Every month we organise an event for our staff. This can be anything from a coffee morning, to a pizza day, to this month’s Teacake Challenge! That’s right, a food contest involving teacakes, does it get any better? Surely not. 

The Wholesale Domestic Teacake Challenge 2017

We asked for volunteers or nominations from our staff to take on the mighty teacake, and in the end had 1 person from each department to participate in the challenge. There were plenty of game faces, and shall we say an abundance of bravado….but it turns out, it’s a lot harder than it sounds! Isn’t it contenders? We got everything set up and the challenge started at 11am. Each contender was given 6 teacakes, and asked to eat them as fast as they could without using their hands!

Teacake challenge contenders

One contender looked deranged (no offense), one looked smug, another looked nervous, one looked plain angry, the next looked overwhelmed and one was too preoccupied unwrapping her teacakes! Although it looks like a poster for The Usual Suspects, I can assure you this challenge didn’t involve any criminal activity! Well, apart from the leftover teacakes, that was pretty offensive.

One contender looked nervous, one looked a bit too relaxed, one looked plain angry, one was preoccupied, another was overwhelmed and one in particular looked downright deranged (you can see who, no offense). So what happened?

Everything seemed to be going well and they were all chomping away at a reasonable pace. It was close for a bit, but then Michael our warehouse assistant suddenly took the lead and demolished 6 teacakes in 1 minute and 33 seconds. Leaving the other contenders defeated, but not to worry, there’s always next year! Well done, Michael! (I think, but don’t make it a habit).

Catch up on the action here….

It was a lot of fun to organise and watch it take place, and we hope that the staff had a good time. Who knows what nonsense we’ll get up to next month, but at least it brings our teams together and puts a smile on everyone’s face! :) Catch you all next week!