Wholesale Domestic train for their speed race down the Clyde

Wholesale Domestic train for their speed race down the Clyde

Posted by Francine Flanagan 3rd Aug 2016

This year, to support the appeal we’re taking part in a one of a kind rowing challenge with help from The Clyde Amateur Rowing Club located in Glasgow Green. We recently blogged about our rowing challenge and the amazing charity we’re doing it for, this update gives more insight into our training (If you want to catch up, you can find our first blog here).

Wholesale Domestic train for their speed race down the clyde  

The idea for this challenge was born from a dare, and never one to back down, we quickly put everything in place to make this a successful way to raise money for the charity in 2016.

We’ve been very lucky to have been invited along for weekly training sessions, which have built confidence and developed essential skills in our team. We’ve never participated in anything like this before, so it’s definitely been a steep learning curve.  

Wholesale Domestic support STV Children's appeal 

On race day there will be two teams of eight, team Wholesale Domestic vs team STV. Raman Bhardwaj will head up our team (the sports guy from STV), and John McKay (the news guy from STV) will be heading up the STV team. We’ll also be flanked by two experts from the rowing club to make sure that we don’t go for a swim in the Clyde! With the challenge only a short 2 weeks away, we’re all starting to feel the excitement build for our 500m speed race down the Clyde River.

Rowing at The Clyde Amateur Rowing Club 

Each week we’re greeted at the club by expert rowers Sarah, Phil and Sharon. We start by taking the boat from the club house to stands outside that allow the boat to be set up. The eight seat row boat is so big that it needs to be carried out in two pieces and assembled outside. After the boat is secure, we lift and carry it as a team to the pontoon.

It’s here that it gets tricky, we need to traverse the slippery steps and gently place the boat into the water. We then attach the blades into the gates and step inside the boat one by one, being careful not to rock the boat (sorry I couldn’t help it). Front to back we all have to pay close attention to the cox (who sits at the very front of the boat), this essential team member keeps us in time and directs the boat. We were taught to follow each other’s movements to keep everything in time, which helps to stop the boat from capsizing.

After our session we need to return the boat to the club house unscathed. It’s a lot harder and more complicated than it sounds, but we’re really enjoying the opportunity to bond as a team, doing something completely different from our day to day of selling bathrooms.  

Wholesale Domestic will race against STV 

We’ve been in training since May, but both teams only learned how to race last week, so all bets are off. We have one training session left before we’re cast into the Clyde to battle for the winning title.

Wholesale Domestic Rowing Challenge 2016 

Who do you think has what it takes to win? It’s sure to be a fun filled day for the whole family, so why not pop along? You are invited to the Clyde Rowing Club in Glasgow Green on the 18th of August at 12.45pm to cheer us on, lunch time refreshments will be available. We hope to see you there!