Bath

Posted by Francine Flanagan 24th Mar 2016

Even since very early times, different cultures have believed in the benefits of soaking in hot water. Ancient cultures including the Egyptians, Romans and Greeks used baths for relaxation and water therapy. The simple bath has dramatically changed through time and has now evolved to include state of the art whirlpool technology. This addition provides added health benefits; an ancient tradition with a modern twist that will help to relax and rejuvenate your body. Let’s take a look at why no home should be without one…

You won't believe these amazing benefits of a whirlpool bath 


Stress Relief

A whirlpool bath features 6 or 12 carefully positioned jets that use air to create a massaging water turbulence. This massaging effect can be gentle or strong depending on how many jets you choose to install.

Using warm water in this way has been proven to relax your body and mind, providing immediate stress relief. Have trouble sleeping? Well 20 minutes spent in a whirlpool bath has been known to aid sleep, if used before bedtime.

Stress relief 


Improved Circulation

A lot of people suffer from bad circulation and aren’t really sure what they can do to help. Rather than booking yourself in for pricey acupuncture, or taking home a trolley full of bizarrely named herbal teas, why not consider a whirlpool bath? It’s been proven that a combination of warm water and massaging jets promote better circulation, but why? Well the warm water and gentle massage help blood vessels dilate which opens them up, allowing more oxygen and nutrients travel to areas of poor circulation.

Improved circulation 

Muscle Release

Pulled a muscle at the gym? Or maybe you just suffer from a sore back? Well a high-pressure massage combined with soothing warm water can soften tense and sore muscles. A whirlpool bath has been proven to help sport injuries and speed recovery times. Think twice before running off to your local (& expensive) massage therapist, try whirlpool for yourself and discover the relaxing and rejuvenating effect it will have on your sore muscles.

Muscle release 



Ok, so a whirlpool bath isn’t going to transform you into a gymnast overnight but it can help with your flexibility over time. Relaxation in warm water combined with massaging jets help to make your muscles more pliable, this is of particular benefit before a stretching class like yoga. As well as making you feel completely chilled out, it can also help to reduce unpleasant muscle knots.



Health Conditions whirlpool technology has proven to help…


  • A whirlpool bath improves circulation which encourages better movement, meaning less stiffness and joint pain. Buoyancy in the water takes the weight off the body, relieving pressure and aches and pains which can significantly improve the patient’s everyday life.

Back pain

  • Back pain can strike anyone at any time, so it’s handy to have a go-to relief in the comfort of your home that doesn’t involve medication. If you suffer from back pain then a visit to the doctor is recommended to try and discover the root of the problem, if it’s muscle related then you’re all clear to enjoy the soothing benefits of whirlpool. If your problem is slightly more serious then always check with your doctor before use as you could end up aggravating your condition.  


  • I don’t know if there’s anyone reading this that has trouble getting to sleep at night? You’re exhausted but you just can’t seem to drift off, sound familiar? Well the massaging effect of a whirlpool combined with the soothing warm water really does help, it works to relax your body and mind which can help you happily drift off.

Health Conditions whirlpool technology has proven to help… 

If you can put your hand up to at least one of the issues above, then you should seriously consider the addition of a whirlpool bath in your home. The health benefits have been tested and proven, so you’ll be making a smart investment for your overall wellbeing. Remember that this method has been used for thousands of years to improve general health, and the benefits are even better today than they were back then, thanks to whirlpool technology. Thanks for reading and catch you all next week!