You may have heard people talking about hard and soft water, but how can water be hard or soft? And what does this mean? Does it even matter?

When it comes to your bathroom, it does. In simple terms, “Hard” water consists of a large level of minerals, e.g. magnesium and calcium, whereas “soft” water does not.

Rainwater hits the ground and makes its way into our waterways; hard water naturally picks up minerals on the way in mineral dense areas, whereas soft water lands in areas of calcium-poor rocks, picking up sodium instead, making it slightly more “salty”. Basically, all water is the same when it falls from the sky, it’s the land that makes it hard or soft.

There is nothing wrong with hard water; in fact, most people prefer this type of water to drink from, as they believe the minerals can be good for you. However when it comes to your bathroom, hard water can cause significant damage if not monitored correctly.

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When those hard water minerals solidify, the result is Limescale, which when built up, can be extremely difficult to remove, affecting the performance of your shower and taps. Not great to look at, and it can also create a dingy smell.

So what can you do? Well, the key is prevention. It’s important that cleaning your shower and taps becomes part of your cleaning routine.

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To make your showerhead squeaky clean, white vinegar is the answer. Pour white vinegar into a sandwich bag and tie around your shower head, making sure it is fully submerged, leaving to soak for at least an hour. Once the bag is removed, spray down the showerhead with your favourite disinfectant, and turn it on hot to get rid of any extra residue. You can do the same with your taps.

For your taps, soak some kitchen roll in white vinegar and wrap around your tap. Don’t do this on plated taps, particularly gold as the acid in vinegar can damage their finish.

 If your products need further scrubbing, we recommend an old toothbrush to get in about those nooks and crannies!  

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Most people assume water is just water, but there’s so much more to it! Check out our map below to see whether your water is hard or soft.

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