What Is a WC Suite?

What Is a WC Suite?

24th Apr 2024

Grey cloakroom toilet suite with wall hung toilet and black accessories

If you're in the midst of a bathroom renovation or on the hunt for a new toilet, you've likely encountered the term ’WC suite’. But what does it mean?

When investing in a toilet, knowing exactly what you're getting is crucial to ensure it meets your needs and fits seamlessly into your bathroom space. That's why we've put together this guide to explain what a WC suite is and break down the components.

We'll also explain the different types of WC suites, with product recommendations from Brian Toward, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) here at Wholesale Domestic.


  • What does WC stand for?
  • What is a WC suite?
  • What are the components of a WC suite?
  • Types of WC suites
  • What does WC stand for?

    WC stands for ‘Water Closet’: a term traditionally used to describe a small room with just a toilet, without a bath or shower. You've probably noticed signs marked ‘WC’ for public restrooms, usually meaning the space only contains toilets.

    The phrase is thought to have originated during the Victorian era when toilets were typically installed in small, enclosed spaces like closets or cupboards.

    What is a WC suite?

    A WC suite is a bit different to a WC. It's a package that includes all the components needed for a fully functioning toilet setup.

    “A WC suite consists of a WC pan, which is the main body of the toilet, a cistern that holds and releases water for flushing, and the flush mechanism itself,” explains Brian. “When you choose a WC suite, you won't need to worry about buying each piece separately or making sure everything fits together correctly.”

    What are the components of a WC suite?

    A WC suite is made up of several key components that work together to ensure your toilet functions smoothly. Each part plays a vital role in the overall operation of the toilet.

    WC pan

    “A WC pan is the main body of the toilet where you sit. It contains water and is designed to channel waste into the plumbing system below,” says Brian.

    “The shape and size of the WC pan can vary, catering to different comfort preferences, space requirements and the design of your bathroom.”

    The most common types of WC pans include:

    • Standard – A standard WC pan offers the traditional dimensions and functionality expected in most bathrooms.
    • Short projection – These are designed to protrude less from the wall, making them ideal for compact spaces.
    • Comfort height – These pans sit higher than traditional models, offering better accessibility and comfort. They're especially handy for those with mobility issues.
    • Back-to-wall – These WC pans are mounted flush against the bathroom wall, creating a seamless and space-saving installation.
    • Rimless – This design doesn't have a traditional rim around the inside of the bowl, reducing bacterial buildup and making cleaning easier.


    Brian explains: “A cistern – also known as a tank – holds the water necessary for flushing the toilet. When you activate the flush by pressing a button or lever, the cistern releases water into the pan to clear the waste.”

    There are several different types of cisterns available, including:

    • Close coupled – This is the most common type of cistern. It's the large tank that’s directly attached to the back of the pan.
    • Low-level – These cisterns are connected to the pan with a short pipe, and the cistern is mounted just above the toilet but separate from it. The flush is typically activated by a pull chain or handle.
    • High-level – The cistern is positioned much higher up the wall, connected to the toilet pan by a longer pipe. They often feature a traditional pull-chain flush and are popular in period-style bathrooms.
    • ConcealedConcealed cisterns are hidden within bathroom furniture or behind a wall, making them ideal for contemporary bathrooms seeking a minimalist look. Only the flush plate is visible, and they are often used with wall-hung or back-to-wall toilets.


    “The flush mechanism is what you use to initiate the flushing action,” explains Brian. “It can be a button, lever, or even a sensor in some modern setups.”

    “Most cisterns will come with a flush switch, but it can also be bought as a separate item. WC suites come with both the cistern and the flush, providing an all-in-one solution.”

    Types of WC suites

    When it comes to selecting the perfect WC suite for your bathroom, there are several options to consider. Whether you prefer the traditional design of a close coupled suite or the space-saving functionality of a wall-hung suite, there's a toilet to suit every style and space.

    Close coupled WC suite

    Cloakroom toilet with brass tap, greenery and mosaic tile floor

    A close coupled toilet suite is the most common and classic design. The cistern is directly attached to the WC pan, forming a single compact unit. It's easy to install and fits well in most bathroom layouts.

    Recommended product: Windsor Traditional Close Coupled Toilet with Soft Close Toilet Seat

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    "This Windsor Close Coupled WC suite combines classic design with modern construction," says Brian. "It comes complete with a pan and cistern with a traditional ceramic lever that enhances the overall look."

    "The soft close seat adds a layer of practicality and comfort, ideal for families with kids. It gently closes to prevent any unexpected loud noises or trapped fingers."

    "Whether it's installed in a bathroom, a cloakroom, or an en-suite, this toilet complements any space beautifully."

    Back-to-wall WC suite

    Grey and white tiled bathroom suite with navy and gold vanity unit

    A back-to-wall WC suite features a pan that is mounted flush against the bathroom wall. They come with a concealed cistern that is either hidden behind the wall or tucked away inside bathroom furniture, contributing to a clean and streamlined appearance.

    Recommended product: Camden Back to Wall Toilet with Soft Close Seat

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    "This suite is the complete package, featuring the WC pan, concealed cistern, and a sleek black flush plate, simplifying installation with its all-in-one design," says Brian. "The high-quality construction ensures durability while the clean, modern toilet design is the perfect addition to any contemporary bathroom."

    "This toilet suite tucks neatly against the wall, making it ideal for maximising space in smaller bathrooms."

    Wall-hung WC suite

    Neutral bathroom suite with wall hung toilet, chrome fixtures and greenery

    Wall-hung toilet suites feature a pan suspended above the floor, with the cistern concealed behind the wall. Wall-hung WC suites come equipped with a flush plate that's typically installed into the wall above the toilet.

    Just like back-to-wall toilets, wall-hung designs are also a great space-saving option.

    Recommended product: Devon Wall Hung Toilet with Soft Close Seat

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    This Devon wall-hung WC suite is an excellent addition to any modern bathroom," says Brian. "Made from high-quality ceramic, it's easy to keep clean with its smooth surface and fewer places for dirt and grime to accumulate."

    "The concealed cistern, tucked discreetly behind the wall, maximises space in your bathroom. Plus, it also comes with a stylish satin chrome flush plate and dual flush buttons that help save water waste."

    High level WC suite

    Traditional high level toilet with chrome features and traditional full pedestal basin

    A high-level WC suite is characterised by its elevated cistern positioned high on the wall above the toilet pan. The cistern is connected to the pan via a visible pipe, adding a decorative element and a pull-chain handle operates the flush.

    This design reflects the style of Victorian-era bathrooms.

    To learn more, read our guide on how to create a Victorian-inspired bathroom.

    Recommended product: Windsor Traditional Toilet Pan and High Level Cistern

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    "This high-level toilet suite, with its elevated cistern and pull chain, is ideal for adding character and grandeur to your bathroom space," says Brian.

    "It's made from high-quality ceramic with polished chrome accents, adding a luxurious touch to the overall design."

    Low level WC suite

    Brass feature toilet suite with low level toilet, mosaic flooring and brass shower cubicle

    Low-level WC suites are similar to high-level. However, the cistern is mounted at a lower level on the wall. They offer a practical solution for bathrooms with lower ceiling heights, allowing you to still achieve that Victorian or Edwardian aesthetic.

    Recommended product: Hudson Reed Richmond Comfort Height Toilet Pan with Low Level Cistern

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    "This Hudson Reed traditional low-level WC suite brings a touch of vintage charm to any bathroom," says Brian. "The exposed pipework adds a nostalgic appeal, perfect for period-style bathrooms or those seeking to add character to their space."

    "The comfort height design, with a higher seating position, is perfect for those with mobility restrictions."

    Find the perfect WC suite with Wholesale Domestic

    If you’re looking for a new WC suite, we’ve got a huge range of traditional and modern styles to pick from. From close coupled to back-to-wall designs, explore our options today to find something that suits your taste and space requirements.

    Still unsure? Read our handy toilet buying guide, or contact us today for guidance.