Toilet Buying Guide

Toilet Buying Guide

Posted by Francine Flanagan 20th Oct 2014

The toilet is without a doubt the most essential feature within the bathroom set up, which makes choosing the right one very important.

The average UK bathroom accounts for nearly 75% of the water consumed by the average household, and a toilet alone uses 40% of the entire water footprint used by your home. If your toilet was installed more than 10 years ago, it won’t be as effective or as eco-friendly as it should be. Replacing your old toilet will automatically cut your entire water consumption by 25%.

As times have moved on, new technology will save you water and will improve your toilet’s overall performance. Most modern toilets come with a dual flush system, which allows you to choose between a 3 litre and 6 litre flush to help your household save water.

Choosing the Best Toilet – Things to Consider

When choosing a toilet for your bathroom, there are a few things you may want to consider:

  • Toilet Cistern Capacity and Dual Flush System
  • Toilet Size
  • Toilet Shape and Style
  • Toilet Seats (soft-close, easy to install etc)

Toilet Styles

Toilet styles vary from traditional to modern so there’s bound to be an option to suit the overall look and feel of your bathroom.

Traditional toilets, such as those in our Windsor range, come with a classic flush lever handle and wood wash effect toilet seat. There are also low-level cistern toilets with exposed chrome pipework or the option of a high-level cistern with chain pull flush for a completely vintage look, as well as traditional wc units.

Today, modern style toilets come in many shapes and styles including square and D-shape. Wall-hung toilets are a popular option for a sleek look in your bathroom and most modern toilets feature a flush button on-top. Flush plates are also a forward-thinking, modern choice for your bathroom.

The majority of our toilet seats on both traditional and modern toilets are now soft closing for a safer and more relaxing bathroom experience.

Types of Toilets

There are many different types of toilets so we understand it can be a bit overwhelming. The types we have are:

Close Couple Toilets

A close couple toilet is perhaps the most popular and traditional toilet with its freestanding design and attached cistern to the bowl. This is a great option to go for if you are just looking to replace your existing close coupled toilet or want to keep things simple design wise.

Traditional Close Coupled Toilet

Traditional close coupled toilets tend to have a lever on the front, whereas modern styles include a dual flush button on the top. This style of toilet is available in a range of widths, with projection depth starting from only 610mm.

Back to Wall Toilets

Back to wall style toilets bring more of a modern twist to the traditional toilet design, offering more of a sleek look to a bathroom. The cistern is either hidden in a furniture unit as shown below, or behind the wall, creating a clean and contemporary look.

Modern Back to Wall Toilet, WC Unit

With projection depth starting from only 490mm, a back to wall toilet is an excellent consideration for a small bathroom space. Please note that the concealed cistern and flush plate or toilet unit are sold separately.

Wall Hung Toilets

Wall hung toilets are a stunning modern design that make your bathroom feel like a five star hotel and spa. This style of toilet will certainly make a statement in your bathroom space. This clever product is designed to hang on the wall, concealing all plumbing. It also allows for an extra hygienic space, as the floor below can be easily cleaned.

White Modern Ceramic Wall Hung Toilet

Floating above the ground, a wall hung toilet can hold up to 200kg or 30 stone. Please note that the concealed cistern and flush plate is sold separately.

Corner Toilets

Corner toilets are great space saving solutions for those smaller bathroom spaces. They feature a triangular shaped cistern with a dual flush, which is ideal for smaller bathroom spaces or cloakroom toilets.

Concealed Cisterns

A concealed cistern is bought alongside a wall hung toilet or back to wall toilet. The cistern is either hidden in a furniture unit or behind the wall, allowing your toilet to be fully functional, yet keeping unsightly plumbing neatly hidden away. Some are available with a flush plate, and some are sold separately.

Bathroom Vanity Unit with Concealed Cistern


A bidet is similar in design to a toilet, however, is used for a different purpose. Typically used in Europe, they are a practical and hygienic solution, ideally suited to a medium or large bathroom.

Bidets feature a bowl and one tap hole that will give all the design vibes of a five-star hotel in Europe. Please note that the bidet taps are sold separately.

Comfort Height Toilets

A comfort height toilet is designed to sit slightly more raised than the average toilet, for a more comfortable experience. They are particularly suitable for those who are taller or who have less mobility.

Our comfort height toilets come either open back, where the pipes can come in from the side or the wall or closed back where the pipes must come from the wall.

Short Projection Toilets

Short projection toilets are ideal for smaller bathrooms or cloakrooms as their projection is shorter than the average toilet at 600mm, making them a must have for space saving if required.

Rimless Toilets

Rimless toilets are a fairly new concept in the world of bathrooms, and their key feature is exactly what their name explains – they are rimless. Rimless toilets will look relatively similar from the outside, but when you lift the lid, you will see they do not have a rim around the inside of the toilet bowl. This makes them more hygienic as there is nowhere for bacteria to hide or limescale to build up.


An ideal solution for public bathrooms, businesses, and workplaces, urinals are a practical and efficient solution for male bathrooms. Wall hung urinals are available in compact sizes to fit even the smallest of bathroom spaces.

Toilet and Basin Sets

Our range of toilet and basin sets allow you to purchase both a toilet and basin together at a reduced cost to buying them individually. This can be a budget-friendly way to update your bathroom. Our range includes a choice of a close coupled toilets with full pedestal basins as well as back to wall toilets with stylish combination units.

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Now you know what types of toilets are out there, it’s time to choose which style is perfect for your bathroom style, space and budget.

Most of our toilets come with a soft close toilet seat which eliminates excessive noise and unnecessary wear and tear.

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