Until you start looking for a new bathroom, you will never understand the level of Basin options out there. There’s an endless array of styles, shapes, and sizes. Who knew?! From counter-top basins, to semi-pedestals (or half-pedestals, depending on what you want to call it), it can be a mind-field.

Take the time to read over the options below before making your decision, as each holds various features and benefits, which may alter your purchase choice.

The Pedestal

Pedestal basins are a staple piece in modern bathrooms. This classic style features a full-sized pedestal, which the basin rests upon. The pedestal conceals pipework and plumbing, while also partially supporting the basin on top. The basin is also secured onto the wall behind.

Our pedestal basins are made with durable ceramic, which won’t swell or distort with steam or condensation. This hard-wearing material will stand the test of time.

Available in both modern and traditional designs, the simple and timeless look of a pedestal basin won’t date, and will work with a variety of décor styles. A modern design, like our Ideal 560mm Pedestal Basin will match well with any bathroom design. A traditional option, like our Windsor Basin, is ideal for a vintage-inspired look.  

Pedestal Basin

Ideal 560mm Pedestal Basin

The Semi-Pedestal

An in-between option is a semi-pedestal basin, like the Sirus Semi Pedestal Basin. These basins feature the classic appearance of a standard pedestal basin, with the handy space-efficient element of a wall-mounted basin.

A highly popular modern option, this attractive style is mounted onto the wall to give a floating effect. Unlike with pedestal basins, wall-mounted basins need to be fully supported by the wall behind.

The design gives the illusion of more space, making these basins a stellar option for small bathrooms. Highly versatile, wall-mounted basins can be installed and positioned at the ideal height to suit you; a great option for family bathrooms.

Semi Pedestal Basin

Sirus 520mm Semi Pedestal Basin

 The Counter Top

Counter top basins are designed to sit on top of a vanity unit, giving a chic and modern feel. Counter top basins can be combined with most vanity units, including floor standing and wall hung options. This combination will add a unique, fashion-forward look to your bathroom, while also incorporating valuable storage space. With all pipework fully concealed, counter top basins provide a clean and simple appearance.

While some counter top basins will feature a tap hole to accommodate a tap, like our Azores Basin, most will require the use of a high-rise or a wall mounted tap.

Counter top basins are available in an assortment of shapes and designs. Circular basins, like our Aveiro Basin, provide a clean and simple appearance, while a rectangular or oval option, like the Rio Oval Basin adds a contemporary edge. You can even experiment with colour and opt for our Black Gloss Bowl Basin to create a stunning, designer appearance. 

Counter Top Basins

Rio Oval Counter Top Basin

The Built-In

A distinctly popular option in modern bathrooms, vanity basin units feature a vanity storage unit, with a fitted basin on top. This stylish and functional alternative to a standard pedestal basin offers practical storage space to keep your bathroom essentials tidied away.

Vanity basin units are available in numerous different sizes to suit different space requirements. They can work well in any size of bathroom, spacious or small.

These stylish units also come in a variety of designs, so you can choose the right option for your bathroom look. A modern vanity unit, like our Napoli Wall Mounted Unit and Basin, will suit any bathroom style. Combine your unit with coordinating items, like a WC Unit, from our matching furniture ranges for a complete fitted look. Or opt for a floor standing unit such as the City Floor Standing 2 Drawer Vanity Unit, practical yet stylish.

Built-in Basin

                                                                                Parade Floor Standing Basin Unit

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