How to Design an Easy-Clean Bathroom

How to Design an Easy-Clean Bathroom

29th Dec 2022

While many of us love the satisfaction of a sparkling bathroom, most of us would agree that we don’t want to spend hours on end cleaning it. We’re all looking for ways to make cleaning the bathroom a quick, easy and satisfying task!

If you’re planning on renovating your bathroom, why not use the opportunity to your advantage? With some clever design choices and decisions, you can cut down your cleaning time to a minimum.

So on that note, let’s talk through how you can design an easy-clean bathroom!

Large bathroom suite with walk in shower enclosure

Wall panels

Wall tiles have the potential to get dirty pretty easily, especially in your shower enclosure. Dirt and soap scum can build up on tiles and grout lines, meaning it can be a time-consuming task to get things looking super clean again. The solution? Choose to swap out wall tiles for waterproof wall panels.

Wall panels are low-maintenance, grout-free and incredibly easy to clean; all you have to do is wipe them down with warm water and a non-abrasive cleaner. Our best-selling wall panels are available in a huge variety of designs and colours, so you don’t have to sacrifice on style. You could even choose wall panels with a tile-effect design to give you the best of both worlds.

Walk in shower enclosure with wall panel

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Choose your flooring wisely

The bathroom floor can be one of the most tedious areas of the bathroom to clean. With such regular footfall, dirt and grime can accumulate quickly. That’s why it’s useful to choose flooring that requires minimal maintenance.

If you’re opting for floor tiles in your new bathroom then choose a style with a matte finish. This texture tends to be more forgiving on imperfections like dirt, smudges and water spots. Matte tiles generally don’t need to be cleaned as frequently as glossy tiles, so no more daily mopping just to keep the floor looking presentable!

Another helpful tip is to choose larger floor tiles, as larger tiles mean there are fewer grout lines to clean.

In regards to grout, a good idea is to choose grout in a dark colour, like a black or dark grey. Dirt is less visible on darker-coloured grout so it won’t require as much upkeep to maintain its appearance.

Alternatively, instead of tiles you could choose to go for vinyl flooring instead. Vinyl flooring is grout-free and easy to clean as well as being super easy to install too. It also comes in a variety of stylish designs so you can find the perfect fit for your bathroom.

Back to wall toilets

Some might say that all toilets are very much the same. However, this isn’t true when it comes to cleaning. Standard close coupled toilets can be tricky to clean as they have lots of curves and tiny crevices making it easy for dirt to build up.

Back to wall toilets are a great option for easy cleaning. With a concealed cistern and fully back to wall design, there are no awkward spots for grime to accumulate, making cleaning quick and easy. Our Forth Back to Wall Toilet is a great option; with a sleek and modern design, this toilet simply wipes clean with ease.

Back to wall toilet

Wall hung fixtures

Cleaning the bathroom floor can be an annoying task when you have lots of bulky fixtures to manoeuvre around. Small crevices around furniture and sanitary ware can gather a build-up of dirt and dust that’s tricky to clean. Wall hung fixtures and furniture, however, can eliminate this issue, giving you full access to clean the floor underneath with ease.

Items like wall hung toilets, wall mounted basins and wall hung vanity units are all great options for an easy-clean bathroom. They are simple to clean, provide ample access for sweeping and mopping the floor underneath, and they add a stylish, minimalist look to your bathroom.

Wall hung semi pedestal basin and toilet

Shower handset

When choosing which new shower to install, selecting one that comes with a shower handset can come in handy. A shower handset is a useful tool for cleaning your bathroom as it can be used to hose down your shower tray and tiles to minimise the build-up of soap scum. Or it can be used to hose down and clean the bath after use if you have installed it within your shower bath.

You can also opt for a shower with a detachable handset for easy cleaning. A rigid riser mixer shower, for example, comes with a round showerhead and useful handset.

Chrome rigid riser thermostatic mixer shower

Walk in shower enclosure

Shower enclosures can be notoriously difficult to clean. Chrome frames and handles can be breeding grounds for dirt and grime, and it can take a fair amount of maintenance to keep them clean and shiny. So, why not opt for a walk in shower enclosure instead.

Walk in shower screens, like the Hudson Reed Chrome Wetroom Screen, feature a simple design with minimal framing, so cleaning is effortless. A glass return screen is also a useful addition, as it prevents any soapy splashes from spraying into the rest of the bathroom.

Walk in shower enclosure

Hudson Reed Chrome Wetroom Screen

Storage solutions

Another way to keep your bathroom looking neat and tidy is by the use of various storage solutions. Perfect for tucking away any bathroom essentials, a tall boy, such as our Napoli Wall Mounted Tall Storage Unit, or vanity unit will allow you to keep your products hidden away in one place, meaning you don’t need to leave them dotted around the bathroom and move them around every time you clean!

Within a shower enclosure a shower caddy will stop you leaving products on the floor of the shower tray, as these can easily build up dirt and grime around them. For smaller enclosures a single shower basket is perfect or within larger family bathrooms you can opt for a two or three tier shower basket like our Selena Hanging Shower Caddy.

Wall hung storage solutions

Install an extractor fan

Another solution that will help keep your bathroom clean is the installation and use of an extractor fan. Extractor fans draw out humid, stale oxygen particles from the room, allowing fresh air to take their place. They prevent condensation forming and work to fight mould and mildew throughout your bathroom, protecting your walls from any possible damage.

And there we have it: our tips for designing an easy-clean bathroom. Cleaning your bathroom doesn’t have to be a tedious task, with the right design and product choices it can be quick and easy! For more useful tips and information sign up to our email newsletter below.