7 Ways to Improve your Bathroom for Selling your Home

7 Ways to Improve your Bathroom for Selling your Home

Posted by Sarah Kielbasiewicz 6th Sep 2018

7 Ways to improve your bathroom for selling your home

When selling your home, it’s obviously important that every room looks its best. One room that can make a huge difference in this process is the bathroom. An appealing bathroom can help to sell your property faster and can even increase the value of your home. So, on that note, here are our top tips for improving your bathroom that will help to sell your home.

Get cleaning

First things first: start by giving your bathroom a full, deep clean. You might think your bathroom needs a full renovation to make it buyer-friendly, but you’re be surprised how much of a difference a thorough cleaning can make. Deep cleaning your bathroom will give you a more accurate idea of what needs to be changed or replaced. Make sure to get into all of the areas that might usually be neglected, like grout lines.

7 ways to improve your bathroom for selling home- get cleaning

Banish the damp

Damp is a common problem in bathrooms that can be difficult to get rid of once it appears. But it’s an issue that can create troubles when trying to sell your property. Damp can suggest larger issues with ventilation, which can be very off-putting for potential buyers, so it’s important to deal with it quickly.

Fix anything that’s broken

The next step: make sure to fix anything that isn’t working perfectly. Even seemingly small things, like a dripping tap, can leave potential buyers with a bad impression. Ensure your fixtures are all in tip-top shape and working perfectly.

Improve bathroom to sell home- replace fixtures

Replace what needs replaced

If any of the fixtures in your bathroom aren’t working properly or are looking a bit worse for wear, it may be best to replace them altogether. New fixtures help to create the impression that your home is well maintained. Replacing smaller things, like taps, can make a big difference to the appearance of the room. If your larger fixtures are looking slightly worse for wear, you may want to replace them with a brand new bathroom suite. Full bathroom suites can be bought for as little as £250 and can be a worthwhile investment when selling your home.

Improve bathroom to sell home-neutral decor

Change the decor

If nothing else, something as simple as a fresh coat of paint can make your bathroom more buyer-friendly. Opt for a neutral colour scheme to make the room more appealing to potential buyers. You might like those colourful walls, but some buyers could find it off-putting. So, when selling your home, it’s best to play it safe and choose simple, inoffensive décor.

Improve bathroom to sell home- add an extra bathroom

Extra bathroom

If you have the space for one, adding in an extra bathroom can be massively beneficial when selling your home. Studies have found that an extra bathroom can increase the value of a property by an average of £12,000. The addition of an en-suite bathroom can increase the value of a property by 5%. While it might sound like a big expense, it could provide a large return on investment and give your house an extra advantage that will help it sell faster.

Improve bathroom to sell home- add accessories

Smaller details

If your bathroom is already in good condition, or you’re not prepared to invest in any renovations, adding in stylish accessories can make your bathroom much more appealing to potential buyers. Keep the room simple and uncluttered, and accessorise with small decorations like toothbrush holders, soap dishes and even houseplants to create an aesthetically pleasing appearance.

Are you planning on selling your home? Will you be trying out any of these tips?