The Buyers Guide To Showers

Ok, so you’ve decided enough is enough and you’re looking into renewing your shower? Either you’re super depressed with what you’ve got at the moment, or you’re planning a bathroom renovation anyway, so why not treat yourself? You’ll use this bathroom appliance every day, so it really needs to be the best fit for you and your family. We’ve all experienced unpleasant showers over the years, from the ones that scald you mid routine, to the ones that feel like you’re being attacked with a spray bottle, we can all look back and chuckle about these, but this won’t fly in your lovely new modern bathroom, it just NEEDS to be right. Choosing a new shower can be a daunting task, there are so many to choose from and most customers find this task one of the most frustrating and confusing, so we thought we’d put together this guide to make choosing your new shower easy peasy. We have a huge range of electric showers and thermostatic showers to choose from that will make being scalded on a daily basis a very, very distant memory.

Ok, let’s break the different types down to help you identify what you like or want for your new shower. Essentially, there are two different types of shower, an electric shower and a thermostatic shower, but these contain lots of different styles and adaptations to suit every bathroom & household…

Electric Showers
These showers are a very popular choice and are one of the easiest to install. They don’t need a connection from the boiler and are used completely independently from any other system, they run on electricity. An electric shower provides a great showering environment, that’s definitely a good idea if you don’t have central heating or if you don’t trust your boiler. Customers love electric showers as they can still have a lovely hot shower even when the boiler breaks down. An electric shower is built with a special element that allows the shower to heat the water on its own without the help of another appliance like a boiler. Our range of modern electric showers are available to view here and are an excellent choice for any modern bathroom. Electric showers are also a good eco-friendly choice as they don’t use as much water as thermostatic showers.

Electric Showers


Mixer Showers
A bit more complicated than electric showers, mixer showers can be a confusing topic so I thought we should check out the definition of a mixer shower. So, a mixer shower is basically any shower that needs a connection to your boiler. The connection allows the shower to control the water temperature perfectly for your needs. A mixer shower is an excellent addition to any bathroom and will provide an amazing showering experience for you and your family. These showers are cleverly equipped with anti-scald technology to ensure that fluctuations in temperature don’t affect the experience. Examples of mixer showers are shower panels, rigid riser showers, bar mixer showers and square, cross and round valve kits. View the full range here

Mixer Showers

Shower Panels
Part of the mixer shower category, these luxurious showers are the perfect choice if you’re looking for a 5 star shower experience every day. This clever range of shower panels include a stunning over-head rain effect shower as well as a shower handset, which is great for rinsing the bath or shower after use. Most shower panels feature indulgent body jets which create a massage effect while you shower for total relaxation! Shower panels require a connection to the boiler to allow you to perfectly control the temperature as needed. So, choose a shower panel if you want to add a shower that’s a bit more luxurious and already have a combination boiler in place. This shower will offer an amazing shower experience but won’t work if your boiler goes on the blink. Shower panels fall under the category of mixer showers, this is because they mix hot and cold water together using your boiler to create your ideal temperature. View the full range here

Shower Panels


Shower Valves
A shower valve itself, isn’t a complete solution for a new shower. It needs to be coupled with a shower head or a slide rail kit to create a fully operational shower. You can buy these two elements (a valve and a head or slide rail kit) separately but you can also purchase ready-made kits too, which take the stress and indecision away from choosing a new shower. There are loads of combinations to choose from, available to view here. A shower valve solution is part of the mixer showers category as it requires a connection from the boiler to be able to mix hot and cold water to create the ideal temperature. Customers choose a shower valve kit because they prefer a minimalist look and because this option usually works out cheaper, but still offers an outstanding shower environment any bathroom would appreciate. Our shower valve category includes double and triple valves as well as bar valves to help you achieve the perfect look. Our individual valves need to be coupled with either a shower head and arm or a slide rail kit depending on the look you want to achieve.

Shower Valves Shower Valves


Let’s recap…

  1. Decide if you want an electric shower or a thermostatic shower.
  2.  If you choose electric, then it’s nice and simple. Just pick your favourite shower and have it installed. This shower will use electricity to operate so will still work in a home without a boiler or if your boiler breaks down.
  3. If you choose a thermostatic shower then you have a few decisions to make. Do you want one complete unit like a shower panel or a rigid riser shower? Or would you prefer a minimalist look with a concealed shower valve kit? You might like your shower to look more like a feature in your bathroom, and in that case you’ll want to look at an exposed shower valve kit or a shower valve with an added slide rail kit.

No matter what you decide to choose, you need to pick your favourite and what will best serve your household, do your homework on this because you don’t want to get stuck with a shower that doesn’t suit your needs. If you need extra help or would like advice please pop into our Glasgow showroom for a chat or you could give us a call on 0844 809 4249. Good luck, take your time and choose wisely! Catch you all next week.