5 Ways to Use Black in Your Bathroom

5 ways to use black in your bathroom

Pristine, white bathrooms may be in vogue nowadays, but what about black bathrooms? Bathrooms with a heavy emphasis on black have become pretty popular recently, and with good reason. Making black the focus colour of your bathroom is a simple way to create a dramatic and sophisticated look. So, without further ado, here are our top ways to use black in your bathroom.

5 Ways to use black in bathroom- black tiles

Black Tiles

Whether you go for tiles or wall panels, one of the most effective ways to incorporate black into your bathroom is to use it on your walls.

Tiles are an excellent option and come in a wide range of different shades and textures. Textured black tiles are a great choice as they add depth and stop the room from looking too flat. Alternatively, you could opt for glossy black metro tiles and combine them with white grout to create a striking contrast.

Plain black walls can look a bit stark, so a great option is to opt for a black wall panel in a textured pattern to add more depth. A black marble effect wall panel is a great way to incorporate black and create a luxurious look in your bathroom. Another attractive option is to opt for a black sparkle effect wall panel, which is perfect for creating a subtle, modern look. 

Paint it black

If your bathroom is spacious enough to get away with it, going for black paint all over creates a strong, stylish look. Alternatively, you could limit the black to a single feature wall to create a strong statement, without overpowering the room.

Can’t decide between black or white? Meet in the middle and opt for a half-painted wall of black, and contrast with white tiles for a chic, stylish appearance.

5 Ways to use black in bathroom- black vanity unit

Black units

Black furniture is perfect for adding a modern look to your bathroom. Black furniture is widely available in different finishes; keep things simple with a black oak finish, or choose a gloss finish for a modern look. A black vanity unit combined with a white basin has a chic appearance that’s ideal for a stylish bathroom.

Another great option is to opt for a modern black counter top basin to add a touch of sophistication to your bathroom design.

5 Ways to use black in bathroom- black bath panels

Black bath

The bath acts as the main centrepiece of a bathroom, so it’s the ideal place to add that pop of black. If you have the space and budget, a black freestanding bath will add a luxurious feel and act as a stunning focal point in your bathroom.

If a freestanding bath is out of reach, that’s okay; you can still get the monochrome look with a simple, straight bath. Black bath panels are an accessible and affordable option that still give a contemporary look.   

5 Ways to use black in bathroom- black shower

It’s all in the details

Smaller items in the bathroom can make a big difference to the overall look of the room.

An excellent option is to choose a shower in black to tie in with the monochrome theme. A black shower panel makes a strong visual statement; the luxurious body jets that come with it are an added bonus! Alternatively, you could opt for an electric shower in black to add to the monochrome look.   

Another great option to accessorise with black is to opt for a black heated towel rail or radiator. These can be found in a variety of styles and sizes to suit any style of bathroom, be it traditional or modern.

If you’re looking for ideas on how to revamp your bathroom, a black colour scheme could be the way forward. This simple, modern design will give your bathroom a sophisticated look that will stay in fashion for years to come.

How would you incorporate black into your bathroom design?

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How to Design a His and Hers Bathroom

Sharing a bathroom with your partner can be a minefield, filled with arguments and pointless bickering about who left the cap off the toothpaste. In all honesty, the ideal solution to avoid conflict here is probably to have separate bathrooms. But alas, not all of us have the option of individual bathrooms. If you have no choice but to share with your partner, there are a few ways to make things a bit more harmonious. So, with that note, here’s our top tips for creating the perfect his and hers bathroom.

How to Design a His and Hers Bathroom- Double Basin

Double Basin

A double basin is a great option for those of us who find themselves bumping into their partner during busy mornings. They’re trying to brush their teeth, you’re washing your face; you bend heads at the same time and suddenly you’ve got toothpaste in your hair. It’s not the best situation. 

If you and your partner have to get ready at the same time in the morning, but don’t have the luxury of multiple bathrooms, adding in a second basin can be a useful option that will save a lot of hassle. A double vanity unit with counter top basins is a great option that will give some extra storage space and add a luxurious look. Alternatively, you could opt for separate basin vanity units to give each of you your own bathroom space.

If you lack the space for large basin units, wall hung basins are a great alternative. You can add in two wall hung basins to give each of you your own space, without making the bathroom look small and over-cluttered.

Separate Toilet Room

A separate room for your toilet might seem like an outdated concept, but actually, your grandparents might have been onto something. Keeping your toilet separate from the rest of your bathroom can be very useful for couples (or anyone who has to share their bathroom, for that matter!). We’ve all been there: your partner is taking an age to brush their teeth, you’re yelling through the door ‘Can you hurry up, I really need in!’. You feel tempted to just go in and do what you have to do anyway, privacy be damned. A separate toilet room is looking pretty good right now, isn’t it?

Aside from the convenience of being able to use the bathroom at the same time, keeping your toilet separate could actually be beneficial in terms of hygiene. Remember this post, where I was banging on about how the germs from your toilet are contaminating your toothbrush? Well, keeping your toilet in a separate room will keep those germs contained, as well as stopping any unpleasant odours from polluting the rest of your bathroom.

How to Design a His and Hers Bathroom- Double Walk in Shower

Double Walk in Shower

If you and your other half are getting ready at the same time in the morning and are pushed for time, showering together is sometimes the only option. Showering together always sounds fine in theory, but the end result usually consists of one person hogging the shower head, while the other person shivers behind them.

The solution? Opt for a spacious walk in shower and add two shower heads instead of one. If the space allows, you could even create semi-separate showering areas within one enclosure.

How to Design a His and Hers Bathroom- Neutral Colour Scheme

Neutral Colours

If you and your partner have ever delved into the world of home renovation, you might have gotten into some kind of debate about colour scheme. It can be tricky territory when you and your partner have different tastes.  Compromise by settling on a neutral colour scheme and adding in accessories in your colour of choice.

How to Design a His and Hers Bathroom- Storage Solutions

Storage Solutions

The key to sharing a bathroom with your partner is to keep it neat and tidy for a stress-free environment. One of the main things in the bathroom that can cause arguments between couples is disorganised clutter. ‘Why have you left your shampoo there?’ ‘Why is your towel on the floor?’ ‘Who needs this many face masks?!’ (Okay, that last one might be just me.) Make sure to choose units with plenty of storage space so you can keep everything tucked away and out of sight. If you have space for it, opt for individual storage units so you can each have a place to store all your essentials without getting them mixed up.

So, that was our tips for designing the perfect his and hers bathroom. Would you try any of these ideas?

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How to Create a Hotel-Style Bathroom at Home

Hotel-inspired bathrooms are a big trend in 2018, and it’s not hard to see why. Once upon a time, bathrooms were seen as purely functional. But now, in an age of self-care, we’re all looking to add a touch of luxury to our homes and create relaxing spaces where we can indulge ourselves. And what better way to create a luxe bathroom at home than to take some inspiration from luxury hotels.

So, without further ado, here’s a few ways to create a hotel-inspired bathroom at home.

How to create a hotel style bathroom at home

Bathe in Style

Something that luxury hotels usually have in their bathrooms is a stylish bath. Luxurious baths are a big thing in hotel bathrooms, often found situated dead centre in the middle of the room, and/or facing a large window with a staggering ocean view. Now, most of us aren’t blessed with an ocean view, nor do we have bathrooms large enough to place baths in the centre of the room (without having to climb over it just to get to the toilet). But the bath itself? The bath is something most of us can do.

Free standing baths are a big trend in hotel bathrooms, and nowadays are actually more affordable than you might think. If you’ve got the space for one, these are a great option that will create a stunning statement in your bathroom. If you’re lacking in space, that’s okay! Whatever type of bath you go for, the primary thing it should be is spacious. If you don’t have the room for a larger bath, you could also choose a slim edge bath in a standard size; you can get the luxurious feeling of a spacious bath, without taking up too much room.

Hotel style bathroom- walk in shower

Walk-in Shower

If you’re not so keen on baths, you can still create a luxurious bathing space. Walk-in showers are commonplace in luxury hotels; the spaciousness of a walk-in shower adds to the lavish feel that’s characteristic of hotel bathrooms.

Opt for a waterfall-effect shower head to achieve an elegant look and luxe feel. If you really want to amp up the relaxation factor, you could choose a stylish shower panel, which comes complete with a waterfall-effect shower head and luxurious body jets, for the ultimate relaxing experience.

hotel style bathroom- wooden furniture

Wood Furniture

Wooden furniture is a popular choice in hotel bathroom design, as it adds to the calming, relaxing vibe that hotel bathrooms are known for. Units in a dark wood finish are a great option for creating a luxurious, opulent appearance.

Mirror, mirror

Adding in a large wall mirror is a great way to create a hotel-inspired look in your bathroom. You can opt for something simple for a minimalist look, or choose a more detailed and ornate design for a touch of luxury. Either way, a large mirror is great for creating the illusion of space and adding a luxe look. Another great option is to choose an illuminated mirror for an extra glamorous feel.

Hotel style bathroom-marble tiles

Tiles all over

Hotel bathrooms tend to opt for tiles to create a luxurious look, that’s also cost-efficient and easy to clean. A popular look is matching floor and wall tiles, which maximises the appearance of space and creates a cohesive look. Opt for a neutral tile to keep a relaxing feel, or amp up the luxury and go for marble tiles. Alternatively, you could also choose marble effect wall panels to create an elegant look without the eye-watering cost or high maintenance that comes with real marble.

Hotel style bathroom- white towels


For one last finishing touch, upgrade your old, mismatched towels for a brand-new, matching set of luxurious, high quality towels. White towels are a staple in hotel bathrooms and are a great option for creating that luxe, hotel-inspired look. You could even go all out and treat yourself to a white towelling dressing gown. Alternatively, if you’re doubtful that you can keep those white towels looking bright, you could opt for towels in navy or grey. These still create a luxurious look, but without the maintenance of white towels.

So, there we have it. Our top tips for creating a hotel-inspired bathroom at home. Would you go for a hotel-style bathroom?

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8 Things You Shouldn’t Keep in Your Bathroom

We all have a daily routine for cleaning and grooming ourselves and, since most of this is done in the bathroom, it’s not surprising that this is where we tend to keep our health and grooming products. But, for many of these things, the bathroom is actually the worst place to store them. The humid conditions of the bathroom can actually damage many of the items we store in there.  

Read on to find out some of the things you shouldn’t be keeping in your bathroom; some of them might surprise you!


The bathroom seems like the obvious place to store your medications; after all, bathroom cabinets are also known as medicine cabinets. But the bathroom is actually probably the worst place to store medications. Medication is best stored in a cool, dry place, and the bathroom tends to be anything but. The high temperatures and moist conditions of your bathroom can actually damage your medicines. Pills and capsules, in particular, are easily damaged by heat and moisture. The humid conditions of your bathroom can make your medications less potent and cause them to expire faster than they should.


We probably all store our razors in the bathroom, and why not? It does seem the sensible place for them; it’s where we use them, so where else would we keep them? But the humidity of your bathroom can actually cause razors to rust and become dull. If you want to make your razors last longer and get a smooth shave, it’s best to store them somewhere cool and dry. If you really prefer to keep your razor in the bathroom, you could store it in an airtight container in your cabinet to keep it dry.


You’re looking at this one in complete befuddlement, aren’t you? “Why wouldn’t I keep my toothbrush in the bathroom, that’s insane!”, I hear you cry. But hear me out. Every time you flush your toilet, you’re releasing particles from your toilet bowl into the air. And where do they end up? On the wet toothbrush that you’ve left on the counter. It’s a perfect breeding ground for bacteria to grow. And then it goes in your mouth. I’ll give you a moment to go vomit.

Yes, you can just make sure your toilet seat is always closed when you flush, which will help. But if you tend to forget (or you have a partner who won’t close it no matter how many times you ask), it’s probably best to keep your toothbrush on your bedside table.


Lots of us tend to store our make-up in the bathroom for convenience’s sake. But while it might speed up your morning routine, it’s actually doing damage to your make-up. The high temperatures and humidity of your bathroom can break down your make-up and shorten its shelf life. If the thought of that expensive eye-shadow palette of yours growing mould makes you want to cry a little bit, it’s best to store your make-up somewhere cool and dry, like a drawer in your bedroom.


Again, this is something many of us do for the sake of convenience; it just makes things easier to have your perfume there to spray on after you get out of the shower. But the humid conditions of your bathroom can cause your perfume to oxidise and expire faster. A standard perfume should have a shelf life of up to 2 years, but storing it in the bathroom could make it go bad much quicker.


Again, we do it for convenience, but it’s actually doing more harm than good. The moisture of your bathroom can cause precious metals to tarnish much faster. So, if you want to keep your jewellery in good condition, it’s best to store it in a jewellery box in your bedroom.

Extra Towels

While it does seem like the normal place to store extra bath towels, the bathroom is actually a less than ideal place for them. Towels tend to absorb the moisture in your bathroom; this can cause them to become damp and smelly before you’ve even used them. The cupboard under the sink is a particularly bad place for this. By all means, keep the towel you’re using in the bathroom and hang it up to dry on a heated towel rail. But any spare towels are best kept in a cool, dry cupboard outside the bathroom.

Sun Cream

While it might be the most convenient place for most of us, the bathroom is one of the worst places to store sun cream. The warm temperatures can make your sun scream less effective and cause it to expire well before its best before date. The humid, steamy conditions of your bathroom can result in the formula separating and can even cause mould to form. Best to do your skin a favour, and store your SPF in your bedroom instead.

How many of these do you store in your bathroom?

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How to Make a Small Bathroom Look Bigger

We all wish we could have our dream bathroom. The luxurious free standing bath. That glorious walk in shower. A double basin so we no longer have to argue with our partner about who brushes their teeth first! But there’s something important that all of these wonderful things need: space. And the sad thing is, most of us just don’t have it. The average UK bathroom only measures 6ft x 8ft; not much bigger than a king-sized mattress! As much as we would love to fill our bathrooms with everything our heart desires, most of us just don’t have the room. If you have one of those amazing, spacious bathrooms; congratulations, you’re one of the lucky ones. But sadly, the rest of us mere mortals simply have to cope with our humble, box-like bathrooms and squeeze in whatever luxuries we can.

You may not have the physical space to fit in that free standing bath you want, but there are some design tricks to make your small bathroom look a little bit more spacious. So, without further ado, here are our top tips for making a small bathroom look bigger.

All White

I know going for an all-white bathroom is probably the ‘boring’ option, but there’s no denying that it’s the best colour for making your bathroom look more spacious than it actually is. Creating the illusion of space is mostly about adding light to the room, and going for an all-white colour scheme is one of the best ways to do just that. Be they painted or tiled, white walls are the simplest way to make a room look bigger than it is. And don’t be fooled; white doesn’t have to mean boring. Play around with different textures and patterns, add metallic or wooden accessories; the world is your oyster! If you’re stuck for ideas, check out our Pinterest board dedicated to white bathroom design ideas!

Wall Hung

Necessary bathroom fixtures, like basins, can take up a fair amount of floor space and make the room look smaller. A wall hung basin is a great option for combating this issue; it creates the illusion of space and gives the room a chic, modern look. It’s a win-win!

Basin units are notorious for taking up floor space in bathrooms. While they’re incredibly useful for storage, they can also be bulky and take up a lot of precious room, so they’re not always the best option for small bathrooms. Wall hung basin units give you the best of both worlds; they have a minimalist look that is less bulky than floor standing basin units, and also give you useful storage space.

Back to Wall Toilets

In my experience, the best thing that you can do to make a small bathroom look bigger is to keep things hidden and tucked away. Large fixtures tend to make small rooms look, and feel, even smaller. The sleeker, the better. Back to wall toilets are a great option as they create a minimalist look, and hide away that bulky cistern that can make your bathroom look smaller.

Large Tiles or Wall Panels

Tiles can be a tricky old thing to get right in small bathrooms. Smaller tiles can actually draw attention to the small size of your bathroom. Our advice? Go for larger tiles to create a more spacious look. Bonus: larger tiles mean fewer grout lines to keep clean. Result!

Alternatively, you could ditch the grout altogether and opt for wall panels. They’re perfect for making your walls look bigger, and have the added bonus of requiring virtually no maintenance.

Large Mirror

Adding in large, bulky items probably seems counter-productive, but hear me out! Covering your wall with a large mirror  won’t just look good and make a visual statement; the rest of the room will reflect in the mirror and create the illusion of a huge room. Top tip: if you can, place the mirror so it reflects a window to add extra brightness to the room.

Ditch the Bath

This one might be slightly controversial, but one way to add extra space in your bathroom is to remove the thing in it that’s currently taking up the most space: the bath. I know this isn’t for everyone (myself included. You want to take my bath away, you’ll have to take me with it!), but for those of us who aren’t too fussed and only ever seem to use the shower anyway, replacing the bath with a spacious shower is a great way to utilise a smaller space.   

There’s plenty of different shower enclosures that would work in smaller bathrooms. Quadrant enclosures tend to be a good, space-saving option, but it all depends on the layout of your bathroom. One thing I would absolutely suggest: go for a shower enclosure with extra tall shower doors. The extra height will create the appearance of more space.

Opt for a Shower Bath

If you’re just not willing to give up your bubble baths, but don’t have the space for a separate bath and shower, the best compromise is to opt for a shower bath.

To make sure the room doesn’t look too closed in, forget the shower curtain and opt for a glass shower screen instead.

So, there we have it. That was our top tips for making your small bathroom look bigger. Would you try any of these design tips?

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