5 Bathroom Renovation Ideas

You’ve been putting that renovation off long enough! It won’t be that bad, I promise. Let’s take a look at the most common renovations with useful top tips to help you achieve that new bathroom in 2018. Ready?

The Big Bathroom
The world is your oyster with a big bathroom. You’ll want to opt for a separate bath and shower enclosure to fill out the space and make the most of the spacious area. If you’re lucky enough to have the luxury of a big bathroom, you might want to consider a freestanding bath to relax in. It will look better in your space and will create a spa like feel in your home.

Depending on the actual size of your room, you’ll have some choices to make about your shower enclosure too. A square design, rectangular, quadrant or off-set quadrant might work best for your space, so take your time to really plan out your space well, you’ll reap the rewards in the long run.

You’ll be able to choose whatever catches your eye in terms of basin and toilet sets too. From separate ceramics to combination units, choose what best fits your design plan and storage needs.

TOP TIP: Remember that a large room might need more than one heat source to keep it cosy in winter. Sometimes one radiator or towel rail won’t do the job, so it’s important that you check the BTU rating against your room size before you install, no one wants to bear all in a freezing room!

The Big Bathroom

The Small Bathroom
As you’ll already know, your options are slightly more limited with a small space, but that doesn’t mean you can’t create a beautiful space. Smart choices will really help you get the most from your new bathroom, and will help you to maximise the space you do have.

You might not have the option to choose a separate bath and shower enclosure, but that’s okay. Instead, opt for a multi-functional shower bath. This clever design will enable you to enjoy a relaxing bath or refreshing shower, all within one convenient space.

Most small bathrooms will accommodate separate ceramic basin and toilet sets or a combination unit. If your space allows it, we recommend a stylish combination unit as it will provide valuable storage space for your compact bathroom.

TOP TIP: We recommend that you install a towel rail in a small bathroom. It will help you to keep multiple towels fresh and dry in between use, making your small bathroom more efficient than ever!

The Small Bathroom

The Shower Room
Some customers are now deciding to scrap their bath in favour of a spacious shower room. The choice isn’t for everyone, but for those who aren’t keen on a bath it makes sense.

This decision opens up a lot of options for your new bathroom. You could decide to install a wet room, or just a large shower enclosure, the choice is yours! Take your time and plan out the space in a way that really maximises the area, after all you want the sacrifice to be worth it in the end.

Opening up your room like this means you can choose exactly what you want in terms of basin and toilet sets. Choose whatever suits your needs and design flair.

TOP TIP: Opt for a separate ceramic basin and toilet set in a wet room, furniture might not fare well in such a wet environment. You can choose either a designer radiator or a towel rail to complement your room, but remember that you can’t dry multiple towels with a radiator. Smart choices here will help you make your bathroom more functional.

The Shower Room

The Budget Bathroom
Not everyone has the cash to splash on a new bathroom (excuse the pun), but that’s okay, you really don’t need to feel like you’ve had to compromise. We stock a full range of budget options to help you create the bathroom you need without upsetting your bank balance.

Pick up our basic Ideal basin and toilet set for only £99.95, our basic Compact bath from £109.95, taps from only £23.95 and towel rails from only £39.95, you can see that an entire new bathroom will cost a LOT LESS than you think.

Opting for budget items will create a modern, clean design that will look great for years to come. Just take your time to plan your space well to suit your needs, and don’t be afraid to choose the cheaper product if it suits your budget better.

TOP TIP: If you’d rather not spend your savings on a new bathroom, remember that we offer Interest Free Credit on all purchases over £500!

The Budget Bathroom

The Lifestyle Bathroom
If you’re a bit of a Pinterest addict and want the ultimate ‘wow’ space, budget be dammed! We have a range of stunning luxury options to help you achieve a bathroom fit for its very own magazine shoot.

You’ve probably already got an idea of what you would like, but make sure you really take your time and choose carefully. A rich, luxurious setting can be tricky to get right, make sure you use some inspiration as your guide to help you achieve the perfect look.

Combining marble effects with opulent colours and quality products is essential. Choose between a combination unit, or separate ceramic basin and toilet set, shower enclosure, shower bath or freestanding bath, the choice is up to you.

TOP TIP: No matter what products you choose, the key to your look lies in accessories and wall coverings. Designer wall panels or luxury tiles will instantly create a sophisticated look. Choose luxury a towel rail or radiator and don’t forget about bathroom accessories to help complete your designer style.

The Lifestyle Bathroom

There you have it, the message to take away is: plan it well and make smart choices! If you still have questions, you can call us for a chat on 0344 809 4249 or email us at customerservices@wholesaledomestic.com. Catch you all next week!

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New In, Now

This week, we’re excited to be unveiling a number of new products that we’re really passionate about! Here’s a sneak peek of what’s new in now….


We have a brand new range of bathroom tech to help make your bathroom that place of refuge you’ve been dreaming of. We have everything from stunning bathroom televisions in 19 to 55 inch sizes, to state of the art bathroom music systems and even clever electric toothbrush chargers!

ProofVision black tv

Cleaning Products

We’re also delighted to reveal our brand new range of Wholesale Domestic cleaning products. This range has been designed to be used exclusively with our bathrooms to provide a reliable and efficient cleaning solution for your new products. Keeping your new bathroom spick and span has never been easier! Choose from 4 different options:

Grout Cleaner
Antibacterial Bathroom Cleaner
Professional Mould Cleaner
Hygienic Whirlpool Bath Cleaner

New cleaning products from Wholesale Domestic

If you've recently purchased a Wholesale Domestic bathroom or are thinking about a new purchase, then we would highly recommend the use of these specialist cleaning products. Tried and tested, we know how they interact with our products and know you'll be delighted with the finish every time. Please note: unbranded cleaners can be used, but at your own risk. 

Look out for our new ranges which will be available in-store and online. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to call us for a chat on 0344 809 4249 or email us at customerservices@wholesaledomestic.com

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How to Seal a Bath

For some of you, this is a task best left to your plumber. But for the majority who don’t want to pay a professional every time their bath needs resealed (usually every year) then this is for you! Follow steps 1 to 5 for the perfect, functional seal every time….

How to seal a bath

What you need before you start:
Tube of silicone
Caulking gun
• Masking tape
• Ice cubes
• Damp cloth

Use ice cubes to help seal a bath

1. If your bath isn’t brand new, you’ll need to remove all the old silicone, clean the area and allow it to dry fully before you begin.

2. Fill your bath with water before you start. Then carefully apply masking tape around the joins you want to seal. Be sure to leave a 3mm gap between the join and the tape to ensure there’s enough space to apply the silicone correctly.

3. Take your silicone tube and remove the nozzle, place the tube inside the caulking gun, replace the nozzle and cut it at a 45-degree angle. Start in a corner and work your way forward, running a bead along each join. Silicone dries quickly, so it’s a good idea to layer a few beads on top of each other to give you enough time to complete the finish.

4. Use the corner of an ice cube and run it along the bead of silicone. This helps to push the silicone right into the corner, which will create a professional and functional finish and will remove excess easily too (you might need more than one ice cube to complete the entire seal).

5. Before the silicone dries, carefully and slowly remove the tape and neaten any edges with a damp cloth if needed. Once your silicone has time to cure, your bath can be emptied and will be ready to use.

Use a damp cloth to help you complete a bath seal

There you have it, it’s pretty easy to complete and will save you (on average) £50 a year! Have you tried this yourself? We’d love to hear how you got on, please leave any comments and feedback below. Thanks for tuning in and we’ll catch you all next week!

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Renovating a bathroom can be a costly business. By the time you’ve chosen everything and had it installed, your bank balance might never be the same again. That’s why you NEED to make sure that your choices are the right ones. The last thing you really need is to finally finish, only to think, ‘I’m not sure about x’. Take it from someone who knows, it’s pretty devastating *weeps. 

But in all seriousness, how can you really stop that from happening? I’ll tell you how, now! You need to be able to see your chosen products in real settings. Trust me, once you see it in a physical environment, you’ll know instantly if it’s for your wish list, or your bin list. See what I mean?

Before and after with Pinterest

Blindly choosing products without this visual reference is a brave move, and for some people it can pay off, but the question is, do you really want to take that risk? I didn’t think so.

Pinterest is a haven for many these days. It’s a place to go to find inspiration for your new project and can really help you to decide what you like and what you don’t. It’s invaluable to be able to visualise products in a similar setting to your own design plans and can help banish that ‘uh-oh’ moment completely.

Some of you might be thinking, what is Pinterest? Well, in a nutshell, it’s a social media platform that is image driven to allow users to share and save ideas, from organisational tips to bathroom design. Anyone can use Pinterest and it’s free, all you need is a computer or a smart phone to be able to access it. You can sign up via your Facebook account (if you have one) or using an email address if you don’t. Ideally, you should seriously consider signing up for an account if you haven’t already. Why? It will help you research your ideas properly, and will make the whole decision process easier, no matter what the room or project might be.

Metropole centre tap bath with jets

You might not know, but Wholesale Domestic have a Pinterest account for this very reason. We feel that it’s vital to be able to show customers our products in real settings to help them feel confident about their choices. Our account is a world of inspiration, and will show you what that bath, shower, tap or even tile really looks like in an actual bathroom. Alternatively, you could start your own inspiration board of ideas you like to help you build your own concept before you visit us. It’s easy and has helped so many of customers find the right bathroom for their needs and design preferences.

Don’t gamble with a purchase this big (you know it’s unlikely to end well), check out our account today for instant help and ideas! 


For those of you interested where my wisdom on this topic came from….

When I first moved in to my house I ordered a new bathroom without really researching it properly. Once I paid for it to be installed, I realised that I really hated the tiles and the bath, but it was too late. A mere 2 years later, I paid to have it redone because I hated it so much. 

It’s not all doom and gloom, this story does have a happy ending. Even though my bank balance was outraged at my second bathroom purchase, I still love my new bathroom. It was a hard lesson to learn, but it’s one that I won’t repeat, that’s for sure!

My advice to you: research it properly and make sure you’re 100% happy before you book an installer.

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NEW Multipanel range by Linda Barker

This week, we’re absolutely delighted to announce that we’re one of the first partners to stock the new Linda Barker Collection by Multipanel. 

White and grey marble by Linda Barker

The range features a brand new collection of earth textures that are inspired by nature for an elegant and luxurious look in your new bathroom. These new waterproof panels have been designed to mimic wood, granite, stone and marble for the most stunning finishes on a budget.

Graphite wall panels by Linda Barker

Last week we were lucky enough to meet the lady herself at the KBB show in Birmingham. It was great to hear the thought process behind these beautiful designs, and find out why they're a must for any bathroom in 2018. 

We met Linda Barker at the KBB show in Birmingham!

Finishes like these are usually not achievable on small budgets, so it’s amazing to see that you can create an identical look for a fraction of the cost. We know that these designs are going to be a huge hit and are predicting that the new Multipanel range will sell out within just a few weeks!

concrete formwood by Linda Barker

Multipanel makes bathroom renovation a breeze. No messy tiling, or tile maintenance. These clever panels quickly and easily slot together to create a complete waterproof environment or even just an eye-catching feature wall. Even if you still like the look of a tiled surface, Multipanel is the answer! With panels designed to imitate every texture imaginable you’ll always get best of both worlds.

Macchiato Marble by Linda Barker

Browse the range today to create a spectacular look in your new bathroom, en-suite or cloakroom, only while stocks last!

Multipanel logo

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