Let’s face it, doing up your home isn’t exactly a fun thing to do. But like everything else, at some point, you need to do it. If you think about it, you spend a lot of time in your bathroom, so why not let your imagination run free? By looking at smaller items for inspiration like candles, baskets and hooks (accessory bits and bobs), along with a fresh coat of paint will help you to achieve a brand new look and feel on a budget.Bronze Returns in 2018 - Colour Palette

Bronze is making a comeback. A bit like marmite (you either love it or hate it). Big designers are pulling out all the stops in 2018, where we’ve seen that bronze is the new big trend. Let your own creative juices flow, and choose elements that work best for you. Darker elements if used wrong could make your bathroom look smaller; less is definitely more as they say. Combining metals with other subtler colours makes the finish look neutral and sophisticated. Bronze is the perfect accessory for a luxury bathroom.Bronze Returns in 2018 - Bronze lamp shade

Contemplate your paint colour. Pastel shades are said to make the bathroom look warm and welcoming. While pale colours give the “Wow” factor and are currently the most popular colour palette choice. The right use of colour can boost your room while not altering the elegant, chic style you want to achieve. Rich and vibrant colours are a great choice for any bathroom big or small, and the use of bronze can complement your colour choice beautifully. Choose whatever feels right for you.Bronze Returns in 2018 - Pastel bathroom colours

A nice way of bringing your new design together is by using some carefully selected greenery. Plants are the new way of making the bathroom look welcoming. Why are bathrooms good for plants? The moisture. Frequent showers or baths will give the humidity and misting they need to grow and be nourished. These types of plants are accustomed to low sunlight and will be able to deal with smaller bathrooms, even if there’s no window.Bronze Returns in 2018 - Green cactus

If you prefer, another good match is marble. Marble has always been a stone people admire. Many people wish for stone in their homes but it doesn’t always meet their family budget. That’s why it can be a good idea to introduce small marble elements, which are budget friendly but still able to create a powerful luxurious feel in your bathroom.Bronze Returns in 2018 - Marble worktop

You don’t have to go from showroom to showroom to redesign your bathroom from top to bottom. Consider some new paint colours and accessories to give the clever illusion of a bathroom reinvention! Why not transform your bathroom in 2018 using these top tips? It could save you thousands compared to a complete bathroom refurb! We’d love to hear how you get on, please get in touch if you want to share your ideas.Bronze Returns in 2018 - Shower head