Super Shower versus Mega Bath

Super Shower versus Mega Bath

Posted by Francine Flanagan 6th Oct 2015

Super Shower versus Mega Bath

Ok so it’s not actually a battle, but this is an age old debate that customers ask us about constantly. Most bathrooms today are forcing their inhabitants to choose between a bath or shower due to size restrictions, and almost every person who walks through our door asks us to list the benefits and drawbacks to help them make the best decision. So let’s take a look at all the different considerations you’ll have to make when renovating your new bathroom to help you make the right choice for you and your family.

Super Shower Versus Mega Bath 

What’s best for kids?

Let’s be honest, you’re not going to renovate your bathroom just for the kids (unless they have their own bathroom). This room needs to be multi-functional to accommodate every family member as best as possible. I will say that kids will adapt to their surroundings, so if you opt for a shower only bathroom they’re going to be fine – in fact they’ll even enjoy it. I’ve seen both scenarios, kids with a bath only bathroom and kids with a shower only bathroom and I have to admit that there’s a lot more playing involved in a bath. They can take their time and the whole drama of bath time just seems to be a bit more fun and leisurely when compared to a shower only bathroom. A shower only bathroom seems to be a bit more regimented with kids, it’s more a case of get in, get washed and get dried. You need to find a solution that fits with your lifestyle and schedule.   

What's best for kids? 


What’s best for the elderly or disabled?

Baths can be pretty tricky for older folk and especially for disabled people to access. Usually it’s best to install a walk in shower, which can be accessed with absolutely no effort. This type of shower provides a safe environment for bathing and you can also add in useful accessories like a shower seat to make the whole experience a lot more comfortable and relaxing. Baths are still a popular choice for these groups but they will require a lot more effort to get in and out of, and tend to restrict independence which can do more harm than good. 

What's best for the elderly or disabled? 


What works out cheaper?

The best thing to do is decide on your budget before you start to look. Once you have a starting point it’s easy to keep within your budget no matter what design you choose. Both versions can be purchased on a low budget or a high budget it really just depends what you like the look of. We have baths that start from as little as £159.95 and shower enclosures from £219.95 there’s really not much between them, although bigger shower enclosures can be quite expensive but then again so can more luxurious baths. Identify your needs and set your limits.   

What works out cheaper? 


What’s more hygienic?

Neither choice is going to offer you a self-cleaning solution nor give you a better bathing result. We recommend cleaning your new bath or shower at least once a week with an anti-bacterial cleaner to help kill any germs and remove any soap scum.

It really all comes down to your preference, studies have shown that each solution has a different psychological effect on each person. Some people associate the shower with being fresh and clean and others the bath, so it really depends on what you’re used to and what you know you’ll be comfortable with.

What's more hygienic? 


What’s more relaxing?

Typically a bath is associated with relaxation and well-being and I certainly think of it as a place to de-stress, but just because that’s what the majority think doesn’t mean that will be right for you. We would definitely recommend a bath or even a whirlpool bath for those who are easily stressed and need an accessible remedy at home to keep tension at bay, but you may find a shower more relaxing, and in that case go with your gut instinct.

What's more relaxing? 


Are there any alternatives?

What if you need to choose between the two options because of your bathroom size, but you really don’t want to? Well of course there’s an alternative! Opt for a modern shower bath, this stylish choice provides you with a spacious bathing area as well as an efficient showering environment to help you create both experiences within one multi-functional area. Most modern families really don’t want to compromise so if this is you, a shower bath is definitely the best option.

Are there any alternatives? 

 Pros of a Shower

  • Quick
  • Can save water
  • Easy to access
  • Limits time each person uses the bathroom for

Cons of a shower

  • Some say it’s not as relaxing as a bath
  • All that glass can be tough to clean
  • You could slip and fall if you don’t have an anti-slip mat
  • Some children may prefer to have a bath

Pros and cons of a shower 


Pros of a Bath

  • Very relaxing
  • Can help relieve muscle pain
  • Children can play
  • You can take your time in the bath without using more water
  • Small baths can use less water to fill than the average shower


Cons of a Bath

  • Can take a long time to fill
  • Not really a quick bathing solution
  • Can be troublesome entering and exiting for elderly or disabled people
  • Can extend the time each person spends in the bathroom

Pros and cons of a bath 


The Verdict

This is going to sound like I’m evading the answer but the verdict is totally dependent on you. Every single customer we help is unique and because of that they have individual needs. You need to have a good think about your expectations and try to decide what you and your household would prefer. If you really can’t make up your mind, you’re best to go for a shower bath which will provide your small bathroom with both options without the need to compromise. If you would like further advice why not pop into one of our showrooms, or give us a call on 0844 809 4249. See you all next week!