Bathroom Heating - Goodbye Cold Mornings

When it comes to choosing the correct heating source for your bathroom, it can be a minefield. When building your dream bathroom, you may consider your bathroom furniture, which shower style would work best in a family bathroom, perhaps you want to relax in a large bath, or incorporate an LED Bluetooth Mirror. But Bathroom Heating is just as important to consider.

Customers ask us all the time; “What’s the difference between a Radiator and a heated towel warmer?”

In simple terms, radiators are more efficient at transferring heat; their job is to keep your room at an optimum temperature, whereas heated towel warmers or heated towel rails do just that ‘Heat your Towels’, offering minimum heat output. But there is a third option to consider, underfloor heating.

To help you make your decision on what is the best product for you, it is important to consider the dimensions of the bathroom you are buying for, the window type and heat source.

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Heated Towel Rails

What is a heated towel rail? Basically, it’s an alternative to a radiator in a bathroom design, constructed with bars to easily hang towels, or even your robe, keeping you cosy when you come out the shower. Customers tend to opt for a heated towel rail instead of a radiator, as it can house towels, whereas radiators tend not to have that capability. There are two variations; Standard and Electric. A standard heated towel rail tends to be more budget friendly, constructed to work in conjunction with your central heating system, whereas an electric heated towel rail works off your electricity, perfect for those who don’t have the ability to plumb into the central heating system.

Another consideration is affordability. At Wholesale Domestic Bathrooms we have a wide range of heated towel rails to suit any budget, check out our top 3 below.

The Marco Heated Towel Rail

Down at the bottom end of the budget scale, we have the Marco, one of our customer favourites. Featuring a contemporary curved design, the Marco Heated Towel Rail is available in classic Chrome, White and Grey, with various heights and widths, from only £59.95.

The Fiennes Heated Towel Rail

At a mid-level price, the Fiennes is an utterly stunning contemporary design ready to bring your bathroom from zero to hero. Featuring 3D curved bars in slick anthracite, or classic white, the Fiennes is available in 3 three heights so suit any bathroom size or shape, from only £99.95.

The Amaldi Heated Towel Rail

Finally, at the top end of the budget, we have Amaldi. Coming complete with large stylish straight bars for you to keep your towels nice and warm, the Amaldi is available in Anthracite, Chrome as well as Black Nickel, from only £129.95.

Top Tip: White Heated Towel Rails and Radiators emit more heat than chrome ones do because of their painted finish.

 Heated Towel Rails

L-R: Marco, Fiennes, Amaldi

Bathroom Radiators

Radiators are found in every room of the home, and your bathroom is no exception. You might think of that classic white single panelled radiator that you had in your home growing up, don’t worry, that’s not what we’ve got for you. At Wholesale Domestic Bathrooms we have a wide range of designer, contemporary and stylish options for you to choose from including colosseums, floor standing, and classic styles, as well as budget options and high end options.

Kartell Radiators

Get an absolute bargain with Kartell. Our range of budget radiators, perfectly suited to any room of the home, including the bathroom. Prices start at only £9.95 for a white single panelled radiator, with multiple sizes available. This modern style is simple yet extremely functional.

Colosseum Radiators

At the mid-range price, we have the Colosseums. A colosseum radiator is made up of connected bars, to evenly distribute heat. By choosing a colosseum radiator you’ll quickly boost the style factor of your bathroom design, as well as providing an excellent heat source. These modern radiators are available in a wide range of shapes and sizes, you can even opt for a horizontal version. However, the taller versions have the power to create a designer look and feel in your home, available in unique colours to help you create the perfect look. Available from only £79.95.

The Balmoral Traditional Floor Standing Radiator

At the top end of our radiator offering is the Balmoral Traditional Floor Standing Radiator. With its unique, vintage design this clever radiator allows multiple towels to be dried simultaneously with minimum effort. Available for £179.95, the Balmoral is an ideal option for a traditionally styled bathroom.

When scrolling through heating options you may notice that each come with a BTU output number, this is an important consideration when purchasing a Heated Towel Rail or Radiator – check out more info below.

Bathroom Radiators

L to R: Kartell, Colosseum, Balmoral

What is a BTU number?

To help you make the right choice, consult an on-line British Thermal Unit (BTU) calculator, as this will advise on the level of BTU output required to heat your bathroom.  Once you have established this, simply check the BTU output of the radiator or towel warmer you would like to purchase to ensure it meets requirements. 

As a rule, the higher the BTU number, the higher the heat output and vice versa so ensure you choose the right product for your space.  Too big and it will be too hot, too small, and it will be too cold. However, don’t despair, your plumber will also be able to advise on the recommended BTUs and best products for your requirement.

Calculate your BTU Output Number.

Underfloor Heating

Can’t stand the chilly bathroom floor any longer? We have the solution – underfloor heating. At Wholesale Domestic Bathrooms, our underfloor heating system sits beneath ceramic or porcelain tiles, and helps you keep those cold tiles warm. Can underfloor heating replace radiators? YES. This system is an excellent alternative to incorporating a radiator or heated towel rail and can help keep your bathroom at a comfortable temperature. Thermostatically controlled, you choose the perfect temperature for you and your family’s needs.

Underfloor Heating

But how does it work?

A series of electric wires are held in position by a mat that can be quickly fitted beneath your tiles. This is known as a ‘dry system’ and is the easiest underfloor heating to install because it does not require a network of pipes to be fitted below the floor. The temperature is controlled via a small touch screen control panel that you would have installed in a convenient location in your bathroom. This thermostat can be programmed, like your central heating, to come on at a certain time each day, or you can switch the system on as and when required, adjusting the temperature accordingly.

What’s the benefits of underfloor heating?

  1. It will help to heat your Bathroom, saying goodbye to those cold mornings
  2. It will keep those cold tiles nice and warm when the temperature drops
  3. It can actually help prevent mildew in your bathroom, because there’s a regular heat source drying out the condensation
  4. Any splashes from the shower or bath will be quickly dried
  5. Extra heat in the air will help to air dry bathroom towels
  6. Safe, easy to use and control depending on your needs
  7. Cost efficient for small bathrooms
  8. Available in a range of mat sizes to suit all bathrooms from 1/m2 to 8/m2
  9. Reliable heat source, evenly heats the tiles and the bathroom at a lower temperature to ensure a constant stable temperature
  10. Safer in the bathroom than a radiator with toddlers and small children because the temperature is always low and controlled

Bathroom Furniture

So, whether you go for a classic radiator, modern heated towel rail, or luxurious underfloor heating, at Wholesale Domestic Bathrooms we have something to suit your style, bathroom size, and budget.

If you have seen something you like, or would like more information on, give us a call on 0344 809 4249 or send us a DM on our social channels, we’d be more than happy to help.

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How to Maximise Space in a Small Bathroom

We can all dream of a bathroom the size of Kim Kardashian’s but when it comes down to it, our bathrooms can be relatively small. So how do you maximise the space you do have in your bathroom? To start with you need a basin, toilet, washing facilities whether that be a bath or shower, and often, storage solutions for all your bathroom bits and bobs, towels, soaps, and toilet roll to name a few.

“But how can I create a stunning bathroom with the small space I do have?” Well, we are here to offer you the assistance you need. We have all the space saving bathroom ideas, hints and tips to help you design the beautiful bathroom you’ve always wanted; with the space you do have.

We get a lot of customers asking, “how much does it cost to renovate a small bathroom space?” It all depends on your budget and how much you are willing to spend. At Wholesale Domestic Bathrooms, we pride ourselves on providing affordable, quality products for any bathroom design.

So, what are we waiting for? Let’s get into it.

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Complete Bathroom Suites

Firstly, let’s talk complete bathroom suites. Most bathrooms within the UK are a standard 2.5 x 2.5m. At Wholesale Domestic Bathrooms we have a wide range of complete bathroom suites available, designed specifically to suit the standard UK bathroom.

For those looking for something budget friendly, we have got the key practical and functional essentials you need with the Ideal Straight Bathroom Suite.

• Basin & Pedestal
• 1700mm Bath
• WC Pan, Cistern & Soft Closing Seat

To finish off the look all you need is a standard bath panel, and to find your perfect tap. When choosing your basin & bath taps, we always recommend going for a matching set to create consistency across your complete bathroom look. One of our customer favourites is the Flow Tap. Flow is a range of taps designed specifically for the interior guru within you. Available as a Mono Mixer, Mini Mono Mixer, and High Rise (for countertop basins). Not only that, but the Flow is also available in Chrome & Black Matte, so if you’re wanting to add a modern twist and make a statement in your bathroom design, go for the Black.

Shop the Ideal Straight Bathroom Suite

Shop the Flow Range

Shop the Ideal Bathroom Suite

Featured: Ideal Straight Bathroom Suite || Cubix Basin Tap || Cubix Bath Tap || Leon Anthracite Radiator || City Grey Gloss Mirror Cabinet  || Single Square Bath Shower Screen

However, if you don’t want a bath in your new bathroom design, go for a complete shower suite instead. The Ideal Quadrant Shower Suite is perfect to create a spacious environment within a small bathroom space.

  • Basin & Pedestal
  • 800mm Quadrant Shower Enclosure & Shower Tray
  • WC Pan, Cistern & Soft Closing Seat

To finish off this look, all you need is a basin tap, and to select your shower. At Wholesale Domestic Bathrooms, you can opt for an electric shower, or mixer shower. If you choose a mixer shower, go for a triple concealed valve set, which includes a rail kit (a handheld shower head) and a fixed shower head, allowing you to shower in complete luxury.

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Small Bathroom Storage Ideas

Storage can be a big problem in a bathroom, particularly a small bathroom space, so let’s talk small bathroom storage ideas. With towels, shampoos, moisturisers, and even the kids bath toys, it can be difficult to keep everything under control. Maximise the limited space you do have with wall hung furniture. Flawless and slick, at Wholesale Domestic wall hung furniture is available in several forms.

If you want to be clever, opt for a wall hung basin vanity unit, meaning you have ticked off both your basin, and storage. One of our favourites is the Napoli Gloss White 2 Drawer 800mm Wall Hung Vanity Unit.

Napoli White Gloss Wall Hung Vanity Unit

Featured: Napoli White Gloss 2 Drawer Wall Hung Vanity Unit

Coming complete with 2 deep drawers, this vanity unit is ready to house anything from your make up, or toilet roll, to your neatly folded spare towels. However, if you would like to separate your towels, we have a solution for that - opt for a wall mounted towel shelf. A shelf is a simple and easy solution, perfect for housing your spare towels neatly. We suggest the Gemini Wall Mounted Towel Rail, yours for only £36.95.

Another option is a storage cabinet, and within the Napoli Collection we have a wide range of sizes and options available suited to small bathrooms, large bathrooms and any other bathrooms in-between.

Shop Napoli Storage Solutions.

Small Cloakroom Toilets & En-suite Ideas

If you have an extra small bathroom space, like a cloakroom, downstairs toilet or an en-suite you can still make the most of the space available. The Ideal 2 in 1 toilet and basin combination features a one-piece pan, one tap hole basin, present-day top fix seat with soft close technology and provides both hot and cold water from a clever mixer tap, all for only £239.95.

For those looking to include a shower into their small space, we have a wide range of shower enclosures available all suited to different styles, and spaces.

Quadrant Shower Enclosures are a versatile option, perfect for that small unused corner of your bathroom, available as symmetrical or offset, ranging from 800mm, to 1200mm in size. Or perhaps a single sliding door enclosure is more your style. The sliding door option is also excellent for smaller spaces creating a neat look in your bathroom design, with sizes ranging from only 1000mm to 1700mm.

A key essential which can be forgotten about when designing your bathroom is heating. Radiators & Heated Towel Rails previously could be bulky and awkward to fit into a small bathroom space. Not anymore.

One of our bestselling Heated Towel Rails is the Galileo, boasting a stylish square design, finished in polished chrome. This contemporary looking product is available in 2 heights; 800mm & 1200mm, and its width comes in at only 490mm making it an ideal and practical addition to a small bathroom space.

Galileo Heated Towel Rail

Featured: Galileo Heated Towel Rail

At Wholesale Domestic Bathrooms, the majority of our Heated Towel Rails are available in both standard and electric. What’s the difference?

Standard Heated Towel Rails are plumbed directly into your central heating system, similar to the way in which a radiator would be, whereas an electric version will work off your electricity. Electric versions tend to generate significantly more heat.

Bathroom Tiles & Bathroom Wall Panels

The colour you choose for your bathroom backdrop could also subconsciously alter the dimensions of your bathroom design. Top tip: dark colours can make a room feel smaller, whereas light colours can enhance the size of a space.

At Wholesale Domestic Bathrooms we have a wide range of both floor and wall tiles, and wall panels. Check out our previous blog Bathroom Wall Panels vs Tiles for all the info you’ll need to help you decipher which product you should go for.

If opting for a tile, go big or go home. Larger tiles can trick the eye into making the room look and feel bigger. This is because smaller tiles such as mosaics have more grout lines, making the space seem busy and small.

For no grout lines at all, head over to Bathroom Wall Panels. We have a wide range of subtly patterned panels ready to take your bathroom design up a notch. One of our most popular options is the White Marble Wall Panel, a gloss white backdrop with a soft marble motif dancing across the top - sophisticated and elegant.

White Marble Wall Panel

Featured: White Marble Wall Panel

So, there you have it, space saving bathroom ideas and how you can maximise the space you do have. Not all bathroom sizes are the same, or budgets, however at Wholesale Domestic Bathrooms we are proud to say we have a wide selection of product to suit the largest to the smallest of bathrooms at all price ranges.

If you have seen something you like, or would like more information on, give us a call on 0344 809 4249 or send us a DM on our social channels, we’d be more than happy to help.

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Create Your Own Self-Care Bathroom

“Sometimes the most productive thing you can do is relax.”

Who takes a little time out to focus on themselves? Who practices self-care?

This past year has been one for the history books; being stuck at home, working from home, and even setting up the classroom at home. It can be hard to find the balance of “things you must do” and “things you should do”. The only room of the home that is our salvation is the bathroom.

Let’s start with “what is self-care”. In the Oxford Dictionary, the definition is as follows.

“Self-care definition, the act of attending to one’s physical or mental health, generally without medical or other professional consultation (often used attributively): It’s been a rough week, so this weekend is all about self-care through exercise.”

Self-care is becoming increasingly significant to support our well-being, so how are you incorporating it into your lifestyle? Over the past year your bathroom, that one room of the home has become a haven, a retreat, an escape, and it should be.

Self-care and your bathroom go hand in hand. Check out our tips below on how best to create your own self-care bathroom that really adheres to your needs.

Storage Units

According to Instagram cleaning sensation Mrs Hinch, organisation soothes the soul, a key benefit to self-care, and we must agree. The bathroom tends to be the smallest room of the home yet also tends to hold the most “stuff”- from towels and toilet rolls, to shampoos and all your skincare regime products in between.

Keeping this space organised can be difficult, to keep it feeling zen, we suggest bathroom storage units. At Wholesale Domestic we have a wide range of sizes and styles available. The Napoli is one of our most popular options, available in 3 styles & 4 colours: White Gloss, Molina Ash (Grey), Bordalino Oak, (Oak Effect), Walnut (Dark Wood Effect).

  • Option 1 – Napoli 350mm Side Cabinet
  • Option 2 – Napoli – 2 Door Tall Unit
  • Option 3 – Napoli – 2 Door & 2 Drawer Tall Unit

Napoli Bathroom Storage Units

Featured: Napoli Bordalino Oak Side Cabinet || Napoli Molina Ash 2 Door Tall Unit || Napoli White Gloss 2 Door 2 Drawer Tall Unit

Our classic collection, Alexander James, is another range which is bursting with bathroom storage units for you to choose from. Our top 3 have got to be:

1.  Alexander James 350 x 330mm Laundry Basket

  • Not necessarily a storage solution, but an excellent unit to keep all your laundry together. Disguised as a unit, there’s now no more excuses for dirty clothes strewn over the bathroom floor.

2. Alexander James 250 x 300mm Cupboard

  • A slimline option for smaller spaces, with one drawer and one door. A practical option, coming complete with chrome handles and soft closing technology, minimising risk to little fingers.

3. Alexander James 300 x 330mm 4 Drawer Unit

  • Simple, slick and extremely useful. Utilise the 4 drawers to separate your soaps from your skincare, your toothpaste from your face cloths. Available in a gorgeous gloss white, with soft close technology and chrome handles.

If you are reading this thinking, “I have nowhere to put storage units in my bathroom space”. Don’t fret, we have sneaky storage solution options up our sleeve.

Mirrored Bathroom Cabinets

A mirror is a key product which you are likely to incorporate into your bathroom design, so instead of a simple mirror, opt for a mirrored cabinet. With so much deceiving storage space, cabinets are like Mary Poppins handbag, you can fit much more than you expect. We have a wide range of Mirrored Cabinets available, but one of our favourites is the Windsor. A traditional looking style, available as a single door (600mm) or double door (800mm), with slick chrome handles, the Windsor comes in 3 wood grain textured hues: White, Stone Grey and Dark Grey.

Windsor Bathroom Mirrored Cabinet

Featured: Windsor Mirror Cabinet 800mm Stone Grey

You can also store all your self-care products in the City Mirrored Cabinet, a more contemporary option for modern bathroom designs. Available in 500, 600 or 800mm widths – in a luxurious Gloss Grey colour, this Mirrored Cabinet is a firm favourite with our Wholesale Domestic customers.

Or if you’re simply wanting to showcase your new faux Ikea Fejka, get a bathroom shelf, and hang it over the edge. We have a range of bathroom shelves, in various colours and sizes, in wood effect or glass.

Shop all Bathroom Shelves.

Freestanding Baths

If this last year has taught us anything, it’s that self-care should be a priority, with winding down, taking a break, and looking after yourself becoming more and more important. And what better way to do that than relaxing in your very own luxurious freestanding bath. Not only does a bath have the power to soothe our minds, it’s also great for relaxing those tired muscles.

Self-care bath-time tips

  • Schedule – designate a day for YOU, like self-care Sunday.

  • Tidy up your bathroom space – if you need more storage options re-read the above.

  • Added extras – scented candles, bath bombs and calming music are the basics.

Modern Freestanding Baths

When visualising a Freestanding Bath, your mind can wander into the medieval period, probably due to all those classic movies of rich kings bathing in large steel freestanding baths. But we’ve moved on from that. The options we have today are super sleek, super modern, and ready to take your bathroom design up a notch.

If a double ended bath is what you’re looking for then the Florence is the ideal option. We get customers asking, “what size of freestanding bath should I go for?” well that ultimately depends on the space available. However, with the Florence Freestanding Bath we have 4 sizes available; 1415mm, 1555mm, 1655mm or our largest at 1800mm, so you’ll be sure to find out to suit your space.

Florence Freestanding Bath

Featured: Florence 1800mm Freestanding Bath

The Como Single Ended Freestanding Bath is next on our must-have list for self-care. A contemporary created slipper bath for the ultimate bathing experience, cleverly created to cradle your back as you soak, washing your stress away. Pair with a freestanding bath tap such as the Circo, a modern mixer design with single column for a stunning finish.

Roll Top Freestanding Baths

If you’re looking for something a bit more traditional, we suggest a roll top freestanding bath. What are roll top baths? A type of vintage-inspired bath which includes a curved edge along the rim, which also tends to come with classic feet.

The Windsor is a classic, with its double-ended design, roll top edges, and chrome ball and claw feet, a perfect addition to a vintage-inspired space. Opt for the traditional shower bath mixer tap from the Windsor range, with its gorgeous Victorian styled design, this tap is sure to make a feature in your bathroom design.

Indulge in the Kensington Freestanding Slipper Bath, with its roll top edges, slipper shape and chrome tiger feet, this spacious bath is ideal for self-care, so light that lavender candle, press play on your Spotify soothing music playlist, and relax.

Kensington Freestanding Bath

Featured: Kensington Freestanding Bath

Natural Woods

Your bathroom should be your tranquil haven, your zen, your relaxation room, and with nature and self-care going hand in hand, it makes sense to bring the outdoors into your bathroom design with natural woods.

Multipanel Salvaged Plank Elm cleverly designed by interiors expert Linda Barker is a softly weathered wall panel representing natural woods which can be incorporated into any bathroom space. Quick and easy to install, wall panels are an excellent alternative solution to tiles, and can be used as a feature wall behind your shower or throughout your complete bathroom.

Multipanel Salvaged Plank Elm Wall Panels

Featured: Multipanel Linda Barker Salvaged Plank Elm Wall Panel

Self-care is important, especially nowadays with so much uncertainty in the world. So, make sure to take time for yourself, wind down, and relax – however you choose to do that.

If you have seen something you like, or would like more information on, give us a call on 0344 809 4249 or send us a DM on our social channels, we’d be more than happy to help.

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Bathroom Wall Panels vs. Tiles

A battle of two bathroom superstars; a modern masterpiece vs a classic favourite – who will reign supreme?

Your walls (and floor) are the canvas to your bathroom design, but the question is do you opt for bathroom wall panels or tiles. Ultimately this all depends on your personal taste, your vision and affordability. Let us have a look at the two in action…

What are Bathroom Wall Panels?

Whatever you want to call them; shower wall panels, wall boards or even wet wall panels, at Wholesale Domestic Bathrooms we have a wide selection of stylish options for you to choose from.

Firstly, if you do not know what bathroom wall panels are, they’re basically an alternative solution to tiles, which are cleverly designed to protect your bathroom, rendering your walls waterproof. Purchased in large pieces, wall panels are simple to install with their tongue and groove style system, meaning they click together without the need for any unsightly joints.

Are wall panels better than tiles? Well, that all depends on your personal taste and the design of your new bathroom. A customer favourite is our White Marble Wall Panel, a simple canvas allowing you to build your bathroom furniture into the space. We have a wide range of bathroom furniture options available such as the Napoli Collection, City Collection or Parade Collection.

White Marble Wall Panels

Featured: White Marble Wall Panels || City White Gloss 1000mm 2 Drawer Vanity Unit Toilet Suite || Napoli White Gloss 500mm Mirror Cabinet || Taurus Black Wall Mounted Toilet Brush & Holder

Are Wall Panels expensive? Absolutely not! At Wholesale Domestic we offer affordable plain panels, patterned panels and even sparkly numbers, such as the Black Galaxy Wall Panel or if you would like to introduce a bit of colour we have Red Galaxy or Purple Galaxy Wall Panels available - if you happen to love a bit of glam.

Black Galaxy Wall Panels

Featured: Black Galaxy Wall Panel

If you want to further ramp up the glam factor of your bathroom design, we have the ultimate range for you – Multipanel the modern alternative to tiles. A super stylish range of Wall Panels offering you a range of design possibilities designed by the likes of Interiors Guru Linda Barker.

One of her most sought-after designs is Calacatta, a marble effect wall panel designed specifically to emulate real slabs of marble. A luxury option which can be both utilised in a complete bathroom setting or as a feature wall behind your chosen shower.

Sizes available:

-          2400mm x 1200mm

-          2400mm x 900mm

-          2400 x 598mm

Multipanel - Calacatta

Featured: Multipanel Linda Barker Calacatta || Floor Tiles – Calacatta Dark || Parade 800mm Wall Hung Vanity Unit || Parade WC Unit || Club Back to Wall Toilet with Soft Close Seat || Flow Black Mono Tap || Typhon Mirror || Black Framed Walk In Shower

If you are looking to design a rustic-inspired space, opt for a wood effect wall panel. Salvaged Plank Elm has been specifically designed by interiors guru Linda Barker to bring a sense of tranquillity and oasis, this panel can transform the look of your bathroom space, with its 100% waterproof capabilities.

Sizes available:

-          2400mm x 1200mm

-          2400mm x 900mm

-          2400 x 598mm

Multipanel - Salvaged Plank

Featured: Multipanel Linda Barker Salvaged Plank Elm || Parma Freestanding Bath || Circo Freestanding Tap

How to install wall panels? Be sure to get your new wall panels installed by a professional fitter to ensure quality, as well as completely watertight. Another question we get asked is, how do I clean wall panels? It is simple, bathroom wall panels should be cleaned with warm water and a non-abrasive mild detergent, do not use scouring powders or sponges as this could potentially damage your panel.

Want to see all the Wall Panels we have on offer? Shop ALL Bathroom Wall Panels

Bathroom Floor & Wall Tiles

Tiles are a classic choice which can be used on both walls, and floors unlike wall panels. At Wholesale Domestic Bathrooms we have a wide range of sizes, styles, plains, patterns, gloss or matte tiles to choose from. We even have a range of stylish Mosaic Tiles which are ideal for smaller spaces or feature walls.

You can even choose your grout colour – who knew?! Instead of standard white, mix it up and go for a dark grey grout, pair with a light coloured tile such as the Metro White Tile – it will really make your tiles pop bringing a different vibe to your bathroom design.

The Metro Tile is also known as the Subway Tile, taking inspiration from underground subway stations, and can be slotted together in any which way you prefer. Horizontal, Vertical or even Herringbone. For a traditional styled bathroom design opt for the Metro Wall tile in cream, fitted in a Herringbone styled pattern behind our Vintage inspired bathroom furniture such as the Windsor Range, and Windsor Traditional Radiator.

Metro Cream Tiles

Featured: Metro Bevelled Cream Wall Tile || Windsor Traditional Radiator || Windsor Traditional White 800mm Vanity Unit || Cross Mono Mixer Tap || Windsor Traditional 600mm Mirrored Cabinet

Tiles are an excellent option for your bathroom design, at Wholesale Domestic Bathrooms we have a wide range of tile options which are suited to both walls and floors like the Maxima.

A stone effect matte style with a subtle gradient effect throughout, the Maxima is available in 3 grey hues; Soft Grey, Medium Grey and Dark Grey. Grey is most definitely here to stay especially in rooms of the home which are major investments, as you know it is not going to date.

Maxima Medium Grey Tiles

Featured: Maxima Medium Grey Tiles || Athena Mirror || Napoli White Gloss 2 Drawer Wall Hung Vanity Unit || Flow Black Mono Mixer Tap || Sirus Close Coupled Toilet

Which bathroom tiles are the most popular? Well that all comes down to personal choice. At Wholesale Domestic Bathrooms we love 3D style tiles such as the Wood Maina. A wall only tile with a raised design and wood effect grains, available in 3 tones; Taupe, Grey and White. It is sure to add visual interest to your bathroom design, pair with white wall hung bathroom furniture, and a smart mirror.

Wood Maina Taupe Wall Tiles

Featuring: Wood Maina Taupe Wall Tiles || Athena Mirror || Proofvision In Wall Toothbrush Charger || Napoli White Gloss 600mm Wall Hung Vanity Unit || Cubix Mono Mixer Tap || Galata Wall Hung Toilet

The only minimal downside to tiles is that they must be maintained and cleaned regularly compared to wall panels – however if you are looking for that classic style and do not mind keeping them good, Tiles are the ideal option for you.

Shop ALL Bathroom Floor Tiles and Wall Tiles

Whatever you go for, Wall Panels or Tiles; we know you will create a super stylish bathroom. Make sure to tag us on social – we love to see our customers finished results.

If you have any questions, or need any advice, give us a call on 0344 809 4249!

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My WD Bathroom | Real Bathrooms

At Wholesale Domestic we not only sell you a bathroom – but we also help and advise you with design ideas and inspiration to help get your creative juices flowing to deliver your perfect bathroom! We love to see how our amazing customers take those ideas, combined with their own, and pull all their Wholesale Domestic products together to build their bathroom of dreams.

We’ve picked a few of our favourite bathroom renovations of the moment, which incorporate our Napoli Collection in various ways to showcase here in the blog – who knows, maybe you’ll be inspired! If you’d like to be featured on our social channels, tag us on Facebook & Instagram!


Look at this rustic styled bathroom designed by the incredible @wrightsofcampsieproperty. They’ve chosen to incorporate our Napoli 2 Drawer Combination Unit in the Walnut hue, an excellent choice for a busy family bathroom. This clever combination unit comes complete with a basin unit, and matching toilet unit in the same style, as well as 2 drawers to hide all your luxurious lotions and potions.

When it comes to smaller bathroom spaces, it can be difficult to find the right balance between having everything you need and overwhelming the space. This creative customer has opted for a shower enclosure instead of a bath. At Wholesale Domestic we have a wide range of shower enclosures in various styles such as; sliding door, pivot door, quadrant, hinged door or even walk in, so you can find the perfect option for you and your space.

Wrights of Campsie Property

2. @jadesgreyhome

When it comes to the Napoli Collection, we can safely say it is a customer favourite, with its seemingly endless combination options, sizes and colours available.

@jadesgreyhome on Instagram has opted for Napoli bathroom furniture in Molina Ash, a subtle wood style in pale grey, a chic option for those looking to bring a bit of glam into their bathroom design. This customer has opted for the clever combination unit, selecting the 2-door storage option. Not only that, she has chosen to incorporate our L shape Napoli Bath Panel to finish off the look.

Jades Grey Home

3. Home_at_one_three_one

Another Napoli option which @home_at_one_three_one has incorporated beautifully is the Wall Hung option. Our Napoli Wall Hung Vanities are available in 3 sizes; 500mm, 600mm & 800mm, as well as the 6 colours from the range; White Gloss (White), Molina Ash (Grey), Black Oak (Black), Bordalino Oak (Wood), & Walnut (Dark Wood). This customer has chosen the Napoli 500mm in White Gloss, with a built-in basin (you can opt for either built-in or counter top).

Wall Hung Vanities are proving more and more popular due to their sleek style, as well as the easy ability to clean underneath – win win!

This customer has paired her vanity with the Paulo Close Coupled Toilet – a firm favourite at Wholesale Domestic Bathrooms, with its contemporary look and soft close toilet seat – simple yet stylish.

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This customer has tried something a bit different, instead of selecting the combination unit (which doesn’t allow for a counter-top basin) she has chosen each product individually; the Napoli WC, and Napoli 2 Door Vanity unit, and placed them side by side – thus allowing for her to incorporate the Almada Counter Top Basin & Flow High Rise Tap. White Gloss has always been our most popular colour choice as it’s so simple to style up with pops of colour and pattern on accessories.

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With so many options available, how would you build your Napoli?

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