The Buyers Guide to Baths

The Buyers Guide to Baths

Posted by Francine Flanagan 3rd Aug 2022

The bath can be the main focal point of any bathroom, meaning it can be one of the hardest decisions to make when designing your new space.

There are many different bathtub options to choose from, from very popular freestanding baths to high-tech whirlpool baths.

We’ve created this ultimate bath buying guide to answer any questions you may have on all thing’s baths!

Things to Consider When Choosing a Bath

There are many different types of baths out there, so here’s a few things we recommend considering before making your purchase:

  • Available space in the bathroom: We always recommend measuring your bathroom space so you know exactly what will fit. Our baths range in length from 1200mm to 1800mm, so there’s bound to be one to suit your space.
  • Bath position: Where in the bathroom is your bath going to be placed? This can determine whether you need to go for a right-handed or left-handed bath. Generally, the non-sloped end of a single ended bath is the hand, and if it is a PB or L shaped bath the protrusion is the hand.
  • Bath materials: Do you want to go for an acrylic or steel bath? Acrylic baths are the most common material of bath and are easy to clean, hard-wearing and durable. Steel baths are scratch resistant and will keep your water warmer for longer. It all comes down to personal preference and what will suit your bathroom space.
  • Type of bath taps: If your bath has pre-drilled tap holes, this can determine which type of bath taps you can go for. If not, you must consider what style will suit both the bath and your room. For example, if you go for a freestanding bath, do you have space for luxurious freestanding taps, or would you like to opt for wall-mounted taps?
  • Wastes, panels and screens: To complete your bath, you may need to add a few extras. Bath wastes are an essential and can come in a finish to match your bath taps. A bath end panel may also be required if your bath is not sitting wall to wall, whether this is included or not in your chosen bath will be stated in the description. Finally, does your chosen bath require a shower screen? These can be square or curved, finished with different trims and come complete with a towel rail or not.

Types of Bathtubs:

The first thing to decide is what type of bath you want to go for that will suit both your style and space. Our range includes:

Freestanding Baths

The freestanding bath style has become extremely popular in recent years, making one an absolute must-have when re-designing your main bathroom space. This bathtub style is centuries old and has been brought back to life within home interior markets. From traditional roll top to contemporary slipper baths, freestanding baths are the perfect option if you are looking to have your bath take centre stage in your bathroom and create some serious wow factor.

Modern Freestanding Bath with Golden Freestanding Bath Taps

Traditional freestanding baths come with a choice of legs which can create a real focal point in your bathroom. Contemporary freestanding baths are available in square or round shapes, with our slipper baths having a cradle design where one end is higher than the other, creating the ultimate luxury bathing experience in a deep bathtub.

Choose to pair a freestanding tap alongside your freestanding bath for full effect. Wall mounted taps or bath mounted taps are also a great choice depending on which look you would like to go for and the space you have available.

Straight Baths

Straight baths are traditionally the number one choice for bathroom designs as they fit in one side of your bathroom. These baths are a great option for pairing with a bath panel that can match your bathroom furniture, as shown in our Napoli range, bringing the perfect final touch to your newly designed bathroom.

Straight Bath with a Light Wood Bath Panel

There are a great variety of styles of straight bathtubs to choose from depending on the requirements for the space:

Single Ended Straight baths are typically the most popular when it comes to straight baths as they feature one set of taps at one end. Single ended baths generally only have one end which is sloped to allow you to relax alone.

Double Ended Straight baths are a modern mutation of the singled ended straight bath as they have a similar idea when it comes to design, however the taps will sit in the middle and both sides will be sloped, which means you have a choice of which side you can rest.

Whirlpool Baths

A whirlpool bath is the perfect choice for you if you are looking to recreate a spa-like ambience in your very own home. The whirlpool technology creates a powerful massage from 6 or 12 chrome plated jets which are fitted to the walls of the bath. These can really add something special to your bath experience and ensure ultimate relaxation and luxury.

A Modern Bathroom with a White Whirlpool Bathtub

The whirlpool systems feature curved, self-draining pipework and a quiet ¾ HP self-draining pump making the post-bath draining process quick and stress-free. There is also the option to add a chromotherapy light system or a micro-mood light system to your bath to achieve your desired look. We have a wonderful collection of whirlpool baths in all sizes and styles both instore and online.

Most of our baths can accommodate any spa system, however slim edge baths can only take our flat jet system. L-shaped baths can only take our easifit system which is placed on the floor of the bath.

White 12-Jet Whirlpool SPA Bath

Shower Baths

Shower baths are a fantastic solution if you don’t have the room for both a shower and bath in your bathroom, making it the best of both worlds if you are a shower person or a bath person!

White Shower Bath with a Curved Shower Screen

There are many styles of shower baths such as left or right hand, depending on where the bathtub is sitting in your bathroom, B-shaped, L-shaped and P-shaped. The widest point of our B-shaped baths is 900mm whilst the widest point of our P-shaped and L-shaped baths is 850mm. Our bath sizes start from 1200mm and go up to 1800mm meaning you can shop your dream bath to slot into your new bathroom design perfectly.

Shower screens are sold separately, and you can choose from a variety of styles to best complement your new bath.

Find Your New Bathtub Today

We hope this guide has made the steps to choosing your new bathtub a little easier. Shop our full range of baths online and in-store today.