How to Create a Scandinavian Inspired Bathroom

How to Create a Scandinavian Inspired BathroomScandinavian design is a massive trend in the world of interiors; and it’s no secret why. Traditionally, Scandinavian design centres around the ideas of minimalism, simplicity and functionality. Creating a minimalist aesthetic in your home is the latest craze in home décor, so it’s no surprise that everyone and their mum is taking inspiration from this trend. Scandi style interiors can be added into pretty much any room in your house, but the bathroom is where this style really lends itself well.

Keep reading for our ideas on how to create a Scandinavian inspired bathroom.

White Scandi BathroomMonochrome

Scandinavian style is all about keeping things simple, so it’s unsurprising that this style often uses white as the main colour scheme. An all-white bathroom creates a clean, simple look that gives off the minimalist vibes that Scandinavian bathrooms are known for. Go for white all over, or choose a black and white theme to add some visual interest.  

White Subway TilesSubway Tiles

Subway tiles are a huge trend in Scandinavian design. If you type ‘Scandinavian bathroom’ into Pinterest, you will be bombarded with this type of tile in near enough every image. Safe to say, they’re pretty popular. And for good reason: they’re a versatile option that will look good in pretty much any bathroom, big or small, and are great for creating a chic look with minimal effort.  

Grey Patterned Floor TilesPatterned Floor Tiles

Another big trend in Scandinavian design is patterned floor tiles. These are a brilliant option if the idea of a plain white bathroom is too simple for you, and you want something a bit more unique. Patterned floor tiles are great for offsetting the simplicity of the rest of the room. For true Scandi style, stick to the monochrome theme and choose tiles in black and white, or keep it light with grey and white.

Wood BathroomWood

While Scandi style should be simple and minimal, one thing it should never be is harsh. This is why wood is a common theme in Scandinavian bathrooms; it adds a softer, earthier look and stops the room from feeling too clinical. Choose a basin unit in a light wood to add a homely feel, or go all out and opt for wooden floors (or wood effect tiles, if the thought of having a wooden floor in the bathroom makes you cringe).

Wall Hung Unit and BasinWall Hung

Wall hung pieces are commonplace in Scandinavian bathrooms, as they’re great for creating the minimalist look that is characteristic of Scandinavian design. A wall hung basin and toilet set is a great, budget friendly option to achieve that simple, modern look and save space in your bathroom. Wall hung units are a popular choice when it comes to Scandinavian interiors as they create that perfect sleek and minimalist look.

Bathroom PlantGreenery

Houseplants are a popular choice for decoration in Scandinavian bathrooms. They’re a great way to inject some life into the room and create a welcoming atmosphere, while also adding to the gorgeous aesthetics of the room. If you have the room for it, fill in an unused corner with a large, leafy plant to add to the Scandinavian vibes. If you’re stuck for space, pop a small plant in a stylish pot and keep it on your windowsill; it will still give that stylish, Scandi-inspired look. If you’re looking for more plant inspiration for your bathroom, check out our blog on bathroom plants here.

Scandi Round Hanging MirrorHanging Mirrors

Hanging wall mirrors are a very popular Scandi-inspired trend. The clean lines add to the minimalist look while also adding interest and creating a bold statement. Round mirrors are the most popular choice; the simplicity of the shape adds to the minimalist aesthetic. However, you could also opt for a mirror in a geometric shape, like a hexagon; it creates a bolder look, but still keeps the Scandi feel.

What do you think of this trend? Would you add any of these Scandi-inspired ideas to your bathroom?

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The Big Scottish Breakfast, with Wholesale Domestic

Big Scottish Breakfast, with Wholesale DomesticWholesale Domestic are delighted to announce that we are the official sponsors of STV Children’s Appeal’s Big Scottish Breakfast!

The STV Children’s Appeal is committed to helping Scotland’s children and young people who have been affected by poverty. We were shocked by the statistic that 1 in 4 children in Scotland are currently living in poverty. Simple, everyday things, like having breakfast in the morning, is something that many of us take for granted. And yet, for many young people, this is a luxury that they often have to miss out on.  STV Children’s Appeal have set up the Big Scottish Breakfast to help children in Scotland get the best start to the day and the best start in life.

We have a long history of supporting the STV Children’s Appeal; it’s a cause that’s very close to all of our hearts here at Wholesale Domestic, and we’re so excited to be on board as this year’s official sponsor!Big Scottish Breakfast with STV Children's AppealSTV Children’s Appeal are working for a very important cause and they’re doing some truly amazing work. Since launching in 2011, they’ve raised over £16 million, and have awarded grants to youth projects all over Scotland. The money raised helps to provide young people in poverty with food and clothing, and emotional and social support. It also helps to create opportunities for young people to receive employability training.

We’re all super excited to host our own Big Scottish Breakfast, and we encourage everyone else to get involved too! Arrange your own Big Scottish Breakfast at your school or business on Friday 5th October and help raise money for Scotland’s children! Head over to to sign up!Big Scottish Breakfast Event

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How to Create a Spa Bathroom at Home

How to Create a Spa Bathroom At HomeSpa bathrooms have become a big trend this year. Gone are the days of bathrooms being purely functional; nowadays, many of us want our bathrooms to be relaxing spaces where we can treat ourselves and escape our daily stresses. So, without further ado, here’s our top tips for creating a spa-inspired bathroom.

Whirlpool BathWhirlpool Bath

Relaxing in a whirlpool is a quintessential part of the spa experience, and adding a whirlpool bath is a great way of adding a luxurious and relaxing atmosphere to your bathroom. A whirlpool bath might sound extravagant, but it’s actually a much more accessible option that you might think. Most Wholesale Domestic baths can be made into a whirlpool bath, so you can have the option of a whirlpool even if you only have space for a smaller bath.

Walk in ShowerWalk in Shower

While a bath might seem like the obvious option for creating a spa-inspired bathroom, there are other options for those who don’t have enough space, or simply don’t fancy one. Walk in shower enclosures are a great option for creating a spa-like bathroom.  A walk in shower gives lots of extra space for a luxurious feel.

While any shower would work with a walk in enclosure, a shower panel is a perfect option for creating an opulent, spa-like atmosphere. Most shower panels feature a rain-effect shower head, which give a truly luxe feel. Shower panels also feature body jets, which are perfect for the ultimate relaxing shower.

Neutral Spa BathroomCalming Colours

Décor is an important factor to consider when creating a spa-inspired bathroom. The best way to create that tranquil, spa-like atmosphere is to go for calming colours. If you have a bathroom with plenty of space, soft colours like duck egg blue or taupe can have a soothing effect, while also creating a stylish look. If you’re not into colour and prefer to keep things neutral, a cream or beige shade can be a great option. It’s a great option for small bathrooms, in particular, because the light colour creates the illusion of space. However, cream is much less harsh on the eye than white and helps to keep a peaceful atmosphere in the room.

Spa Bathroom CandleSoothing Lighting

When creating a spa-inspired bathroom, it’s vital to make sure that the lighting adds to the soothing atmosphere. Dimmable lights are useful for creating the spa-like feel as and when you want it; you can have them turned up for regular use, or dim the lights to create the perfect calming environment.

Scented candles are also excellent for adding to a spa-inspired bathroom. They create a diffused light that adds to the relaxing tones of a spa bathroom. You could also choose aromatherapy candles for extra relaxation. 

Spa Bathroom DetailsAdd Some Music

Playing soothing background music is a great way to create a relaxing atmosphere; there’s a reason that spas always have that twinkly music playing in the background! Bluetooth speakers are a great way of playing music in your bathroom; you can connect them to your phone to play your playlists, without needing to risk taking your phone into the bathroom. There’s nothing relaxing about worrying your phone is going to fall in the bath!

Spa Bathroom storage furnitureBanish the Clutter

Keeping your bathroom neat and free of unnecessary clutter is great for creating spa-like vibes in your bathroom. Add in furniture with extra storage space, like a vanity unit or mirror cabinet, to keep the clutter at bay and out of sight.

What do you think? Would you add any of these spa-inspired ideas to your bathroom?

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How to Add Colour to Your Bathroom

How to Add Colour to Your BathroomIt’s no secret that neutral colours are a crowd favourite when it comes to bathrooms; white, black and grey are popular choices. However, recent years have seen more and more people wanting to explore the world of colourful bathrooms.  Bright colours can make a bold statement in your bathroom, and are great for adding personality and life to the room. Anyone can add a splash of colour to their bathroom, whether they’re planning a full renovation or just fancy a few small updates. So, on that note, let’s talk about how you can add colour to your bathroom.

Purple Bathroom WallPainted Walls

The walls of a bathroom might seem like the most obvious place to inject colour in the room. It’s probably the first thing you thought of when you read the title of this article. But this is for good reason; choosing coloured walls is the simplest, and likely most effective, way of adding colour to a bathroom.

Adding a few coats of paint in your colour of choice is an effective way to add colour to your bathroom. You could paint over the full room for a striking update, or choose to have one feature wall in a bright shade to inject some colour.   

Another stylish option is to combine your colourful paint with neutral tiles. A half-tiled wall with a contrasting bold colour above creates a classic look and is ideal for adding a subtle pop of colour.

Red Wall Panel BathroomWall Panels

Colourful wall panels are a great, no fuss option for adding colour to the walls of your bathroom. Not only are wall panels the perfect low-maintenance choice for bathroom walls, they’re available in an array of bright colours. Their versatility means they can be used in whichever part of the bathroom you choose. Keep them contained to your shower enclosure for a small dose of colour, or use them throughout the full room for an eye-catching look.

Purple Bathroom TilesColourful Tiles

Brightly coloured tiles are another excellent way to add colour to your bathroom. Simple tiles in a single bold colour can be very eye-catching. They look great when used all over the room, or in a specific area like on a feature wall or in a shower enclosure.

Colourful, patterned tiles are another great option. These can add interest and create a strong statement in an otherwise simple bathroom. Patterned tiles can be placed all over the room, but they also look particularly stunning when used on a feature wall. A feature wall of patterned tiles can be contrasted with painted walls for an eye-catching appearance. It can also be combined with simple tiles in a neutral colour, like white or grey, for a stunning, eclectic look.

Colourful tiles don’t have to be limited to the walls, either. Combining colourful floor tiles, be they patterned or in a block colour, with neutral coloured walls can make a bold statement.

Blue free standing bathColoured Bath

There are plenty of other ways to add colour to your bathroom without choosing boldly coloured walls or floors. Necessary bathroom appliances, such as baths, tend to be thought of as only being available in white. Nowadays, however, there are actually plenty of options for those who prefer baths with more colour. For standard, straight baths, coloured bath panels could be chosen for a modern update on a traditional look.

Free standing baths lend themselves well to colour, as the outside can be painted in a strong colour to contrast with the white acrylic inside. Coloured free standing baths create a bold statement in a room; it’s no wonder they’re so popular on Pinterest! These can be purchased brand new or, as an alternative, some baths can be painted on the outside with the proper preparation using an acrylic polymer paint.

White bathroom with orange accessories Accessories

Patterned tiles and colourful baths are all well and good. But what if you can’t afford to renovate your whole bathroom, but still want to add a splash of colour?

Well, the answer to that lies in the details; you would be surprised just how much accessories can change the look of a room. Adding bath mats and towels in vibrant shades is a great way to add a pop of colour. Choose vivid shades, like yellow or red, to really perk up the room.

If in doubt, a fail-safe way to add colour to a bathroom is to add in a few houseplants. Adding greenery is one of the simplest and most effective ways to add colour to a monochromatic bathroom. If you need some guidance on what kind of plants to choose, check out our blog on bathroom plants here.

Adding colour is a great way to revamp your bathroom and bring life back to the room. What do you think? Would you try any of these ideas?

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Make Your Bathroom Smart: 4 New Smart Products for Your Bathroom

It’s no secret that smart technology is making its way into our homes. Smart devices seem to have found a place in every room, and the bathroom is no exception. These gadgets can be incredibly useful; they make the running of your day-to-day life easier and, let’s be honest, they’re just plain cool!

On that note, here’s 4 new pieces of smart technology that are perfect for your bathroom.

Make Your Bathroom Smart: 4 New Pieces of Smart Technology for Your Bathroom

In Wall Toothbrush Chargers

Electric toothbrushes are commonplace in our bathrooms nowadays, so most of us are aware of the mess that can be created by them. Untidy cables from conventional charging units can be a source of annoyance, particularly if you pride yourself on having an organised, tidy bathroom. In wall toothbrush chargers are designed to combat this exact problem, and are the latest innovation in bathroom gadgets.

The charger is mounted on to the wall to create a handy place to charge and store your electric toothbrush when you aren’t using it. It can be installed as a shaver socket or can even be fitted to replace an old shaver socket that has gone unused. The charger can be used with any Braun or Oral B electric toothbrush.

Not only is the in wall charger convenient and simple to use, it has a sleek design that adds a modern touch to any bathroom.

Waterproof Bathroom TV

Bathroom TVs

In the past, a TV for the bathroom would have seemed outlandish; something that would have fit in a celebrity bathroom or a luxury hotel, but not really something that would be found in the average person’s home. Nowadays, however, bathroom TVs are far more accessible and can add a touch of luxury to any bathroom.

Bathroom TVs are fully waterproof, so they can be used with complete peace of mind that they won’t get damaged by a damp bathroom. They can be wall-mounted, or can even be embedded into the wall to create an ultra-sleek look.

A TV for your bathroom might seem a bit extravagant, and perhaps it is! However, it’s a great way to turn your bathroom into the perfect space for unwinding, where you can relax in the bath and watch your favourite show after a long day.

Bluetooth Bathroom Music System

Bluetooth Music Systems

Bluetooth music systems are a great gadget to add to your bathroom. They connect to a Bluetooth device, like your phone, and give you access to your music collection without having to leave the bathroom. You could also connect the speaker to your Bluetooth TV for optimal sound.

These systems use waterproof speakers, which give you full volume control and amazing sound quality. Gone are the days of straining to hear the music on your phone over the noise of the shower! Most speakers can be controlled directly from your device, so they’re very simple to use. However, if you’re willing to splurge a bit more, this system comes with a waterproof remote control, so you don’t have to worry about accidentally dropping your phone in the bath (it’s okay, we’ve all done it). You can turn up the volume or change songs with ease, even while you’re in the shower.  

A Bluetooth music system is a great gadget for your bathroom; it makes listening in the bathroom much easier. You can use it to listen to playlists, or you could even use it to listen to your favourite podcast.

Bluetooth Bathroom Mirror

Bluetooth Mirrors

If a simple Bluetooth speaker isn’t enough for you, you could go one step further and try a Bluetooth mirror. These are bathroom mirrors with Bluetooth speakers built in. They are a great multifunctional option; you could even get a Bluetooth bathroom cabinet for extra storage.

Much like the standard Bluetooth speakers, they connect to a Bluetooth device, like a phone, and can be used to play music, radio or podcasts.

The mirrors usually come with demister pads, which keep your mirror from getting steamed up. Some also come with additional extras; for instance, this one comes with a built in clock, radio and temperature gauge!

Bluetooth mirrors are ideal if you don’t like the appearance of speakers and prefer a more understated look. They are a great option for adding Bluetooth speakers to a modern, minimalist bathroom.

What do you think? Would you add any of these to your bathroom?

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