In a perfect world, we’d only have to clean a room once and then it would stay that way forevermore. Sadly, cleaning is a never-ending task, and nowhere is that truer than in the bathroom.

However, there are quick and easy things you can do to keep your bathroom looking squeaky clean, with minimal effort. We’re going to talk you through our Go-To 5 Minute Cleaning Routine. Done daily, this guide will help you keep your bathroom clean and tidy until your next deep clean. 

Ready? Let’s get started.

How to Keep your Bathroom Clean- The 5 Minute RoutineWholesale Domestic Multiclean 1 Litre Antibacterial Bathroom Cleaner

The Prep

Before you start cleaning, the first thing you need to do is gather all your cleaning supplies together.

You’ll need a toilet cleaner, a shower squeegee, a few cleaning cloths and an anti-bacterial cleaning spray. Our favourite is the Wholesale Domestic Multiclean Antibacterial Bathroom Cleaner.

Stash these daily essentials somewhere in your bathroom; under the vanity unit is usually a good place, but store them wherever you have space. Keep the products together in a storage basket or cleaning caddy. When you start doing quick daily cleaning sessions, having everything to hand will make life much easier. Running back and forth to the cleaning cupboard for supplies could double the time it takes to complete a task, especially if you find yourself getting distracted by things on the way. Keeping everything you need handy will speed up the process and make cleaning your bathroom feel a bit less daunting.

How to keep your bathroom clean- squeegee your showerSeries 6 Bi Fold Shower Door 800

Minute 1

The first step might not be done at the same time as the rest, but it’s a very useful one. After you’ve finished taking a shower, use a squeegee on your shower doors and tiles. Do this while the surfaces are still wet; it will make it easier to remove soap scum before it has time to dry down. It will also remove any excess moisture, which will help to prevent mildew. It sounds laborious and annoying, but this step only takes a minute and it will save you from vigorous scrubbing later.   

how to keep bathroom clean- Laundry basketMatteo Large Laundry Basket

Minute 2

Before you start cleaning surfaces, it’s time to clear the clutter from your bathroom. Put any dirty washing in the laundry basket, bin the used toilet rolls and put any products back in their place. Use a shower caddy to keep all of your bathroom essentials organised.

how to keep bathroom clean- toilet brush and holderKuba Collection Toilet Brush & Holder

Minute 3

Next, it’s time to clean the surfaces. This will be a busy 60 seconds, and you might be running around like a cleaning maniac, but it can be done! First, pour some toilet cleaner into the toilet. Give the bowl a quick scrub with one of our affordable toilet brushes, and leave the cleaner to work.

Now, work from the cleanest area to the dirtiest and wipe down all surfaces. Wipe down your countertop and basin with a damp cloth, using your cleaning spray if needed. Wipe down the bath/shower tray, again using your cleaning spray if necessary. Finish off with the toilet; clean the seat and cistern with cleaning spray and a damp cloth. Then flush away the remaining toilet cleaner and you’re done.

How to keep bathroom clean- vanity mirrorChelsea 600mm x 450mm Rectangular Mirror

Minute 4

Next step: check your mirrors. This might not seem like a task that needs done daily, but it’s easier than you think to splatter toothpaste on it (especially if kids are using it). Give it a quick wipe down with cleaning spray and a cloth and you’re sorted. If it’s already clean, use this minute to clean the taps on your basin and bath.

Once or twice a week, swap out this step for giving the bathroom floor a quick clean. Sweep the floor then use a damp cloth to spot clean any dirty areas.

Minute 5

We’re almost there. Now’s the time to give the room a quick straighten up. Close the shower curtain or door. Straighten up any small items like shampoo bottles and toothbrushes. Hang up your clean towels, straighten your bath mat and replace the toilet roll if needed. Give the room a once over to make sure everything is in its place. Et voila; you’re all done!

These steps aren’t set in stone; if you have other areas of the bathroom that need more TLC, focus on that instead! If you find the mirror doesn’t get too dirty, but the floor needs to be swept more often, swap out the steps. Do what works for you. The real key here is to clean the room every day. Not only will this keep your bathroom looking clean and presentable day to day, it will make those deep cleaning sessions feel a bit less overwhelming.

We hope you’ve found these ideas useful. Don’t forget to share your favourite cleaning tips with us in the comments!