How to Design A Cheap & Cheerful Bathroom

At Wholesale Domestic Bathrooms, we know that designing a new bathroom can be a costly and stressful exercise. That is why we’re here, to help you make the process easier so you can achieve your dream bathroom with minimal fuss, and save money while you do it. So, without further ado, here are our top tips for designing a cheap and cheerful bathroom!

Bathroom Bundles

For the utmost of ease, choose one of our complete bathroom suites. These handy bundles comprise of some of our best-selling products, hand-selected for you. The result? A high quality suite with the core items you need to create a functional bathroom.

The best part? With many options under £350, you can complete your new bathroom without breaking the bank.

Ideal Left Hand P Shaped Shower Bath Suite


Sometimes, all you need to make a big impact is a small change. Changing over your tapware can turn a basic bathroom design into something chic and contemporary. At Wholesale Domestic Bathrooms, we have a wide range of modern and traditional styled taps for you to choose from. Our favourite look of the moment has to be the ultra-modern waterfall style, check out our best-selling Cubix Waterfall Basin Tap. Make sure to consider matching your Basin and Bath taps, for a cohesive look.

Cubix Waterfall Mono Basin Mixer Tap 

Minimal Tiles

When it comes to bathroom renovation, tiles can work out to be one of the biggest expenses, between installation costs and the price of the tiles themselves.

Keep costs down by being strategic with where you place your tiles. You don’t have to tile over your full bathroom. Stick to tiling in only the necessary areas, like behind the bath and above the basin, to save a bundle. 

To elevate the look, you could use bold, patterned tiles to create a feature wall, while painting the rest of the room in a block colour. Another chic option is to tile the walls halfway and paint the remaining walls in a complementary shade.

Zenith Grey 30 x 60cm Porcelain Tile

 Lower Cost Alternatives

At Wholesale Domestic Bathrooms, style and cost-effectiveness can go hand-in-hand. Take inspiration from the latest interiors trends and achieve a fashionable look, without the eye-watering price tag.

Cast-iron freestanding baths are what vintage bathroom dreams are made of. However, the price can often be closer to a nightmare. An acrylic freestanding bath can be a good compromise. Opt for one in a traditional design, like our budget-friendly Windsor Double Ended Bath, to achieve a classic look for a reasonable price.

Do you desire luxurious marble tiles? Opt for marble-effect wall panels instead. This popular option gives the Pinterest-worthy look of marble, while also being purse-friendly and highly functional.

Multipanel Linda Barker Calacatta Marble Unlipped Bathroom Wall Panel


Accessories are an inexpensive way to add some extra flair to your new bathroom. Choose from our range of co-ordinating items to create a cohesive and smart appearance. Select a classic, traditional design or inject some style with modern pieces. You could even make a strong statement with matte black accessories. Our high-quality range of accessories start at only £2.50; perfect for those on a small budget.

Taurus Mono Collection 

And there we have it: our tips to design a cheap and cheerful bathroom. With Wholesale Domestic Bathrooms, it couldn’t be easier to achieve a stylish bathroom on a budget.

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5 Things to Consider When Renovating Your Bathroom

Renovating an old, tired-looking bathroom can be an exciting project and there’s lots of things to think about; baths and shower enclosures, traditional taps versus contemporary waterfall taps,  and where you’re going to put your vanity units. In fact, there’s so much to consider that it can sometimes be easy to overlook a few vital things! That’s why we’re here to help.

Below, we’ll take a look at 5 important considerations that some homeowners can easily forget about when undertaking renovations:

1. Flooring

Gone are the days when homeowners would carpet their bathrooms (thankfully!). Floor tiles are a much better option for bathroom areas because they’re more hygienic than carpet, and materials such as coated porcelain and ceramic aren’t particularly porous, which means they won’t absorb moisture from the air like wood flooring.

Perhaps best of all, floor tiles are easy to keep clean (phew!). We recommend a cordless cleaner for bathrooms for safety (Gtech have some great options, and you can save using Gtech discount codes), although minor spills can often easily be wiped clean just using a damp cloth.

5 Things to Consider When Renovating your Bathroom

Floor Tiles: Marlin Polished Light Grey

2. Wall Coverings

Although wall panels are becoming increasingly popular, they’ll never be able to fully replicate the classic look of wall tiles. Like floor tiles, wall tiles are a top choice for bathroom areas because they’re often made from ceramic or porcelain which are both hardy enough to withstand steamy bathroom conditions.

As wall tiles don’t need to have a non-slip surface (unless you’re planning on climbing the walls?), you have a lot more flexibility to create different patterns and use different types of tiles. Mosaics are an excellent option if you’re looking for a more intricate type of design.

Wholesale Domestic Bathroom with surface grey decor tiles and brighton white tiles, and freestanding bath

Wall Tiles: Surface Grey Décor & Brighton White

3. Storage

This is definitely one of the most overlooked considerations when it comes to bathroom renovations… where are you going to put all your bathroom bits and bobs? If you have a decent sized bathroom, drawer units and floor cabinets are good options for bathroom storage. If your space is smaller and you don’t want to take up valuable floor space, wall-hung units are ideal.

Wholesale Domestic bathroom with white basin storage unit and hydraulic mirror cabinet

Hydraulic Mirror Cabinet 800mm

4. Technology

Technology? In the bathroom? Well, why not? Bathrooms have traditionally been a tech-free zone, which is why many homeowners don’t think about it when renovating their bathroom. However, trends are changing, and technology is beginning to worm its way into every part of the home…. Even the bathroom!

If you’re dreaming about long, relaxing soaks in your brand new bathtub, then it’s worth thinking about installing a waterproof bathroom TV so that you can catch up with all your favourite shows at the same time. There’s no need to miss out just because you’re taking a bath!

Wholesale Domestic bathroom with freestanding bath and waterproof bathroom TV

Black 24” Proofvision TV

5. Finishing Touches

When renovating a bathroom, it’s tempting to just think about the ‘big stuff’ at first, and leave the little things until it’s all finished. It works for some people, but we think that planning everything in advance is the best way to ensure you really do get the bathroom of your dreams.

It’s definitely worth thinking about your bathroom accessories and other finishing touches at this stage of the process. Planning where you’re going to mount your soap dispenser, towel rail and even your cleaning products is something you need to consider.

Wholesale Domestic bathroom with toilet, vanity unit and matte black modern towel rail

Taurus Black Wall Mounted Double Towel Rail

Building Your Dream Bathroom

Remember: It’s much easier to make changes during the planning stages than midway through the renovations! That’s why it’s so important to really consider all aspects of your bathroom, before jumping in.

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Hard or Soft Water?

You may have heard people talking about hard and soft water, but how can water be hard or soft? And what does this mean? Does it even matter?

When it comes to your bathroom, it does. In simple terms, “Hard” water consists of a large level of minerals, e.g. magnesium and calcium, whereas “soft” water does not.

Rainwater hits the ground and makes its way into our waterways; hard water naturally picks up minerals on the way in mineral dense areas, whereas soft water lands in areas of calcium-poor rocks, picking up sodium instead, making it slightly more “salty”. Basically, all water is the same when it falls from the sky, it’s the land that makes it hard or soft.

There is nothing wrong with hard water; in fact, most people prefer this type of water to drink from, as they believe the minerals can be good for you. However when it comes to your bathroom, hard water can cause significant damage if not monitored correctly.

Severn Slide Rail Kit - £29.95

When those hard water minerals solidify, the result is Limescale, which when built up, can be extremely difficult to remove, affecting the performance of your shower and taps. Not great to look at, and it can also create a dingy smell.

So what can you do? Well, the key is prevention. It’s important that cleaning your shower and taps becomes part of your cleaning routine.

WDB Top Tip Alert

To make your showerhead squeaky clean, white vinegar is the answer. Pour white vinegar into a sandwich bag and tie around your shower head, making sure it is fully submerged, leaving to soak for at least an hour. Once the bag is removed, spray down the showerhead with your favourite disinfectant, and turn it on hot to get rid of any extra residue. You can do the same with your taps.

For your taps, soak some kitchen roll in white vinegar and wrap around your tap. Don’t do this on plated taps, particularly gold as the acid in vinegar can damage their finish.

 If your products need further scrubbing, we recommend an old toothbrush to get in about those nooks and crannies!  

                Circo Bath Filler Tap – £69.95

Most people assume water is just water, but there’s so much more to it! Check out our map below to see whether your water is hard or soft.

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Radiators v Heated Towel Rails

When it comes to choosing the correct heating source for your bathroom, it can be a mind-field. Customers ask us all the time; “what’s the difference between a radiator and a towel warmer?”

In simple terms, radiators are more efficient at transferring heat; their job is to keep your room at an optimum temperature, whereas towel warmers do what they say on the tin, ‘Heat your Towels’, offering minimum heat output.

To make your decision on what is the best product for you, it is important to consider the dimensions of the bathroom you are buying for, the window type and heat source. If the space is larger, then you may want to consider a radiator as these produce more heat and if it a smaller space, then a heated towel rail might just do the job.

To help you make the right choice, consult an on-line British Thermal Unit (BTU) calculator, as this will advise on the level of BTU output required to heat your bathroom. Once you have established this, simply check the BTU output of the radiator or towel warmer you would like to purchase to ensure it meets requirements. Sometimes, more than one item is required depending on the size of space, meaning that you can have both.

As a rule, the higher the BTU number, the higher the heat output and vice versa so ensure you choose the right product for your space. Too big and it will be too hot, too small, and it will be too cold. However, don’t despair, your plumber will also be able to advise on the recommended BTUs and best products for your requirement.

At Wholesale Domestic Bathrooms, we have a wide range of both radiators and heated towel rails in an array of different styles and designs. Whether you want ultra-modern, traditionally vintage or uber-designer – we have it all.

See some of our favourites below:

Something caught your eye? Shop our radiators and towel warmers today!

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Small Bathroom Problems & How to Fix Them

Great things come in small packages and here at Wholesale Domestic Bathrooms we can guarantee that the items you pick to maximise your petite bathroom are just that…Great!

As well as having good products, we are here to help you solve your small bathroom problems, so here goes…

Limited Floor Space

Limited floor space can be a very frustrating problem in small bathrooms, both aesthetically and functionally, often leading to the space feeling cluttered and cramped.

However, the right choice of fixtures can make the world of difference. Wall-hung furniture is a great solution for giving the appearance of more floor space. Combine a wall-hung basin and toilet to make the space feel more open, giving the illusion of a larger room. These units are also handier to clean under – win win!

Sirus Basin with Semi Pedestal Sirus Rimless Wall-Hung Toilet

Lack of Storage

One of the most common complaints about small bathrooms is the lack of storage space.

Make the most of the space you have with one of our vanity basin and toilet suite combination units. This fantastic all-in-one option gives ample storage space for all of your bathroom essentials.

Venice Mono White Glass 2 Drawer Bordalino Oak Vanity Unit Toilet Suite

 No Space for Separate Bath and Shower

Nobody wants to choose between a bath and shower. Luckily, even the smallest of bathrooms can have both!

A shower bath is a great option for smaller bathrooms. Combining the functionality of a shower with the luxury of a bath, a shower bath gives you the best of both worlds.

 Milan Right Hand Shower Bath Suite

No Space for Basin

It can be difficult to find the right size of basin to fit in a small bathroom, and bulky basins can often make small bathrooms look even smaller.

A corner basin is a great option for making the most of your available space in a small, or awkwardly shaped, bathroom. Opt for a wall-hung corner basin, like our Crato Designer Corner Basin, to give the illusion of more space.

Another great choice for small bathrooms is a basin over toilet. A combination 2-in-1 unit combines a toilet and basin into one practical unit. The basin sits above the cistern to save on space. Super handy and super chic!

Nuie Athena Stone Grey Combination Vanity Unit with Basin and Cistern

Narrow Space

If you have a long, narrow bathroom, it can be tricky to find a layout that works. However, don’t panic, there are plenty options to choose from at Wholesale Domestic Bathrooms.

Consider fixtures with short projections to help the room appear less cramped. Our Jubilee Close Coupled Toilet is a great option. With a smaller length of only 610mm, this toilet is ideal for saving space.

Slim-line vanity units are also useful in small, narrow bathrooms. Our range of Compact Furniture is made especially with small bathrooms in mind. With smaller dimensions and functional storage space, the Compact vanity units are great for maximising space.

Top Tip: If possible, place furniture against or on the same wall, to leave plenty walking space within your bathroom.  

Jubilee Toilet with Soft Close Seat

So there you have it… our space saving top tips on how to make even the smallest of bathrooms spaces appear bigger in size and fabulous in design.

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